I was actually there last time to do the 1 7 scale felony video. That was where we were drifting in the warehouse, and it was incredible now. He thinks i'm just bringing down uh the infraction, which is a a similar truck, which goes up to 80 mil na godzinę. If you can believe that just incredible, he doesn't know that he is the one that's going to be driving home with it today. He thinks we're just unboxing it and using it. So his reaction should be pretty good. Let'S see how it goes. cześć, brian hi, we're back we're back. Are we ready look at this man? This is the infraction. This is the truck version of the car. We did except last time people were asking why didn't it have a handbrake. Do you remember that i do yeah and from what i was told because of the wider tires on the back of the infraction itself uh, it didn't really function as well as they wanted. It toand i wanted to know what the difference was between the felony and the infraction, and that really comes down to the handbrake and this one's a truck perfect right yep. Teraz, if you do me a favor, brian and just unbox this, dla mnie, i haven't done this. Yet this has actually been with me for about two weeks i've been waiting. I cheated, i put a rc spark sticker on it. Chcesz, can it even lift out let's see here, it's, probably attached here i brought some clippers there.

You go those sweet, słodkie, zip ties, keeping it all safe during shipping. Here we do. The extra sexy part you want to address it, dude that looks badass and it looks like you could paint this whatever color you want. Spójrzcie na to. Is this roof sliders, maybe we'll test those out dude those tires look killer. Sure there you go. Okay pop those front pins brother, the roll cage in the back arma rc.com. You want to just move it around forward, so we can have a forward look at it. This is my first time actually ever seen an uh infraction in person it's very wide and stout eh. It looks like it can handle cornering like crazy yeah, with the rig with just a regular cab. It sure lowers the profile of the whole of the whole vehicle. Yeah it does man it does. I got to get the felony out, so we can put it side by side and see how long it is before we pop the top off nice side by side. That'S. That looks just says a lot of power. Hej. It does yeah, which one do you like better. What do you think torn i know? Dobrze, we are standing in canada. A lot of people wouldn't be like why didn't you go usa, but we are in a different area: prawo, that's, right uh, i kind of leaning towards the car still wow. Naprawdę. What is what is it about the cars 68? 69.

Camaro. Wygląd, robisz. I do i've always been a fan. Bardzo fajny, tak. Dobrze, let's slap. Some batteries in i only got a 4s for this. Dzisiaj. I brought six s for this. One and we'll do some speed runs. I took it down a gear i took. I took it down a gear, i made it slower, but it was almost insane last time yeah, it was doing the entire length of the warehouse in seconds. Okay batteries are in. You had a very good question. What was that a good question? What is the hand brake for, and what exactly does it do right hand brake feature on the fly for maximum drifting must be uh, something to get you into. It must be to help. You start sliding yeah. W porządku, i like that let's have a look under the the hood of the infra, the felony here so here what i've done is i've put in two four cell lipos but i'm running a jumper, so it's just one four cell at a time and i'm just doing It to even the weight out right as we start to go around the corners and whatever, but they're basically identical, except for this piece right here. It seems where the handbrake and servo are yep. So it's got to be a caliper like on the center diff or something like that cool, Idealne, w porządku, you're discovering it as you go. lubię to. I turn the camera off and you're becoming more intrigued on this one.

W porządku, tell me more so this one i don't know if you can see it in right in here it has a little. What looks like a disc brake there is. There is a little break in there that's right yeah, so it must squeeze with two. Just like a low c5 or something bigger of some sort center differential, this one breaks using the motor strictly slowing the motor down. This is more for straight up, drag racing and it looks like we can drift a little easier with this one. Possibly so at least we get to see the same, gearing you're still going to have the 6s or the 4s in here, whichever one you want to drive and maybe we'll try them both see how it goes, Dalej, you're noticing the new plugs and the new Batteries and that things are saying, they're all smart and what do they do? One of the bonuses of these smart batteries that i've noticed is, i can charge at 12 amps and they charge a 5 000 milliamp battery in like 15 minutes or less, and you can do two at the same time. tak, uh not only that uh it's also going to be able to tell you straight on your controller right here: uh your battery level in the car as a display visually on the radio yeah that's handy. This also has the uh the avc, the automatic vehicle, the active vehicle control for um steering.

So it helps you keep that straight line. It'Ll actually sense when you're fishtailing and help you straighten out. So all of it is becoming much smarter than it used to be. It is brian, do us the honors, buddy let's, see what it's got don't be nervous. I remember the last time you went down there. I think you hit the other end. Did you not? I don't know it had taller gears on it, though brother, ładne, it's, Szybkie. tak, bardzo szybko, it looks killer so that's. So where is the brake on the controller? How do you activate it uh just moving the trigger, so this is going to be your handbrake right here. W porządku, it's gon na be a difference. Yeah so he's still gon na have the motor braking ability, but he's gon na have the hand brake in the center. Try to hit that switch. Sir there it is yeah it's down that'll take some getting used to hey. It was just the rear tires too. You see that it's just the rear, i did not whoa, i was gon na say my camera zoom is, is uh not fast enough to back up that's. W porządku, yeah man looks great it. It looks like a race truck the laughter that's, the best part of the hobby buddy. Can you give me a reason why you are in this hobby? Oh there's, many eh there's many yeah um. I find when i'm doing this yeah. Any other stresses that i may have are gone i'm, just yeah woman, loving it yeah so car or truck then, because you've had a chance to drive both here.

