Holy Stone HS100"Great Beginner Drone" – GPS – HD Cam – Za mną – Return Home & More!

Please subscribe for extra! Obtained this from amazon.com right here: http://amzn.to/2FtREyp. -GPS assisted flight: Offers you with correct positioning particulars of your

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  1. I know this maybe a dumb question but I'm having trouble getting gps once I do it flys lands perfect I can control it perfectly but when I land successfully how do I shut the drone down without wrecking it just shutting down the wings info would help please

  2. Will you do the 120d test? I was thinking of picking it up but idk im looking for something cheaper but has good range

  3. Fast talker, super helpful information. Wielki vid – Dziękuję Ci!!!

  4. my holy stone HS100G lost conection and fall to the ground I coundn't find it.The return to home did not work I lost my money in a couple of minutes I won't buy this drone again.

  5. I gt one for $87 US on ebay with 2 baterie. Labeled as SJRC S70W..

  6. I had no experience but all and all it is a good drone; I have flown this thing into trees, slammed it down on the ground, flew it on a windy day to the point I didn't see it anymore the wind sucked it way up high I thought I would never see it again until I see it coming out back from the sky to land back to the home spot almost 15 minutes later with a well functioning battery still.
    The return home feature works every time like it should.

    A couple of times it did not respond to the controller and slammed down on the concrete floor but it survived fairly well. I had it for 4 months and for someone who had never seen a drone I think it has performed really well; video quality might not be great but I would buy it again for the resilience on how it survives my lack of skills.

  7. Important to know this is a rebranded drone. There are cheaper models of the same exact drone sourced by others.

  8. Did i must recalibrate every time i use it

  9. Just asking does it have a live time wifi came on iPad

  10. How the duck do you make the recording last oonger

  11. if not follow me then not thing else is important

  12. Holy stone hs100 is really good it has nice technology but if you crash your drone the shell gets crack right away the material of the body is really bad and sensible to get crack.

  13. Really Smart Drone for Beginners and Pro AS Well. thanks for the good video

  14. Thanks for ur video. I just bought this drone from Amazon. Will test it myself but from ur video looks like i will keep it. Dzięki. świetny film.

  15. So i cant use this without wifi so sad, coz Philippines has worst net. Can u recomment not pricey drone like this without using wifi

  16. did i have to calibrate each time i use it

  17. Can I buy more batteries for it and does it warn you when it is going low

  18. if it doesn't have a good camera then it ain't worth the money thumbs up 👍 for the video thumbs down for the product👎

  19. I recently purchased this Drone and it works great. My only gripes are the battery sucks ass! I only get 5 minutes flight time before its low and it takes 3 hours minimum to charge a battery. mam 3 batties out used 1 hopefully the others perform at the advertised 15-20min. Secondly, the wind blows this drone very easily so always use the GPS or bye,bye drone. All in all for the price it's a no brainer!

  20. Looks like the GPS SHADOW DRONE

  21. Does this drone work ok with an android phone? I have a tello right now, and it favors the iphone. It sucks! I have a Samsung s8 active

  22. Ready to use right out the box what a lie you have to put it together and it won't connect to phone

  23. łał, just found your channelnew to drones, but I think I like this one, in red! Subbed!

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