Ladies and gentlemen, with all the news, hes back its jeffs hills, welcome back man, jeff jeff, we cant hear you uh. We cant hear you theres no audio from jeff. You know what it helps. If i unmute you know the yeah. Thank you are you? W porządku. Are you still bow sharding im sick ive been gone for two weeks and im following a dead, prostitute joke you tell me, i mean we are. We are your your source for all your dead, prostitute, jokes and for the people that are watching this by the way for the people that are watching the news on the replay. They have no idea what were talking about so go to go to the live stream. Replay and watch that, because theyre gon na be like what you must, i missed a dead, prostitute joke, o boże, its got to go back, ale tak czy inaczej, whats going on the news. So well start this off. With some of the more obvious news. Dji has some new products that they have brought to market or that they are bringing to market, and we have information that has leaked out and apparently, what has leaked out is bits and pieces from the actual, i guess owners manual for the mavic um, which documents That its going to have two cameras, a telephoto camera and a wide angle, camera uh on the gimbal um that this thing is going to have a 35 millimeter format for the telephoto camera, with a fixed uh.

What is it ken dono, Uh, 4.4 uh micro? Cztery, its four thirdsthey didnt say: mikro, four thirds, but it looks like a four third sensor: okay and the limitation for that that you said you were mentioning earlier that that camera had some good and bad to it. Dobrze, it depends so looking at the owners manual looks that the limitation will be for the telephoto lens, because the aperture looks to be a fix 4.4, at least from what i can see from the owners manual. I dont see anything about it being adjustable. That would be the limitation in low light. So if youre hoping for telephoto and low light situations, you wouldnt get it, you would have to go back to the wide angle lens, which is going to be the main shooter, which is the micro four thirds, which is a behemoth. And what about the controller? The controller uh it looks the same doesnt it. It looks: smart doesnt it it has. The ocusync uh tm image, Transmisji, tr information in it uh and it looks to be the same uh. I guess mavic controller that weve seen before 5.5 inch screen et cetera. So so the question is: Uh: should people that own the the air 2s or the mavic 2 do they need upgrade? I would say no, prawdopodobnie nie. Dobrze, i mean, if you have a if you have an interest in a particular drone that essentially combines the mavic zoom with the mavic household youre, going to get a really big camera and a really small camera all in the same package.

That could be valuable to certain people um. I would imagine ken in real estate, uh being able to shoot real estate footage having the the two cameras would give you more flexibility and how you wanted to shoot certain things. So there there is a market for this drone. Oh absolutely yeah, you know and plus two. If you think about how long the the mavic 2 pro has been out, i mean its the perfect time for them to do this right. You know people are getting old with that. People have been wanting a more professional grade drone and this is their opportunity and i never think its like whether somebody needs to its whether they really want it, because a drone, unless you do this for a living, its its more or less a want, not a Need but people are gon na, buy the hell out, but its kind of like its kind of like phones. Now you know like yeah uh, the next thing comes out, then your thing is an antique, and you know you know its nice that they dont upgrade the mavic 2. Like the pro versions they dont upgrade them every year. Its almost like were on a two year cycle, if you think about it, so thats sort of a nice thing like when they do when they do like the the the mavic releases, its its two years old dji, gives us a damn new gimbal every month, Który.

They thanks dji, tak, and the other thing is: is that with this documentation, it shows that the the drone is very far down the production line, which means that, if theyre going to release this uh before the christmas season, its a perfect opportunity to get on the Christmas market, Przy okazji, just just something very quickly for my stoner friends, we do have 420 concurrent viewers right now. So how about lets just pause there you go, i think ill, do that every time go ahead! Jeff! O! O! Tak! Great back to you all! Right so dj also has a second product theyre coming out with, which is their new action. Camera um and this particular camera is supposed to have uh ‘ przez ‘ przez 22.3 millimeter dimension, its waterproof case for six yeah yeah. I have one of those its the insta360. It comes in two two, two things right: isnt it there they go copying its a 1r yeah yeah, pretty much. I dont know i just i dont like that. I dont, like that form factor thats. Dla mnie, chociaż, yeah uh and the only other new information that i i guess is out there is air maps recently now hold on. There was another camera we were going to talk about one when there can well camera. I believe there was another camera we were going to discuss. Wasnt there. o tak, the peanut. This is for fpv people, im really bad at this um.

