Exploring the Willson Carbide Mill Ruins – DJI Mavic Pro

Within the deep woods of Gatineau Park (positioned in Quebec, Kanada) are many ruins of 100 12 months outdated buildings. We journey to the ruins of the Thomas Willson Carbide Mill. Aerial footage shot by a DJI Mavic Professional.

15 Komentarze
  1. neat video!, that location is pretty sweet!

  2. A beautiful placefor camera or drone!

  3. I'm flying up to Winnipeg tomorrow morning, I heard it's Extremely Cold..

  4. Thank you Captain Drown. What a wonderful video. Dzięki za dzielenie. Jan

  5. top stuff cap'n, a pleasure to watch. Looks like you had a great time taking in the stunning visuals. I'm making a list of the places I want to fly my TH, shame it's dark after work, grey and cold here in the UK.

  6. Wielki vid! subscribing! Tak trzymaj! Looks like a recurring theme tho with the mavic, overexposure and blown-out highlights. Appreciate the time putting the vid together and editing tho! Frankly couldn't be bothered myself anymore..just wack all the footage together for family/friends etc with no maps or fancy stuff. Laziness!

  7. Hey pal … świetny film … as an owner of the Typhoon H like you, are you happy with your purchase of the DJI Mavic? I know it's more portable etc but are you happy with flight characteristics and images taken by the camera? I'm thinking of getting one too! Thank you and Happy Holidays!

  8. I was stuck at the Minneapolis airport, Winnipeg received 12" of snow and all flights were cancelled, the only good thing to happen was my Mavic Pro arrived 😄

  9. Witam Captain Drone!, Fajny filmik! I subscribed and liked. I fly mavic too, and would love to have you as a subscriber. thanks Mike.

  10. You should post more of your drone work and/or more videos on getting good shots tips

  11. I enjoyed your video! Especially the contrast of the mill between the old photograph and the new drone footage

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