But if i didn’t hey everyone, i ordered a new battery and battery charger for my drone, so it came in today actually on time and on a sunday let’s open this up, let’s get it plugged in check it out, make sure it’s going to charge everything the Way, it’s supposed to make sure the battery works and fits like it’s supposed to stick around Music, w porządku, guys so let’s go ahead and open this up. Oklaski, it’s uh called a charging hub and, jak powiedziałem, i also got a battery uh. These batteries are expensive. Now i got this one: they went down from like 80 Bucks, everybody, no matter where i looked was selling these for fit the batteries for 55 Bucks. So let me show you here this battery right here is 55. No matter where i looked on the internet, it was crazy every place and i went through amazon because i uh because they could get it here the fastest, so except for walmart. They were 60 bucks for the same thing: w porządku, so it’s a dji mini 2 intelligent flight battery, and this is my hub. Um it’ll charge six different things: it’ll charge four batteries, your controller and your phone or you know whatever excuse me: let’s go ahead and open this up. Hopefully my mic’s still working. This is packaged. Nice Applause monkey took her camera out today, she’s going for a walk down the walking trail and she’s got it on her head.

Let’S go ahead and open this up very nice um. This was like 45 dollars so, but i thought i know. I only have two batteries: i’ve got one in the drone and this one here, but the thing of it was um as i expand as i get more batteries, i’ll be able to charge up to four batteries i’d like to have five one in the drone, and Then four so uh, four batteries, you know what i mean so here’s, our here’s, our cords, and this is so we’re only going to need one of these we’ll put it here: um usb these um that’s for that for the uh Applause for the battery we’ll get It plugged in here in a minute here’s the cord i’m outside it’s beautiful day today, so i was gon na go with monkey, but then i wouldn’t be able to show you guys. You know how this to see if this worked because she’s on a walking trail. So there’s that now i can let’s see i need to go. Get my um i’m gon na get these joysticks out of here. My charging cable, maybe we’ll, put this up in the air. I won’t go real high there’s too many damn trees around, but i think i can get it up there. W porządku, tutaj, w porządku, so let’s go get my cable for this, but first let’s open this up. It’S well packaged. I kept saying sony the other day guys when, Oczywiście, i wasn’t meaning sony.

I meant the actual on one of my videos. I was saying sony when i met the actual battery for this. I don’t want any aftermarket batteries for this a camera. I really don’t have a problem with as long as it works. W porządku, a camera. I will um this thing. Nie, like i say you get a you know you get four or five hundred feet up in the air and a thousand feet out and battery dies. Um. You know i want the best battery i can get. I want something i don’t want to be able to get back to me so and there’s that now let’s go and pull the battery out of the drone and check and make sure it’s the same yep same exact battery. So all right and it is from the uh from dji. This is right there, if you guys, can right there in that corner dji. Więc w porządku, so let’s put this one back in here. I did remember to put my memory card in there. Okay monkey said one day: you need a memory card for your brain. I said it would just get full and i’d forget to replace it all right. Więc wtedy, this just goes on here like this. Tak po prostu, okay and we’ll plug this in, like i say, there’s there’s three more of these all right, let’s put these over here of the way now i’m gon na go get um i’m gon na get a cord for that and a cord for this, and Then we’ll check and see if it works on my phone, but you should so.

This is the usb. So this is what you’re going to plug this into and then one of the other ones you want to plug your phone into, but i should be able to plug into this as well so like if i’m, not charging my phone, i can charge four batteries. My controller and the battery that’s in the drone, so let me go get a couple cables. W porządku, faceci! Jestem. Back now got me an extension cord out here. It’S plugged in let’s go ahead and plug this in here there it is! Dobrze. I made a hell of a spark. Let me tell you new, switch or anything. W porządku, so now let’s see see this. This light here, they’re all green once i plug this in it should turn red it and it did so. That means that this is charging see. It’S flashing, this battery could be pretty much charged or halfway or whatever, but so i got this cable here. It came with my phone, so i’m gon na just pick one of these here, plug it in there let’s plug it into my phone, see if it’s going to charge my phone and it is it’s charging my phone, w porządku, all right cool, so we know it charges. My phone 74 by the way so very nice, now let’s just plug this into the drone, see if it’ll charge the drone. It takes the same cord it’s, a c and there it is which my my my drone is fully charged.