Have you not watched dronebears, Och tak, so thats the caddix peanut, which is basically a rehashed instago ii? So this is designed specifically for fpv pilots in mind. It was released today its available for pre order and theres actually a lot of unique things about this camera. So they added a dedicated button on the front of there thats good and they alsoand they also made it to where you can connect it directly to a quad. So you can have it connected up to. I think its three three uh fpv drones. They give you three cables and you can connect it and start recording and stop recording uh right from your rc, co myślę, że jest całkiem fajne. Thats great now back to thisand you were talking about this before, if that one hash works by itself. But i dont think it would, Tak myślę, youre right. I think the battery is going to be in the area where the screen is so yeah. The only way that would be amazing is if it worked where you can take the screen off, put it on a drone and not have to worry about breaking the screen. I think for me like for my use case. I would be okay with that. I would be happy about that yeah, but i dont think thats gon na be the case. They dont do what we want. Nie, they dont they dont do what we want all right, jeff that makes too much sense yeah.

That would be too practical. We dont need that so also in the news. Air map was suspended recently from providing lance approval services through the faa um, and this is primarily due to some internal problems theyre having with the app, but the company has hinted that they will be returning to lance. After solving the internal issues, so i dont expect this to be a permanent thing, but if you are needing lance approval, you can still use the faas before you fly um, which is an alternative created by a loft. What you doing ken you checking your lance approval. I was just looking to see if uh, what the what the ordeal was with airmap. I didnt really look into it. I stopped using them after they were talking about, jak wiesz, charging for takeoff and landing like when they started talking about charging us money. I wrote them off. I used to be a big proponent of air maps and i just totally wrote them off after that point. Ive moved over to a loft thats, a better interview. Is it better than kitty hawk its? It is kitty hawk. O, it is the same. O, they changed their name too thats right, thats, prawo, thats, prawo, w porządku, yeah thats; it not to be yeah; Nie, no thats thats! Zapomniałem o tym. How long ago that happened, Um, maybe a couple of months ago, they changed it to a loft okay, which threw me off too, but yeah i use.

I use them for what i need, but the board for you fly is fine as well. I mean either or as long as nobodys charging us money, then its good yup before you fly is garbage. W mojej opinii, i concur. W porządku, if you need lance approval, there are alternatives until air maps gets their stuff fixed, tak uh. Teraz. This next story – Tak myślę, is going to make some australians very happy uh, ponieważ, if youre familiar with australian magpies, you will realize that they have a long and very sorted history of attacking innocent people by diving and hitting people in the head. Several people have been injured, W porządku, tak, the magpies are theyre insane. tak, they are very, very aggressive birds, Uh, but recently one ran into a drone and got a harsh punishment for it. Thatll teach you look at him: hes, just a badass, wow hes going to lose a wing, though at 8 000 rpm. I would imagine that that bird took a good bit of punishment going after that drum. tak, im, sorry that what, oh god damn it jeff. What was it i know weeks, two weeks of peace, what was it im telling you two weeks, its its a bird of course its a bird, No cóż, everybodys heard about the Music Music yeah. I i i like. I said its been two weeks and i i just walked right into that one. So we missed, we missed dottie all right.

So next to the oh wait, a minute hold on hold on hold on everything, theres more bird news. Have you seen this? Have you seen this somebodys getting a coffee delivery and its coming in coming in hot? O, O, that son of a bird. What are you doing get out of here? Bird stop it! I want my coffee isnt that insane Music, but they got their coffee anyway. Thats, a heck of a good drone right there, yeah thats, that wing delivery drum the one that uh that has gotten permission in the united states for drone deliveries right yeah. Now that that uh, what was the drone called again? Its called a wing delivery, warkot, a wing delivery joint and it was just attacked by a what? O? Can we go again to play? Donnie where you going? It was a bird Applause, Muzyka, Um, Music jeff, you all right, kumpel, tak, Śmiech, Um. I think im gon na take you up on that offer of making sure that i start stocking beer, for this show huh yep its a good idea. Dziękuję Ci bardzo. I appreciate that feedback earlier and bye. Gary garys like thumbs down not again im out. We dont need you, then gary bye, you know whats in the news Applause Music jeff gary is he gone? Is it just that he has left the chat, oh good, its just as cool people. Now all right back in the news. This is so much fun.

