Phantom 4 PRO ADVANCED – Aparat Gimbal Lock

The Freewell Gimbal Lock is offered right here:

Try the AMAZON FREEWELL STORE: provider=A2OGOWCR9BZX7P&redirect=true

6 Komentarze
  1. Miły!! Hey Captain.. do you have a favorite camera drone?…

  2. 0:46 I don't like the way yours loosly holds the camera. Still wiggles in that holder..
    I been using a PGYTECH Lens Protector and Gimbal Lock for a year now on my P4P+ and it only costs $3.84USD with Free Shipping. It also automatically centers the Camera correctly and holds it firmly…. Here's a link to the one I bought

  3. Not fit for purpose as it is Not a gimbal lock.

  4. Cześć kapitanie, GREAT VIDEOS! Pytanie: What is that metal piece attached to the landing gear of your phantom 4 zawodowiec? Is it some sort of brace? Jeśli tak, do you recommend it? And if so where do we get it? Dzięki!

  5. Nice going to look into most likely buy lol this gimbal cover.👌

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