As you can see all right now let’s, this is long it’s like six feet um, but i got this for live streaming, so let’s plug this in here and we’re, going to plug it into here. There’S that it’s not charged it’ll be blinking there. It goes because this will lose a little charge over a certain period. Teraz, if i want to let’s say i got the drone on the charger. I got four batteries charging and i got this charging. What about my phone? Well that’s easy! I open this up. Take this outand i just hook it into the bottom of my phone herethese cases don’t make it easy there we go all right now. I’Ve got my phone plugged into this, and all i got to do is turn the controller on there we go. You got to push it once and then hold it, and it should start charging my phone so let’s see here and it is it’s charging my phone right there see now if i unplug it whoops now, if i unplug it it’s, not charging plug it back in And it’s charging so that way i can actually charge seven things: four batteries the battery in the drone which it is fully charged now the controller and my phone all at the same time, so let’s go ahead and unplug that okay i’ll i’m, going to let, since My drone is charged. I want to charge my phone up here, it’s charging i’m, going to let this charge make sure it’s a full charge.

We’Ll get the drone up and i’ll just kind of take it straight up. I really can’t fly around a lot with all these trees, but i’ll take it straight up in there for you and get you an aerial shot of the house, maybe the backyard and, like i said once this charges, they stay all green, but let’s go ahead and Shut this off whoops there we go so once this stays all green it’s charged all right, so we’re going to go ahead and get ready to get this out and we’ll put the drone up there for a few minutes and then i’ll come back to you and Talk to you for a minute what a beautiful day what’di say it was 72 74 74 stopni. Dzisiaj, W porządku, can you see that 74. and what time is it it’s, 1. 45 Pm. W porządku, let’s see. How quick does this charge see? It’S up to 90 percent already so good good show all right. So next clip you see, will be the drone going up in here. Dobrze, you’ll see the footage from the drone going up in the air. Now i play some music on that, because these don’t have mics uh. If they did, all you would be hearing is a buzzing now. If i want to check my check my battery when it’s not charged in just push at once and they’re all lit up, that means it’s fully charged. So let me go ahead and uh, ale tak czy inaczej, więc wiesz,, i mean i’ve seen some footage of guys with their drones and you can hear the drone actually running so i don’t know if they got mics on them or if they added that in i don’t Know but there’s kind of a scuff here, oops kind of a scuff here where it’s crashed the other day.

Uh see there’s a get this off of here, and this was a little dirty. But now i can get one of these that’s clear and also i can get one that’s shaded, so the sun, więc nie, get sun glare. I may get one that’s clear to put on that this one’s a little shaded now i’ve. I have checked it out to see what it looks like with this on it just a little darker, so it’s good on bright days, but i do want to get some kind of protector for that. So all right it’s a little dirty here, but this thing i’m telling you fell about 30 stóp. Dobrze, when i, when i looked at it, był 30 feet high and i brought it, i was bringing it back to me and when you’re going when you’re coming back to you, you know the left is right and right is left. You know what i mean it’s backwards like if i’m going this way. If i want to turn right, i move the joystick to the right, but if it’s coming back and i move the joystick to the right well, this is going to go to the right it’s going to actually turn left to me. You would think with all this technology. This thing knows where it’s at it’s gpsed that once it got around here, the joystick would stay. You know it would switch because you can switch that, ale tak czy inaczej, so what i was doing was coming back and i was going like crab walking sideways towards a tree and of course i hit to go right to make it go.