I know you wanted to do one more for spite didnt, Możesz, ken, o boże, when i saw that i was like please can we can? tak, we can ken you got it buddy whats up, jeff, whats good. I feel alive. tak, tak, W porządku! So black swift technology is a company that is using a drone for volcano observation, theyre flying what they call a swift, s2 fixed wing beyond visual light beyond visual sight, drone to approach and film footage from the makushin volcano. This is sort of a landmark for uas operations. Black swift technologies is been working on this project with the usgs nasa and the alaskan d.o.t for volcano observations, and this is some of the first beyond visual line of sight operations uh that are available without visual observers or land based radar, wow thats, niesamowity, it sure, Is going far yeah this? This drone is going to to be doing some exceptionally long flights to to go out to this particular volcano. O mój boże, w porządku, and where is this again um? This is going to be out of alaska and the makushin volcano is the target. I believe that theyre going to be uh, filming and theyre going to sacrifice the drone to the volcano gods is that what theyre doing no okay theyre using it as part of the monitoring of the particular of this particular volcano whos that activity level? For that that volcano has been uh, i guess building, and so they need something to be able to safely watch it at distance yeah.

I would say i i i would watch any volcano from a distance, tak, yeah thats, smart, W porządku. So next in the news kratos is uh. I guess a combat drone um, their airwolf combat drone has recently launched uh their version of a switchblade loitering munition in flight. So this is a essentially a flying bomb. Will then, Wiesz, fly over a specific area and as soon as a target is identified, then it will attack that particular target. Teraz, whether or not this is a drone that uh crashes into the target like a suicide drone or if its one that has uh munitions that it drops. I believe this is a suicide drone. O człowieku, its too shiny and nice looking to be a suicide. tak, but uh you know it. I love the fact that they called it airwolf. Wiesz, because i was a big fan of that show growing up as a kid i loved the the naming convention and the the drones themselves are are relatively small in size uh compared to some of the other uh. I guess armed drones. Okay watch technique this. This is their theyre launching, so that was a new shoot. A pneumatic launch, thats, pretty cool im guessing thats, some sort of you can fit it. Yeah go go for it, w porządku! Nie! He you cant trust me uh. What that is is a uh. That is a force multiplier if i ever saw one soldier youre gon na need that on the battlefield, because as far as forces are concerned, youre going to want to multiply it with that force multiplier thanks jeff.

I appreciate that i was walking into it. I i just wanted to prepare yeah. Dziękuję Ci. I know that youre new here and its its very important to be able to fit in because you you want to come back. Is that what we want? W porządku, this is your trial period. Ken yeah well were doing. Okay were doing everything we can youre doing all you doing all right. So next to the news, this is uh out of binghamton university uh. This is a state university in new york. Theyve demonstrated the effectiveness of using drones to locate fresh water sources at easter island, and you would sit there and kind of question you know. Why would this be such a big deal, but with the easter island being surrounded by a huge vast ocean? Fresh waters is very scarce and so using a drone to be able to find fresh water uh in that in that area is very beneficial because it makes uh it easier for them to be able to do long term. You know studies in the area, it gives them more information as to the types of animals etc. That use that area so um and thenand this drone is looking uh, you know through porous bedrock its looking at underground aquifers. I mean this is some really i mean uh, quick uh. Follow up about uh easter island will uh the chocolate bunny uh manufacturing be affected. Will we still get our colored eggs? We we have to know what? Where is? Where is this again? Its easter island, Uh? Prawda, so our chocolate eggs are fake, uh grass, our baskets are.

