What what do you got for us today? To jest 16 motor drones. Czemu? Czemu? Because i can, i guess so, Muzyka. So we got 16 of the rotor riot blaster motors that are capable of 6s, but we're going to run it on 4s, z 7 cali. I have calculated it out and if you do the math, you got four 14 cali. Zasadniczo, i think what's really interesting is that it's like taking mini quad components and trying to make the biggest drone possible yeah. So all of these parts are things that we would fly on our typical drone, więc są one 2207 Motoryzacja. These are very small motors. Look at thesethis is just a 30 przez 30, four in one esc in here and there's, four of them, essentially one per arm. We got a 30 przez 30 flight controller buried in there somewhere it's the dji air unit. So this is all stuff that you would just find on a five inch or seven inch drone that we would fly on a daily basis, but multiplied by four, because sean so i'm running four batteries in parallel. I technically could use one big battery, but i didn't have any big batteries. I had a whole bunch of little drone batteries and i figured four batteries. Four drones. It should be sufficient to what we normally use, so the overall voltage is still 4s voltage at 17. Volts fully charged using the 1800 kv motors that, when you're running a five inch prop, is a good kv for a 6s voltage but that's where you got the seven inch props right so that's how we do our seven inch drones.

We usually run a motor with this kv on the 4s battery, so this is the same thing. It'S really just like four seven inch drones, all working together to create one monstrosity. So a drone of this size carries a little bit different risk profile than what we're used to flying. So we've come out to this large open area there's a couple trees that we might try to play with and fly through, but for the most part we want a big open area to test this thing out, something where there's no one out here. This is a retired golf course. Do tej pory, all we've done is a little bit of test hovering and testing out. Oh gosh it's actually happening. Oh you've disarmed, it yeah that's. This arm stay away, stay away, the battery's probably dead. That alone was a little bit a little bit scary, but we have not actually flown it yet untethered, Muzyka, no i'm, not doing that. O mój boże! What what it's like just like a regular? No it doesn't! W porządku, no you're, right it doesn't! No wave! I want to chase it here. We go rolling right, Uuu, oh człowiek, that was that a double. What just happened. That was a single, but it was really deep yeah that was way faster than i was expecting. What are your rates? Oh it's? I have so it's a little different it's, stuck all right, jeszcze raz, that's right, you're losing so much.

Oh whoa, w porządku, w porządku, drew okay, tak, tak, we're gon na try to kill me all right, so let's do a front flip. W porządku! Here we go front. Flip, oh wow, that thing's really acro, oh my gosh i'm trying to go in between the trees. This is wild. Pushing me really. O, mój gosh, wiatr. This is one of those things that when you said you were going to build this, i was kind of like okay, now i'm, seeing it just seeing weird drones fly is always cool like this is so odd, W porządku, three two one front, flip that's it's, so Odd, how acro it is let's. Do a power loop like just a big arrow power loop. You know Applause, but that was crazy. Yeah i got 12 12 Śruby. I need to come in okay, that's nuts dude. That is nuts four seven inch drones all flying perfectly. In sync, every time i make a turn i'm expecting to hear one motor spin, but i hear four and it's just so loud yeah it's crazy. Does it feel pretty snappy to you in the air yeah yeah, it doesn't flip it really something to this like when you think about like an x class or a beast class that has 10 12 15 cali, coś w tym stylu: the ability to actually speed up And slow down those is going to limit just how acura it can be like you just can't spin them up, but by having multiple smaller motors, you can actually get quicker changes in acceleration i mean, when you did your first roll.

