AQUACOPTER! – flying drones over water

We are out on some Lake you're flying over deepwater. How do you make sure the quads don't sink cuz? The last time I checked most drones, aren't buoyant science. Boy explained buoyancy: drones are denser than water, so they sink Music well way that you can make something float is to make it more […]

Nowa technologia – 1080p Action Cam dla Aguadrone Fish-Finder Drone

Drone Camps RC dostaje do demonstracji, jak również oceny nowych 2016 Aguadrone 1080p Kamera akcji przez – Zobacz pełną ocenę, unboxing, and also example web cam video. CES mores than however there are still several new drone relevant products coming your meansSuccessive Aguadrone Testimonial with numerous sheathing add-ons for […]