Take the take this one i'll switch off with you and now you're, going to 4s, with a smaller pinion it's like a rocket like a monster. Ah, i don't know man that's tough. The look come on hard to beat. They both look fantastic. Let me know guys right now: if you were actually going to get one of these, which model, would you get, would you get the felony or would you get the infraction and let me know why, in the comments section let's take them inside and see how they Drift around a little bit, zgadzam się: yeah oh it's, my first time, i've, never driven it. Oh yeah good brakes on it. W porządku, so we're in the warehouse now brian's gon na go turn on some lights. What an opportunity to come and have fun in a warehouse! One handed baby, w porządku, so last time i was here, i had the incredible tall gear on the felony. Really only made for speed runs at 80 mil na godzinę. Can you believe that uh so to be able to gear it down? So i can try some more drifting, Tak myślę, jest niesamowity, uh plus seeing the infraction and its ability to have a handbrake. It seems to drift so much smoother. Wdziêcznie, this floor has a bit of dust on it. It'S gon na act like ball bearings, we're, gon na be going sideways. No problem let's see a drift there, buddy getting sideways so easily.

Nice look at this and with on rubber, tires right like this is true drifting right here. No pvc just straight up wheel power and the ability to go sideways guys. This is no 1 10 scale car. This is like half of your coffee table. Oklaski, Muzyka. W porządku, so even though i've got six s, we're going straight to the end and we're going to drag race to see who's gon na win three two one go whoa, oh it's, dusty, Och tak! Nie, i backed up. I only bumped it and backed up. I was on reverse look at the look at the tire marks. O Boże. This is where i was applying the brake. This is where i started going sideways, braking the entire time. I think i was actually going in reverse and then you can see where i bump it and i just back up. I just tapped it dude. That was sliding so far. Look at this not even a scratch on the front, just a little tiny blip right there, dude it's, just like metal on metal that spur it just sounds amazing. It would really take some getting used to uh for that handbrake to have any kind of control with it. Here we go two hands. He'S got it he's already on the brakes. Spójrzcie na to! Oh yeah dude! So worth it incredible! These things are built to take a bit of a bump right because there's no way you can go this fast and not bump it on the way, those what it's like ball, bearings and glass or ice, or whatever Applause it's nutty.

It is good skill Applause. Can you do a figure? Eight i'm testing him. Now you got it center yourself, whoa there. Jest tam. Jest tam. It is good good good, acceptable more like a number nine Applause. Applause dude, it doesn't get any more badass than these in a warehouse brian. This is what a warehouse should be used for. W porządku. Co to jest miejsce? Normally uh welding shop, not anymore. This point forward is just all rc drifting right side by side. W porządku, so now that you've had a chance to look at them both on the inside and on the outside and you've seen the handbrake in action. What do you think would be your choice now? Has it changed? Is it still the car um? I think it's still the car um i don't know that i would necessarily need a handbrake yeah to especially on if i had one here at work, tak. Dobrze, not for that that i mean you can see how easy it spins out and does drifting and all that kind of stuff that the handbrake in this situation probably wouldn't, really be that necessary right out on hot pavement yeah. It might be a different story right, but for here you're a car man. I think i like that car yeah okay hand me that one then take the bottom uh panel for the uh batteries off this right. Yeah take the panel for the batteries off. Look it upside down, what does it say? Ah, no way what's, it say: brian's car brian's, car that's, your car, brian yeah.

I brought i brought in the infraction just so we could look at the difference and i wanted you to have the other one. Whichever one you picked yeah, you got a set of batteries in it too buddy yeah that's awesome. Dziękuję Ci. Let'S go i'm glad you didn't that car up too bad, because i thought you were going to want the truck for sure. W porządku. So it is your car. Now we're going to go outside rip a few laps and have some fun yeah sounds great let's. Do it see you later, felony Applause, sweet don't worry about it. Dziękuję Ci bardzo. He helped me make an awesome set of videos here last time with the car. I think it's only right, i don't need another rc. He does it's true Music dude insane on 4s lipo Music and the smallest pinion that's. The way it should be, i got plenty of traction. Bye, Muzyka, so filming with a handbrake, is almost impossible if you're controlling it with one hand: Muzyka, Muzyka, Uh, oh nice, great control, dude they're insane with the speed wow ryan's over there right now. He just finished, saying to me: he's always wanted to have a race car, but he never figured out which one he was gon na get and so serendipitously he's got one now that wasn't full out was it yeah yeah the battery's getting low, then dude show me Right now, what did you just discover on the radio that's right, smart battery level? So now you can see why it's handy because you can tell when your car is getting slow same with mine i'm.

Basically right at the end as well. Did they have a good time? That was a great time. That was a great time brian. Dziękuję Ci. So much for helping me make these videos bringing me down here the second time to look at it. Enjoy your new ride. We'Re gon na have to get together and do it again, yeah awesome. You know what i just noticed about these batteries. Look at this here's, the 4s that was running inside of this at a hundred c discharge rate. I lowered the gearing in this, as i had mentioned, here's one of the three cells that i was doing uh in the infraction at a 50 c discharge. They both had the same gearing one was 6s. One was 4s. The discharge made all the difference, didn't it. The difference yeah this thing was holding its own compared to the 6s for sure. Dobrze, i think it's, the youtube gold sticker. That makes it so fast to be honest, all the stickers, the loading case yeah. How can you not go wrong with that? So there you have it i'm. On my way, back to the ranch, brian actually chose the muscle car. I can't say i blame him and i was prepared for that just in case, because i was going to offer up both i figured being a truck guy. He was going to go for the truck, but special shout out to horizon hobby.