We is all those things gon na be still available, Laughter god. When i was a kid and i and i was learning about the world, i found easter island on a globe and for years probably way too long into my teens. I thought well not in my teens but uh. I thought thats where the easter, but thats, probably my team yeah. I thought thats where the easter bunny lived. W porządku, am i the only one? Am i the only one? I guess im the only one all right back to you in the newsroom? tak, sorry all right! Następny, in the news, this is uh my force multiplier for the evening. The mq 25 is a drone that is capable of refueling aircraft and, just recently it proved that it had the capability of doing this by providing fuel to an f35 while in flight, so bad ass. That is awesome, O, so this is a drone that is refueling an airplane flown by a pilot and usually when refueling happens, isnt there uh somebody on board of the fueling aircraft that steers that into the yeah on the kc 135s. It has a person that lays down in the back of the plane they actually what they call fly. The boom thats got wings on. It does slide down it. Didnt look like this had um wings on. Let me show you it again yeah. Nie, this is using the navel uh idea where they have a drop tank and it has an extension, a drogue chute that kind of extends out.

They put these on the the navy. O Boże, i cant remember the name of the aircraft, but they had a refueling aircraft that would launch off of carriers and have these mounted under the wings and they could they could refuel two aircraft at once, its pretty impressive, Och tak, that is cool so, but The the navy is the one thats behind this, so this will be uh, potentially something that will be refueling aircraft off of navy carriers, which they have already proven that that drone, the mp25 can do. Carrier launches and carrier landings, tak, thats, really very cool stuff. tak. W porządku, so next news we talked about this two times now um, but we have yet even more information that is coming out after the tucson mystery drone. This is the one that chased the border patrol helicopter all over the place for an exceptionally long period of time. Um. This is records that have been released by the custom and border protection agency. That gives some more theories to this out of the world incident. tak, this is audio from air traffic control and the whole thing is like 40 50 minut. I edited it down to about five minutes. I know thats kind of long, but it is a wild ride to listen to to uh the heights and the speeds. This thing it actually it kind of makes you think that it might have been. I dont i hey, i dare say it.

Are you rafael right? Nie, the one thing that is very important about some of the audio from this, if its not included in all of this, is that um, the air crew was able to identify the aircraft as a drone with quadcopter like rotors. That was one thing that they had clarified in in their statement or or was it a clever alien that disguised their spaceship anyway, its some technology that none of us know about that came out of darpa or something but listen to listen to this? This is really awesome: uh audio tower detroit one six, four chicken and banner style: 3, 500 164 tucson tower two centimeter two niner. Ninety niners stay requested on core setting two niners Music like to do a 360 just to see if its still uh still flying pro 164 and maneuver your discretion power, troy whats, exploring yeah. I got a visual on the quadcopter, its about 100 feet above us just uh about a quarter mile east of uh vandersol hospital, a quarter mile east of banner south 164 approved and im uh working on getting the air helicopter over, but yeah yeah its your heads, Uh, its in a green light, thats, not visual, its visible night vision, okulary ochronne, so im, just taking tracking hey, can you uh? Can you send me air too, over here for uh for the drone thats uh that tri 164 has in sight yeah? Do you want to talk about it or do you want to know that yeah yeah? Can you uh? Can you search for my frequency yep? We do.

Thank you whats your true voice, the air two tucson that tower uh traffic off your left hand. Side is uh. Is a uh eight star helicopter theyre uh tracking, a drone that that they almost had emitter there at 3800 and uh its a quadcopter and and theyre able to see it with uh with their night vision? W porządku, you said the drones at 4 000 feet thats what it looks like im at uh, 3800 and uh its just a really dim flashing green light. I cant track it on goggles, so im just visually physically tracking. It right now tower air 2. It is uh directly above us now uh and its probably still two thousand feet above a south, so hes gon na be up over seven thousand feet. You guys still havent shown us. We do, i think hes, probably over about park mall now uh, northeastbound and hes. Above seven thousand there too, Niestety, i think hes perfectly uh orbiting around us now. This wont be your radio shot drone there too. Can you confirm it is a quadcopter negative. I cannot confirm that right now, Uh, if you of the fastest and longest duration, ones ive seen if it is one of those uh hes going straight up now, hes going right over the top of us, so hes changed his orbit drastically. We lost sight of now hes directly over the top of us, going back towards dm and uh. Probably above 11, 000.

