NAJLEPSZY SAMOLOT RC DLA POCZĄTKUJĄCYCH W 2020 – Hobbystyczny AeroScout S Esky Orzeł

I have a new review for you here today, we're gon na review the hobby zone arrow Scout right, no wait! This is the es. This is the east guy. tak, you might be confused, but actually the arrow scout is made by this company called East guy and that's our logo right there, i […]

$80 MINI FPV PLANE!!! – Pathfinder Explorer under 250 Gramów!

This is the mini Explorer sailplanes fpv plane and they have it labeled a sail plane on the internet, but I think it's it's. More of an fpv plane, it comes with a black canopy that covers up this battery bay right here, but I felt like I wanted to just throw all of my […]

40″ RC AIRPLANE for $90! – Cessna 162 – Dobry? ?

Since I was six years old and I started flying multirotors almost ten over ten years ago now so I've been in it since the very beginning, but airplanes are what I started out with and they are my first love. So you see on my necklace right here. I'Ve got the Wright brothers necklace […]

MAJOR ISSUE + FIX ‼️ XK X450 VTOL & JJRC M02 VTOL – Przejrzeć & Loty

They sort of fly like a multi rotor in multi rotor mode. They also have another mode called airplane mode, and it goes straight ahead like an airplane. It will transition with the VTOL tiltable tilt rotor motors in the very front, that's pretty cool. You can also add some fpv on it, which we're […]

360º VIDEO on a 3D PLANE ?

It is a full 3d plane with a 36 inch wingspan onboard and the fuselage is around 34 inches for the total length from front to back, not too bad about a medium sized plane, and we have pre installed servers on this model, co jest super ładne. All the hinges are ready to go. […]


Badanie latać samolotem RC z Justin Davis Drone obozy RC. Podstawy do akrobacji newbie. Rekomendowane $60 able to fly airplane. Volantex RC Sport Cub 500. Purchase a Volantex RC Sport Cub 500 (Fioletowy) RTF $60 Banggood : Zapisz 7% wyłączyć kod kupna : toyho Purchase a Volantex RC Sport Cub 761 […]

Skywalker Mini Plus samolot Fpv – 360º WIDEO & PEŁNA RECENZJA – Kocham to!

360º VIDEO evaluate of the Skywalker Mini Plus Fpv Aircraft! Round $100 with a load of fpv choices. Love this aircraft! Full evaluate by Drone Camps RC. Kupić $120 Skywalker Mini Fpv Aircraft with electronics and motor ( Blue or Pink ) banggood : kod kuponu : toyho Purchase the $69 Skywalker Mini Plus […]