Eachine E51 hands on Review with Unboxing and flying test latest fpv drone

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  1. Can we use the drone without phone?? Prosze o odpowiedz

  2. Hey is it made in china or other countries

  3. very annoyed. Just bought one online from Banggood, and there was no remote controller in the box 🙁
    Very dissapointed.

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    Eachine E51 hands on Review with Unboxing and flying test latest fpv drone

    Eachine E51 RC Quadcopter With foldable arm, Mały rozmiar, easy to carry.3-level flight speed, aslo the 2MP 720P Camera and 750mAh big battery capacity make a good flying experience.

  5. Does it have tracking system ?

  6. What distance can it reach with the active fpv function?

  7. It would be nice if you could start measuring these drones noise levels using a sound meter, at a fixed distance (np.. 10 stóp). So we can compare them before we buy.

    Dziękuję Ci.

  8. Bardzo pouczające wideo, love that controller. Dziękuję Ci

  9. Want share more videos for us 👍🏻

  10. Hi Thanks. Pls if you can show the battery bay and the battery connector. Dzięki

  11. Understandable english this time.. That sure is an improvement 🙂

  12. Podrían hacer una versión en Español

  13. Doogee mix….one real cam is not working at allfakes.

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