hes got to be about 12 000, now hes kind of moving a little bit further north towards the mountain yeah. Just an update here, theyre still tracking, that uh that drone at 11 000 stóp. You said its at 11 now yeah god, man and they cant tell like what it is with the quadcopter or what and uh yeah they assume its a drone, but but theyre following it all right, so which one is following air or troy its about a thousand Feet above the air and uh, troy 164 is maneuvered and tried to to take more pictures with his camera. Troy hes back behind us again were ten eight hes uh, maybe five hundred thousand above us and just behind us first enough, tak, hes, uh hes playing around with us now hes, not letting us get a good uh orbit follow on him. He keeps cutting that orbit in half and then we lose them and then we try to reacquire them. So every time we come around to 350 degrees or something like that hell cut across the top of our rotor and then we lose himself all right. Thats. Our visual sighting with him its been about 40 minuty, so youve got to be getting super low in the battery uh. This would be like no battery ive ever seen, not with the activity and outside hes been playing with, but i will see him. Yeah were still tracking you with the camera, were not getting any thermal feedback at all and my partner just lost him in that cloud somewhere like that atomic battery yeah, i would really want to see what kind of guidance system that has thats, not thats, not being Driven by some iphone somewhere, yeah thats, pretty great for sure, troll 1642 sun tower yeah were unable to get a visual with the uh.

The qaf so were gon na descend down to uh about five hundred and were gon na search. The area for vehicles parked out here just to see if maybe theyre gon na recover it out here in the marauder area for 164, roger radar, service terminal change, approved and and and uh yeah. Thanks for all the help there and yeah im sorry for the uh from near midair, but we did make all the reports that we did call washington and things like that and then uh and and then follow this up as high as we can something special. I was really hoping we could uh see what this thing was built out of yeah. I also come from the uh military uav world and i dont know of any uh small uavs of that kind of turn. How about that? So this thing is running away from what is called an a star. This is an as350 airbus helicopter which is not a slow helicopter by anybody, and it is outflying them. It is going faster than they are. It goes to extreme altitudes 12 000 people flying over the david davis mother air force base. This is flying in military airspace as well as over tucson um, whoever or whatever was flying. That drone is, i mean, the the number of rules and laws that they brought north north side hawk and drone and tech said if it walks like a duck. Quacks like a duck and looks like a duck.

Its a ufo favorite comment of the whole thing was yeah. Nie, this isnt a radio shack, trap yeah and when he said what do you got? Hes got atomic batteries, no iphones gon na fly that thing this isnt the toy right right. That was, i mean it remains a mystery yeah to this day it still remains a mystery. There has been no further sightings of this drone right um and they never recovered or found any information about it, its its yes and right now: uh theres, two cousins, uh uh with green skin on glickdon9, just going Laughter next in the news, yeah yeah yeah. W porządku, so the new cargo drone is called the hammerhead ev20 and it was recently presented at the uav expo america in 2021. This thing is really cool. O, it looks really cool now. Tell us more so this is. This is a heavy lift commercial uav, drone um, and it it. This was the first public viewing that they had of this its a fully electrical engine, uh drone uh, designed for carrying high capacity for long distance range um and the the drone itself is not small. This is a very large drone and uh what kind of flight times we got. Has it ever been to tucson? Oh mystery, Sub, okay um. They did not give any information in the informa or in the in the articles that ive read about the estimated range or flight time, ale umm.

This drone is is not really for fun. Um. It can be equipped with a refrigerator uh for the transportation of biological samples and beer and beer, obviously uh, because thats the most important thing um and they will uh move to the full sized model. Tests of this particular drone uh in the near future, so be on the lookout for more stories as we progress, uh im, looking forward to seeing what this uh is done, because air logix, the guy that the team that works with that works. With this drone theyre directly related with boston dynamics, tak, oh so theyre going to make the drones dance at some point. Tak. Those are the guys that do some amazing robotics. Are they going to make the the drones? Do parkour? Oh id love to id love to id love to see if it could yeah um all right. So next, in the news this this one has to be a bonehead of the week. I think im im really tempted to have this as a bonehead of week, of the all right hit me what you got okay, so a drone that was being used to deliver contraband in rural virginia recently decided that it was going to drop its package off at The wrong location, um in a wrong location by all means it dropped off its package at a private school. Oh and the package. The contraband was a bunch of uh teddy bears. Nie, the contraband was marijuana tobacco and cell phones and it was dropped on the school grounds at about 5 40 za.

