FuriBee H815 – Świetne ceny & perfect for Beginners! The Fun Drone

The very tiny FuriBee H815 has lots of the incorporates a newbie would love. It does flips, has completely different speeds, has a headless mode, an inner rechargeable battery, 5 to six min flight time, 70 – 100 meter flight distance, foldable arms and comes with a pleasant controller. Wszystko pod $20.

You should buy the FuriBee H815 right here:

KAMERY: GoPro Hero 6: https://amzn.to/2H01Mvk
DŹWIĘK: Tascam DR - 10L: https://amzn.to/2HCl1wh

19 Komentarze
  1. 👍👍👍. Stupid question of the day. How do I get my spark to flip. ???

  2. 2:30 That would be a great beginner drone if it had auto altitude hold even for a few more $$.

  3. Looks like the JJRC H345 which is a pack of 2 drones with 1 kontroler. I really like mine. Przegląd Nicei jak zawsze.

  4. niesamowite wideo. The FuriBee H815 sure does look a very good beginner's drone. Unfortunately not available on Amazon.in and hence I picked up the Cheerson CX 10 from AliExpress to begin with.

  5. Great starter drone. Perfect as a gift ! Great review Steve !

  6. I wish these things were around when I first started with the Syma 5c, they seem a lot better build quality and more responsive.

  7. Looks like its hard to control , the dji drone are better.

  8. Tylko jedno pytanie : Where can I find the same landing/takeoff pad used for inside flight? ;-re (Hey that's could be a good subject for another video)

  9. Fun little drone and review, dzięki!

  10. I love these little line of sight drones but in this class, it is hard to beat one of the Inductrix clones , Dzięki za przegląd

  11. Nice drone and, jak zawsze, well presented. I do think though that the H36 is better for beginners cause of the ducted props.

  12. I don't see how they can make it and sell it for that little money. Cheaper by the dozen or something like that.

  13. Cool little toy to add to the rainy day flying kit and super quiet. Usually use a tiny whoop for some indoor FPV but this looks fun too!

  14. Nothing to do with with this video but…. Anyone know the release date for the Mavic Pro 2 and Mavic 2 Powiększenie?

  15. Bought one of these great at first. But now will not take of . Push left joystick forward to take of , all that happens is it tilts forward and flips over.Does not even get of floor . Tried factory settings no joy .

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