TAJFUN H – I love Polarized camera filtersFreewell camera filters review & demo

You should purchase the Freewell digicam filters right here: https://freewellgear.com/yuneec-accessories/63-yuneec-filter-6-pack.html

Try the AMAZON FREEWELL STORE: https://www.amazon.com/s?marketplaceID=ATVPDKIKX0DER&me=A2OGOWCR9BZX7P&service provider=A2OGOWCR9BZX7P&redirect=true

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  1. The problem with using polarised filters on a wide-angle lens, is that the effect is determined by the angle of reflection of the light. I tried using one to darken the sky and bring out the clouds, but with a wide-angle view, the effect is different in different parts of the image. Some parts of the sky were much darker than others, which just looks strangeThis was with a dslr, and not a drone, Oczywiście. The effect doesn't seem quite so bad on your test examples, but you can see the sky get noticably darker and lighter as you pan around.

  2. I have Polar Pro filters that work well although I like the combo NDPL filters FREEWELL offers. For me what's really missing on the TH480 is a lens shade.

  3. Dobry film, like it ☺👌
    Is the CPL = Polarized Filter?

  4. Really like the cpl filter of freewell, have also the gradient filters with blue, orange and Grey top.

  5. The ND + polarized look's washed out. I just use the polar pro set.

  6. Where do you get your music. I have DJI Phantom and Yuneec Typhoon H pro

  7. Love the way you made that sweep and kept changing filters! Really shows what they do! Świetny pomysł! Dzięki!

  8. God Bless you Captain Drone! You do GREAT Vlogs!!! I have a Typhoon H. I've watched all of your Vlogs on this Drone. They are 2nd to none!!!

    Tell your boss (wife???) you need a raise! The customers demand it!!!

    Keep up the GREAT work my Friend!


  9. Hello I am looking at getting A Typoon H for videoing. It looks like a great platform. Just woundering if to buy the feal sence or the none real sence typoon H. Just woundeting what your thoughts are. Dziękuję Ci

  10. Thank you for the info as to my prior question. Just watched the video and love the polarized filters..

  11. I really like this video and how you compared ALL the filters. I'm very new to the camera side of the house and like a sponge I'm trying to learn this stuff about cameras. Videos like this are short and simple and what really helps is that you don't make it to complicated to understand. Nice job on this one!

  12. Captain Drone I owe you a big Thank you man. I've watched almost all of your videos on the H and I'm so impressed and confident from all the information you've provided. Dziękuję!!
    I have one question for you if you don't mind when you find the time to reply if not no worries.
    Out of the three polarized filters that FreeWell provides, which of them would you say is most essential ?
    Jeszcze raz dziękuję

  13. Have you had any problems with the weight of the larger filters? My camera will periodically just drop pointing down, then it will correct itself. I suspect it is too much weight…?

  14. Great explanation of the various filters and identifiers! Always wanted to know the specific effect of each! Filmy przychodzić, Kapitan Drone!

  15. Kolejny dobry film!! Dzięki.

  16. Been looking for Freewell filters for my Typhoon H Plus, but unfortunately Freewell no longer makes filters for Yuneec because of some thread issues I understood.

  17. Do you know any good filters that fit on the Typhoon H Plus? The Freewell Allday filter pack is no longer sold (because of thread problems with the Plus). If found https://www.amazon.co.uk/Walimex-Pro-Filter-Yuneec-Typhoon/dp/B01N9SCLKZ, but not sure if these would fit on the Plus.

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