Robi膰 transakcje ataku 66 Tiny Whoop FPV z Caddx Firefly 1200TVL przegl膮d 馃憤馃嵒

TransTec Assault 66 http://bit.ly/2FVvDpB Eachine US65 UK65 https://goo.gl/f9UWFL TRASHCAN http://bit.ly/2SVrHd1 HGLRC RAD 5.8ghz Antenna

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  1. Shi** I ment that US65 https://goo.gl/f9UWFL is better than this TransTec Attack 66 , not the trashcan 馃槕馃槀馃嵒

  2. Really tiny compared to the USB port and xm+, the motors look like they have double e clip, I think I'd rather have a small lighter aio camera over the firefly.

  3. Hi Marcus, now the Mobula7 is the best whoop 75mm and 2S and the mobula7 HD come is the best for nice picture. 馃槈
    Put the antenna out of canopy for fpv and the range is better.

  4. Bro I have pissed my pants laughing with your fucking awesome review.. 馃槄馃槀 I did not expect you to be so honest, your review kicks ass and makes me smile.. Dzi臋kuj臋 Ci!!!

  5. meh, I think it looks good!!. But nowadays you gotta do something Super impressive & tani!.. in this oversaturated whoop market, and the weather is getting nicer! That canopy is so sick tho.!!! 馃憤馃槈

  6. Love your videos man! Thanks for reviewing this! Its been rattling around in my basket for a while now but not seen any reviews on it! Utrzymywa膰 ono w g贸rze cz艂owiek!

  7. For a not well known company to send something out that bad, they won鈥檛 be around long.

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