I believe now some people believe i have a crystal ball, which explains the slight limp when i walk ill leave you to draw your own conclusions, because lots of people have emailed me about this new story coming out of australia involving drones and heres. The times version of the story it says, bird attacks on drones, force, google to suspend home deliveries goes on to say: ravens are attacking drones, passing through their territory, forcing curtailment of a pioneering drone home delivery service in australias capital. Teraz, a little bit of factual information here ravens are a member of the corvid family of birds which includes magpies, crows, ravens and a few others theyre quite powerful birds for their size. They have quite strong beaks and they can be very aggressive at certain times of the year when theyre nesting usually theyre, very aggressive driving other birds and even people from their territory. So obviously, in this case, these dro these birds have been attacking. W zasadzie, ive got some video here from the tuba views and lets just watch watch how aggressive this bird actually is. Here we got the the wing drone and out of the blue comes the raven and it grabs a hold of it. Look how the tail boom on that drone bends when its swinging it look at that look at look at that. Look at the bending and so forth, going on there. It is giving it a hammering and obviously, if theres, anyone standing underneath they risk having that thing fall on their head now.

You could think that this is a. This must be an extremely unlikely event. Um, Wiesz. How would anyone know that this was going to? How would anyone be expected to know that this would happen and im sure that if, if this was going to be a possibility, kaza would have said to google? You should not operate your drones during the nesting season. With these birds, because they have the power to bring them down, if youre hovering over peoples, property or even people, then that could be very, very dangerous. You think that google themselves would look at this when they do their risk assessment, which is almost certainly a part of their operational permissions. They must do risk assessment. You think they would say well, w porządku, its coming up to the nesting season and these birds. They can be quite aggressive. Maybe we should just take a little break until everythings settled down so that we dont have birds attacking. So obviously these are things that nobody, nobody could have foreseen this as a possibility. Absolutely nobodyand i did have something else here. What do i have here? Dobrze, co? What is this? Oh whos, this guy whats this? This was posted on the 27th of august, so thats uh almost one whole month ago, and what does this video say? Remember we showed you that lovely little child before who went out and and and picked up the bag with something in it and then was with her mother smiling.

Dobrze, i told you that the drone could be hovering overhead and look heres the child just about at the bag. Theres the drone hovering directly overhead 5.2 kilos, 12 pounds of drone with 12 meat, cleaving props, whizzing away and theres the little girl underneath it. This is an accident waiting to happen. What could go wrong well, youll recall recently. I did a video about magpies in australia right now. Its a nesting season for magpies magpies cause so many attacks every year in australia, because theyre very territorial. Now this is australia. If theres a gum tree or something nearby and theres, a nesting magpie and this thing comes into the vicinity, there is a very good chance. The magpie will ever guard it itll, try and knock it out of the air and, if that little girls underneath at the time and this thing gets struck out of the air by a magpie boom there, you go well unbelievable. How could anybody have predicted this? Surely i dont know what to say: i am absolutely gobsmacked that this this could be predicted by somebody seriously. I think the point im making here and its a very very important point is once again the regulators and the operators have proven they dont understand how to do a real, proper risk assessment. You look at all the factors you need to be aware of everything and, as i pointed out a month ago, territorial corvids are going to be a problem, but no they wait until it happens, and now they have uh scaled back.

They curtailed their drone delivery service. After a bird attacked, why could they not be preemptive? Why could they not watch my videos and say, O, this guy seems to know hes talking about. We better just hold things until the birds have settled down. I just dont know that, and these are the people that this is casual and so forth. Theyre telling us how we should safely fly our drones and they dont have a bloody clue. I got an email this morning from somebody in australia who got told off by kaza for flying fpv, where they shouldnt, which is anywhere outside of a a field operated by the national model flying body. They were flying where, where we like, do pływania, parks and and in in urban areas, where its safe to do so safe to fly fpv in some of these urban areas. But because the rules say you cant fly fpv outside of a casa, a sort of a casual casual approved flying field, they got told off threatened. They got the really interesting things casual educated them. They got educated. Now these are people. I know who have done lots of fpv. They know exactly what theyre doing. They are very skilled, Bardzo dobrze, theyre, very safe, yet kaza it was going to educate them as to as to the importance of safety and how to do things safely. Dobrze, kaza you! Let google fly their drones at a time that it was really not that safe to do so by, and i saw this from 1500 mil, um andand i alerted everyone to it and you guys ignored it.

I i just no regulators, you are crap, you dont know what youre doing a lot of the time. Some of your regulations are okay, but you wont listen to the people who do know and then, when things go wrong, you probably go. O, how did that happen? My goodness whod have thought a bird would attack a winged drone. Now that was just lucky that was just lucky that there wasnt a little girl standing under that drone and that the the raven didnt manage to bring it down. Imagine if it had imagined a match who wouldnt be there saying? O, i take responsibility for that. We should have acted and made sure that they didnt fly their drones in the nesting season. I i dont know im preaching to the choir. You people watching this. Now probably saying we know, we know i know, but we need to get this message out further beyond the bounds of these youtube channels, we need to let the the public know we need to let the politicians know we need to let casa know the regulators know That theyre just full of crap, really they are they. You cannot be telling us whats safe. When you clearly dont really understand the risks yourselves and youre allowing operations which are obviously not safe. How can you lecture to us really seriously? My, the the model flying drone flying community, have been doing this for over a decade with their multirotor drones, not one body to be seen anywhere.

Meanwhile, regulators theyre in charge of manned aviation and people die every bloody day in manned aviation. Dont lecture us on whats, safe and whats, not unless youre going to consult with usand i dont mean just ask for submissions and ignore themconsult with us work with us to formulate rules that are not only going to preserve safety but theyre going to preserve The freedoms of the people whove been doing this safely for over a decade. Now i hope kaz is watching this. I hope the faa is watching this. I hope caa is watching this transport, Kanada. You all need to learn something from this. If a stupid, grey, haired old man and is entering his eighth decade on the planet can see this risk from 1500 miles away and alert you to it and you ignore it: youre not fit for purpose. W porządku, this was a rant. It was supposed to just be a news report, but it was a rant im. Przepraszam, im, passionate about this. We cant allow this kind of stupidity to keep going on, because someone will get hurt because the regulators dont have a bloody clue. What theyre doing thats it from me go to the comments? Do you disagree wholeheartedly with what ive said? If you do tell us, if you agree, tell us more importantly, tell other people about the travesty that is going on with these ridiculously overreaching regulations, stripping us of our freedoms and allowing commercial entities to endanger lives on a daily basis.

Thats it thanks for watching bye. For now over regulation is like a tumor, its killing a hobby.