m. On a monday, so oh thats, going to make the week fly by isnt it boy that week is going to just go right by. I know thats not the best time to be dropping off drugs at your local high school yeah i mean whatever they were doing wrong compound it by dropping it on a school holy hell. Dobrze, the sheriffs office has has, since uh, Wiesz, concluded that the package was actually intended for the lawrenceville county correctional facility, which is about a one minute drive down the road from the school um. The fact that they have a school and a prison close by doesnt seem is when they deliver the package to the wrong place. They would give you a refund, because i know the prisoners are probably getting those updates. You know your package will be delivered tomorrow and then it just doesnt show up. You know what happened to my package, i track it. I i need my marijuana. What was it cell phones and what else tobacco marijuana and cell phones? If you are a uh, a prisoner of the lawrenceville county correctional facilityand you feel that you did not receive your package appropriatelyplease contact the sheriffs office in brunswick county theyll help. They will be more than happy to take any information that you can provide to help you localize the shipper of your package. There you go and thats your bonehead of the week bonehead of the week, fantastic all right, but theres, another bonehead theres, another bonehead isnt.

There theres another bone. How do you keep? O, Nie. You know what im talking about no theres another bonehead in north korea. I believe well, w porządku, so i im not i i want to say this kim jong un recently uh, they shared a train missile video and what i want you to take from this is not only the fact that this is a missile in a train, yeah um, But look at the hollywood influence that they have on filming the launch of not one but two missiles from this particular train car. Oh yeah man, tak, shooting off new technology from old technology thats. What north korea is all about? Thats, pretty smart there kim! Dobrze, the idea is is that these train cars would hide in tunnels. You know across the area, oh theyre, going to hide. W porządku, look all right, tak, w porządku, all right hold on uh uh, w porządku! If what what a great military strategist kim jong un is, if only there was some way to know where exactly the trains would go, if only there was some sort of, i dont know map that would show you all the railways in north korea, then boy, then We could really counteract that, if only you could just google that information once again Laughter dumbass, i hope hes watching youre done. He was probably on that super chat. You know that um. Let me let me show this video again. This is uh what this is not what you think.

I have some additional information from my producer that doesnt exist. Dziękuję Ci, sir uh. Najwyraźniej, what hes doing is he is uh delivering food to his hungry people as fast as possible, with this rocket its its filled with uh, fruit and rice and grain thats, its its on its way to filled his hungry population. Thats whats happening right right, im being told my producer lied to me: w porządku, hey all right; w porządku, W porządku, jeff! Dobrze, hey thats! The news! Dziękuję Ci, man and its great to have you back thats the longest youve ever gone, Uh, two weeks without being on the show and uh its good to have you back. Sean was nice to fill in for you, but youre feeling. W porządku, are you? tak, tak, im feeling much much better uh that we i was able to have access to the monocolonial antibody treatment in texas, courtesy of steve roth, our our congressman and uh. I can say for a fact that if you ever have any symptoms or get a covered test and have access to that treatment, take it. I felt better. Just on the right home, i mean it was an amazing experience and i highly recommend it for anybody that ever gets this horrendously horrible little virus and your familys okay, everybodys good. tak, everybodys good your chickens out back theyre, w porządku, because i know you like to go out there and kiss the chicken. Sometimes yeah. W porządku, wonderful! Dobrze, dobrze, see you next week, love you jeff mean it! Dziękuję Ci.

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You take actual questions that uh test takers. Give you uh and kind of incorporate those in the in the quizzes too right so theyre actually questions. We have a ton, a ton of data on that, no doubt so yeah and i always share you know this. Can we, i call them the boot camps at the end, where i share this is a question youre going to see on your knowledge test lets not memorize. It lets understand the why behind it uh, but just preparing for the knowledge test. You know this, though ken i want you to be safe in the real world. My mission isnt just to pass a test. I want you safe when youre out there flying fpv whatever it is, so you can be uh a light and be a mentor to everybody else. Thats out there wondering about what this new drone space is, even though its not that new, but to many it is so new.