Opisz GoFLY Scorpion 80HD Cinewhoop 馃摲

Here is a brand new micro cinewhoop to hit the market. How do you want this one in comparison with the others I’ve reviewed? GoFLY Scorpion 80HD Cinewhoop

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  1. HQ props and a good 3s tune? Maybe helpful.

  2. i just bought a Diatone R349 v1 for the same price.

  3. Mobula7 hd
    Iflight 75 cine bee
    Scorpion 80hd
    Spc mini whale hd
    Beta 85x

    Which flies best?

  4. Albert, 艣wietny film. Compared to some of the other whoops that you have reviewed, this seems to be very stable with good build quality. I would like to see a video on upgrading to Beta Flight 4.0. Keep the content coming!

  5. Good review but I like the cinebee more.

  6. Seems to fly really well, and amazing spot to fly small quads. Maybe ND lens could help with the jello? I read about that improving things a lot on some other HD quadcopters.

  7. Wow was that sarcasm? Only $50/hr to fly there? Sorry if I'm stupid but if it's true why are you there, spoiled country boy here.

  8. Thanks so much for this useful review, Albert 馃檹馃檹鈾ワ笍馃憤馃憤

  9. 艢wietny lataj膮cy, Albert! 馃槉
    I don't understand why, but looks like it has more jello in the FPV feed than in the HD recording. O.o

  10. I pretty much have an identical drone to this (Spedix) I transferred to a whoopee HD frame to get rid of vibrations but I still have some but it鈥檚 better especially in the wind. My problem is after a few batteries it seems to idle up and take off on its own. I鈥檓 on default 4.0. Any tips for tuning something like that on 4.0 would be greatly appreciated.

  11. As far as cinewhoops are concerned this seems to have better flight characteristics than the mobula7, maybe not as fun to rip ? 馃檪
    As for jello oh boy good luck. Dzi臋ki Albert

  12. It certainly feels like a crap shoot as far as Jello goes. If it's all high quality components and consistently built it seems like it'd be better but no one would be willing to pay for that level of quality. Seems like most manufacturers stumble into good designs.

  13. I was just watching the HD whoops roundup whoop video and the notification popped up as soon as you mentioned the gofly scorpion in the other video.

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