Przepraszam, brian. I took the blower off the front of the felony and i put it on to the infraction today. Spójrzcie na to, Moi przyjaciele, absolutely amazing. I wanted to model this uh off of the felony car that had just come out. This is the infraction v2 from arma and it uh. You know it came out in its original color. It was silver, it had the flag of the usa on it looked awesome. Jeszcze, w tym samym czasie, i love the all blacked out. Wygląd, i think you guys are going to agree. I'Ve got a couple of three cell 5000 milliamp hours in here, it's the smart batteries with all this smart technology. These both have a 100c discharge, which means this is going to have insane power and mr lyle, hey how's it going. I would like you to pilot this truck for me today, i'm. Więc, looking forward to around the cones that we've set out, maybe some figure eights try to see some power slides, get some good shots of the infraction v2 for the people yeah. Czy jesteś gotowy, tak, yeah uh? Here you go, Sir? Hey everyone you're welcome. I will power this beautiful machine on two three, Cztery, Pięć: Sześć. What do you think of the new look? Lyle? kocham to. The blacked out is nice. That is a sexy truck yeah. It looks pretty darn good insane amount of power. I haven't even told lyle about the handbrake feature on this yet which will help the rear end slide out.

It locks up the rear, end uh and it'll help him power slide around or some people would call it drifting Music to keep up with a little truck. Like this he's only going like maybe 25 throttle right now, oh nice, there he's starting to get a feel for it. I'M gon na put a link in the video description box down below uh to the infraction v2, also to the felony uh that i showed on the the show a few episodes ago, both of them beautiful machines, wow lyle, let's, get a rip from the end. Bro see let's go to the end and see if we can see some speed, wow wow nice into the water, even dude. I heard you it's almost like you got past half throttle and you could hear it wind up just gave it a little touch because i wanted to go into it loose like not not break free. While i was throttling up so i gave it a little just a little tap here. Yeah that's a lot it's a lot of power in there. The discharge rating of a hundred c battery as we've demonstrated uh in the in uh. The last video of the infraction made a huge difference and 100c burst rating yeah there's, not a parking lot, that's big enough, almost okay, mr rc athlete yes, Sir, on the handle sir come back here on the handle. Is this switch right here? If you push down it locks the back axle up and will let you kick it out easier? I know sounds weird: how are you even going to use that button there? You go it's gon na take some practice that's for sure, oh bingo, one down, you can do it buddy nice! There you go he's learning the throttle perfect.

So this machine is on rubber tires. We did do a burnout uh in the last video with it, it was fantastic. Get a good smoke show going on these tires nice job, koleś, faster and faster see with almost any rc, with an open differential and some power. You can race it around, but this infraction v2. It puts a lot of power in the hands of the user. I'M. Loving it nice job. Tak myślę. Even though it's windy, we should nail some cones yeah smoke, some cones, what cone smoker Music, Music so Music, wszystko teraz, i know you're hoping for an infraction today, but i'm i'm keeping it because it's a badass truck, ale jest to, Tak myślę, it's so stable. But you know what i'm giving you instead was that two batteries in a traxxas udr. I already got a super baja ray two from losi nice. Here you go, that is gorgeous you're gon na have fun you're you're a basher right you're going going to be oh yeah, and i just watched your video there this morning on having the baja ray down at this yeah. I haven't seen that setup yet, but that might be worth 10 bucks to take this thing down there: uh yeah and he's, referring of course to get in there yeah. Are you happy there? You go buddy i'm glad thanks for helping me out man. He just pointed and laughed at me as he drove back that's.

W porządku, man i'm. Glad you're happy thanks for helping me make a great video today, thanks for having me burning some batteries with me and now you can go and have a good time. Yeah yeah! Wszyscy w porządku faceci, there you go! Thank you for joining me, uh in today's rc adventure and for lyle to uh be driving that i'm passing on the uer, just because i've got more than enough stuff to share with all my friends that help make this show possible, and we will see you in The next episode of rc adventures now get outside and have fun with rc.