Sonic LAB: SOMA Lyra 8 Drone Synth

The SOMA Laborary Lyra eight is a Russian drone synthesizer with eight tunable voices every, FM, twin delay, hyper LFO and distortion. It makes some fairly unbelievable


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  1. I have paired mine with ZOOM Ms-70 cdr (multi-effects pedal), it add a layer to it. Sounds amazing.

  2. Not only an amazingly cool instrument, but a spot-on perfect reviewNick really nails everything about this, he's perfectly even-handed and really gives a sense of what this unit is and its up- and downsides.

  3. your appreciation with electronics and sonic space really captivates and resonates with me. i love your content and thank you for hating the op-z! this lyra is really interesting thanks for showcasing it!

  4. Need a demo? Listen to Robot Koch "Sphere". He records the sound to ableton live as far as i know. Total convinced me to get one asap.

  5. If this is the T-32 Tank of synthswhat is the T-14 Armata of synths? It wouldn't be as battle tested and reliable as the T-32, but would be the highest tech synth in the world, employing modern technology unlike anything else out there. It'd also have an unmanned gun turret.

  6. yeah man, this thing is somehow my favorite instrument of all my synths. Something about it just cannot get me to put it down. Uwielbiam go. it literally becomes a part of your imagination. great synth.

  7. When I first looked into all the y tube vids about this synth , I realised what device would be Ideal for processing the output of the lyra ,your ''hard gate'' could be a Boss Sl-20 Slicer twin pedal.

    Any ideas on this theory, I have a Sl20 coming next week but not got thel yra yet, I am considering a second 0 coast also.


    J Horrobin(Wielka Brytania)

  8. I'd pick one of these up for $300 US at the very most. No more.

  9. you could it live and just say 'nothing will be recorded or sampledyou come to the gig or you don't' Team it up with a Kastel or two and you are truly unique.

  10. Nick completely misunderstands this instrument when he talks about being able to play it from a connected keyboard. The Lyra is not there to fit in with conventional expectations. Its there to change how you think about music.

  11. tak. Now make an orgasmic drum machine, Soma.

  12. Please do a Ciat Lonbarde video!

  13. woah. It's like Twin Peaks Season 3, Odcinek 8 in audio. Fascinating and frankly terrifying. lubię to.

  14. I could play with this for hours. Are there many other synths like this that just allow you to play and experiment for hours without being hindered by your own knowledge of synthesis? It seems more creative when you're not thinking in such a logical scientific way. I'm a little bored by the standard subtractive thing.

  15. Digeridoo + bees + lawnmower

  16. Built like a russian tank resonates with me , i really like this synth

  17. This is a very good review of a synth that is extremely difficult to review. As Nick points out, in playing with Lyra one is continually stumbling across moments of great beauty which are essentially irreplicable. The Lyra's range is wide, her sound is deep. She truly is something else.

  18. I use garage band and some of the snyth sounds are very similar to this like melodic and voice like yet fuzzy and ehereal so it makes me sad people use this when garage band is so much cheaper and user friendly smh

  19. Why can't i find a black Keystep. My theory is Nick has all the black ones.

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