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  1. No what I’ve loads of drones even a phantom and I’d rather fly my bebops any day there tuff as nails you can fly them in snow rain freezing temps you name it and I trust it much more than any DJI

  2. Cool video Dan. Don't shoot the 2 dogs at 4:48 – 😉

  3. Where did you download the overlays from

  4. Hi what program did you use for the cockpit overlay looks brill

  5. I don't have one but it was definitely enjoyable to watch

  6. didn't know they stop making them too bad, have you been caught out on no return to home on low battery, more than once on different batteries I've gone from 30% do 14% in a second or two I had to land safely Drive 3 km to get to the bebop 2 which was half a kilometre away I know the area it wasn't a problem but I'd rather not. to anyone else out there don't take drones up as a hobby it's right up there for a high-stress Sport well maybe it is worth it. another advantage of having a bebop 2 over a Mavic air or pro is less painful financially if you lose one. all the best from the wandering photographer Ireland

  7. Hey Dan. Wielki vid. I've only had my Bebop 2 for a few months. Love it just as much as my Phantom 3 standardowe. You're a much better pilot and editor than I am. I have a weird problem. I have a Moto E4 phone .. android 7.1.1 and a Lenovo 10 inch tablet android 8.1.0. Now the FreeFlight Pro app works fine on the phone but keeps shutting down on the tablet. Any idea why. I don't want to pay $10 for the AR Pro 3 app if it isn't going to run on the tablet 8.1.0 Dzięki bro.

  8. I LOVE THESE BEBOPS!!!!! Ingotva 1 and complete 2 Power with skycontrollers 1 i 2
    You must have read my mind and then you go out and do this video. Dzięki!
    Oh how is that spark doing??? Poczekaj!! Did I just see overlays? Damn that really looks cool. Love the gun ship one. I think I need to fly tomorrow!!!!

  9. Smashed 👍👍 I love the Bebop 2. Taught me how to fly drones.

  10. Glad your still happy with it. Nice flight and footage. Pretty cool editing

  11. I was impressed with every review I saw and still impressed. Btw I love the tune I used it s few times. Gun overlay a bit crazy 😜May the force be with you 👍

  12. Love the cockpit touch! And yup I love my bebop 2 również. I have a spark, p3p and q5004k and find myself flying the bebop 2 jeszcze. The flight charecteristics on Just right on! Loving what you did with this video. We want More like it!

  13. Bebop 2 is sweet runner. Dig the over lay. Does everything you need for a small $. Keep flying 👍🦅

  14. Loved the video Dan! For what you get I would agree 250 bucks is worth it for that package. But dude what's up with the blurring trees lol. In the beginning you mentioned what people complained about with this drone and so I kept a closer eye out for that stuff and sure enough there right. Picture quality is exactly what you pay for. With that being said, I'd still love to have one for other reasons. Like the fact that you can crash this camera bird and still fly another day. Also the sky controller is flat out COOL! LASTLY, PRICE! THE PICTURE is not that bad. I'm a little spoiled from my birds but still Im not a pro so who gives a Crap! Anyway just my two cents! Thx bro. świetny film!


  15. love the cock pit she has legs for sure. well done drone worship

  16. 4g soft mod on the bebop 2 is amazing distance is endless, just have to make sure you have enough battery power to get home.

  17. Man that thing has distance ..how far can she go?

  18. You did it again Dan, cause me to spend good money on another good Bebop w/flypad this morning. That drone was the first thing on my mind when I got this morning after the live stream last night. Both for $129.00 I could not miss out. 👍🏽👊🏾💥

  19. I have same drone and controller, using a galaxy tab A for the screen, Kocham to

  20. Ahaha i am laughing at the dog walker part. Pew pew

  21. Great video love my bebop 2 i think it's one of the best ones you can get and stuff you can do with it especially in that price range I think you can beat it I prefer to fly I most times than ones I think it's just one tough little drone👍👍

  22. Thanks Dan I still really like the Bebop 2 it was my first 300+ Dollar drone I got and was able to sell it for 200 more then I paid for it and get a Mavic Pro I'm still thinking about getting one just because they are so cheap now. Have a great evening my friend. Thanks for the tip

  23. That is really good mate really nice flying great video nice job 👍👍👍👍👌👌🤠🇬🇧🤔🤔

  24. love what you have accomplished!!! Machine guns, ładne

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