It shocked me just how fast it went. It shocked me yeah. What are you actually like? Why what's what's, really i mean it's cool, but is there my ultimate dream is to wakeboard behind the drone. I don't know if this one's gon na have enough power. Uh huh, i wan na at least start with a long board. Skateboard i'll i'll take a shot at it. I like flying weird things: Muzyka tak, należy pamiętać,. The wind will blow you around. It feels very normal and that's weird. I know i told you it felt normal at first right, but when the wind hits it wow yeah, it was a little shaky. The wind hits it, ale mam na myśli, as far as acura goes, i mean these rates are faster than what i fly it's a little bit faster than what i fly. O nie, Och tak, w porządku, w porządku, so it doesn't um it doesn't float like a mini. Quad does yeah. It takes a little bit to go down too Music yeah doing a split s is really awesome. Muzyka. Oh wow! You see this. Did you see the shadow wow that was so cool? You know what it's just very grippy. I guess that's what it is is that it really doesn't slide through the air yeah. It has just a ton of grip it's. Maybe the grippiest quad ever i'm cutting all my turns too too tight because it doesn't slip in the air. Yeah you're used to uh i'm losing a little bit landed all the way over yonder and nice.

W porządku, nice that's, chory, so what's life. Do we try and do your we got ta do the skateboard thing now let's go for it, i you i mean it's, windy and everything i mean it's, like perfect conditions for this right. Is this legal? Why wouldn't it be? I don't know you want me to fly it while you try to hold on for your life yeah. I think we should be on phone yeah and if, at any time you say the word disarm i'm going to flip the switch Music, w porządku, Muzyka, dobry, Muzyka, okay wow, i can't believe that worked that wow. To było niesamowite. I wan na. Zrób to jeszcze raz? W porządku, you sound a little disappointed. I i'm just like on edge i'm just on edge man. That'S, like i don't, Knw, it's really hard to pilot like i can feel you at first it was. You were all over the place at first, but then you got the hang of it once you figured it out like how fast were you going? Not that fast, so it's like like my electric skateboard, goes twice as fast easy, so it's, prawdopodobnie jak 15 mil na godzinę. Maybe you think you want 15 minutes an hour from a tow. Chcesz 15 miles an hour uphill and at the end i was yeah. That'S crazy, let me see the video this is this. This is so stupid. It looks so insane too all right. Nie, now that i've seen this, no all right, W porządku, W porządku, all right let's! We need to find a bigger area: w porządku, Muzyka.

W porządku, wszystkich facetów w porządku, we have found ourselves a big old parking lot. This is an abandoned mall so again, another remote location, but this time we've got expansive concrete so that we'll have more room to do the skateboarding. It worked out a lot better than i was expecting in that it actually worked, and now that i've seen it happen, i don't think it's really quite as much risk as i was thinking like the distance between the rider and the drone is so great. The idea is we're gon na have a lot longer run, see if we can actually make it around. Some turns weave some of the trees and some of the islands you're pretty cool man, it's gon na be pretty cool. It says we're going six miles an hour. I can't believe it works we're going to 15. Muzyka. tak, this is so much fun. I can't believe we made it like all doing. O mój boże, that was great. We actually turned around the pole and didn't wreck it that's freaking so close. That is so crazy. W porządku, you win the day you win. Do i want to try it? I mean i guess so i guess i can just let go if it gets sketchy right. Let go welcome to jackass, Muzyka, Muzyka, Muzyka, Muzyka Muzyka. This is so cool Laughter was a success. You win defied all my expectations. It was so much fun incredible. It was really i knew it was going to be.

I was really nervous about it, but it worked out really well concrete drone wakeboarding. I don't know what to call this, but i think we just invented a new sport. o tak, to jest niesamowite. I cannot recommend that you try this at home, but it was fun. It was so much fun. I mean all of these parts are actually mini. Quad parts, so you you, if you want to build a monstrosity like this, these are things available in the rotor. Ride, store yeah, but bigger components might be better suited, so we might just have to. We might just have to upgrade this with some even larger motors than what we have. I definitely want a part two with wakeboarding, i think it'll be so much fun with bigger motors. If we hit 300 000 views on this, video we'll make wakeboarding happen. We'Ll share this video help. The algorithm leave a comment over half of you guys, aren't subscribed. You can hit the subscribe button. It costs you absolutely nothing, but it helps us so much. So please consider hitting that subscribe button, showing us some support over here, so that we can keep making awesome videos like this. We make videos every monday guys so stay tuned hit the bell, so you don't miss one i'm let's play rc and i'm ladrip and we'll see you guys next time on rhoda riot Applause, Music christian. Co robisz? Christian christian? You need a skateboard.