This is a brutally awesome truck. If you guys know what the xmax is all about, then you know it was about darn time I went outside with some giant paddle tires out. There is some huge snow drifts. I want to see how this 8's, which is eight cell lipo battery truck, does out there today. Mam nadzieję, że, we can rip it up for you guys, but before I go, I want to say look at this. This is all Gorilla Tape on the inside of my lexan body. Teraz, tak, it adds a few extra grams or ounces, but it's not really a big deal, because it's going to give me extra rigidity and flexibility in the right areas in the cold weather, because it is still quite cold where I am and of course you don't Want your lexan cracking when you end up upside down, because this truck has almost 30 volts of power, Oklaski muzyczne, Muzyka, a little breezy today, my love, tak, it's brisk, some of us would say, shall shall we put the xmax to the test in the cold in The snowdrifts rip it around hey, give some cheer to everybody out in the YouTube land such a beautiful machine. Dziękuję Ci, Muzyka, Muzyka, Muzyka, Muzyka, Music Jemm with the wind right now. How cool do you think it is 20 Celsius? Powiedziałbym, że, if not a slightly more brisk these lipos, even though there's 6700 milliamps is showing signs of being too cold to be outside yeah it's frozen out here, whoo, ale człowiek, those paddle tires sure deuce throw some snow yeah.

Well guys we're gon na go warm up thanks for joining us today in the RC Adventure get outside and have fun with RC or if you like us, go inside warm up for a while. Hmm, listen to these tires on the concrete they're frozen, solid wow. What a performance today safety first remember always turn off here.