Eachine Q90C FPV wyścig zestaw DRONE – NIESAMOWITE WARTOŚCI!

You should buy this drone from BANGGOOD on the following hyperlink.
Black Friday promotion code: https://goo.gl/rJCPY6

4 Komentarze
  1. 4:55 Same thing herevery frustrating. The props get looser and looser every time I re-install them. I actually bought it just for the wireless FreeRider Simulator connections.
    9:51.. Looks like almost Zero latency 5.8GHz FPV transmissions

  2. Your videos are a blast to watch! Nadążyć za wielkie dzieło!

  3. Great review full of useful information about the product, Only new to your channel and you have very helpfull videos and review on it. love watching your reviews.

  4. i hope its okay for indoor flying. I looked for the Eachine 013 but its has no acro or simulation. and can't be used outside when i get better at it.. this is still for under 100. But i hope to start flying indoors

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