I received a replacement today and it took off nicely hovered 10 feet off the ground and took off on its own and would not return it’s on a neighbor’s roof, and i have no access to it. If you want to waste 40 dolarów, this is an awesome way to do it. Update i put together 30 feet of assorted piping and got my drone back Music. I kinda recreated the issue and it’s the wind that took it away. So i am loving the drone, but watch out for wind Music. This is a great little drone for forty dollars. We got it for my son for christmas and he really enjoys it. I was surprised that the battery charges for one hour and then he gets about 10 do 15 minutes of use from the drone. We are using my old phone to power, the camera and save the photos and videos to the camera roll. We haven’t tried it outside. Yet just indoors and it’s doing a nice job Music, the camera faces forward and slightly down not exactly a bird’s eye view or straight forward, and my son is working on figuring out the controls. So he can aim the camera just where he wants. Since we haven’t tested it outdoors, we haven’t seen how far the range is or what happens if it goes out of range, gets stuck in trees or if we can get it to come back on its own. That will be our task in the spring and summer.

I was looking at getting a couple of replacement batteries to bolster the amount of time it can be used, but there were some scary reviews that the batteries catch fire when charging. So i decided to let him just play with what he has. I sent an email to register the warranty and got a reply that we are set for one full year and a few days later. To my surprise, the company contacted me and asked if i wanted two free batteries. I said yes, please and confirmed my address. I wasn’t sure if it was legitimate, but a package arrived today. The batteries are charging with our watchful eyes in case they catch fire, and now he should have triple the fun right. We definitely don’t leave them with the charger plugged in and following the recommendation. We also don’t plug the battery in when not in use. We are happy. This was a christmas present for my 15 year old daughter, she’s owned two helicopters before this drone, but the drone is far superior to the helicopters laughing face. The helicopters had pretty wide learning. Curves and they constantly got broken most of them, didn’t last more than three months, even with all the spare parts we bought for them. This little drone is sturdy.