W ten sposób, which would have been this one’s left, so i should have hit lefti hit rightjust bam, brought right into the tree. W porządku, guys so let’s go ahead and let this charge up well let’s go ahead and let this short okay! This is charged. W porządku, let’s see let’s unplug, this okay it’s fully charged all of them green lights, all right so and this battery i don’t, know how long it takes got a little book. So this is charged the drones charged but i’m going to check and see how long it takes for this battery to charge, because i got a little book with it. Let’S see how my phone’s doing my phone is uh 92, so cool all right, i’ll be back with you guys after the drone footage, so enjoy the drone footage, Muzyka, Muzyka, Muzyka, Muzyka, Muzyka, Muzyka, Muzyka, Muzyka, więc Muzyka, Muzyka, Muzyka, Muzyka, Muzyka, Muzyka, Oklaski muzyczne, Oklaski muzyczne, Oklaski muzyczne, Muzyka, so Music Applause, Muzyka, Muzyka, Oklaski muzyczne, Muzyka, Oklaski muzyczne, Muzyka, do Music Applause, Muzyka, Oklaski muzyczne, Muzyka; do Music, Oklaski muzyczne, Muzyka, Muzyka, Muzyka, Muzyka, Muzyka, Muzyka, Muzyka, Muzyka, więc Muzyka, więc Muzyka, Muzyka, Muzyka, więc Muzyka, Muzyka, Music did Music, Muzyka. Music me: Muzyka, Muzyka, Muzyka, Muzyka, Muzyka, Muzyka, Muzyka, w porządku, guys so we’re back monkey’s sitting over here beside me right about there so resting now, tak. As you see, she got back from her little walking thing um, so the drone did well.

The charger did well i’m. Charging this right now i’m charging the drone um. There was some footage that i did not record when she got home, so i started recording again, but i got almost half an hour of flight time in and this was still at 30 percent see it’s charging right now and as it charges more, two lights are Blinking three lights will blink, four lights, will blink and then they’ll just stay on, so you can also look at that light there. Więc, as you can see that thing’s pretty stable uh, i did get it up to what i’d say 637 feet and it just seemed like it’s. I mean well when she was here uh, the second footage um we had what i have it up to 500, something she was like. I can’t hear him no more. I can’t see him. I can’t hear him that’s too high, bring it down getting all scared, but you could see it. You know through your screen. He was, he was still up there. I mean you can see the house, i can’t hear him no more and i can’t see him it’s too high bring him down so i’ve got. Wiesz co 110 bucks wrapped up in that battery and this thing and the charger yeah like i said the battery was 55. This was like and the charge the the charging hub was uh 45, so there’s a hundred, and then you got tax yeah yeah it’s supposed to be free shipping through amazon, anything over 25 dolarów.

But i tried to get that and it told me well you sign up for prime, i have prime okay, but i don’t yeah. So in order to get free shipping you have to have prime to get free shipping. Plus you got to pay over 20.. I was like screw it, so you know i mean so whatever, but it’s something i needed. So i can like right now: Jestem, charging the battery in the drone and extra battery and my cell phone and my controller and i still have three more ports open. So good and it’ll really be handy when we go camping and go out west, hopefully and we’ll be able to do more yeah, because you can always stop somewhere. You stop at mcdonald’s. You can charge this stuff. If you get motel room, you can charge it and you’re ready to go because you know, jak powiedziałem, i’ll end up eventually: i’ll have five batteries, so i can charge the one in the drone and then the four extra ones and five batteries i mean on A perfect day like this, like i said i was still at 30 teraz, once you get down to 30, it doesn’t take long to to go down, but let’s just say. Zazwyczaj, you get 25 minut na baterii, so you got you know so you’re. Looking at what two and a half hours of flight time, ISH, depending which is plenty um, because we got what 12 out there and so yeah that’s plenty of flight time when we get out west, you know i can take it really really far.

I noticed on my map there’s a couple: no fly zones over in this area, więc umm, probably because of the the airport, could be yeah actually over this area over that way. There’S a no fly zone over there, but that’s where the airport is so yeah, jego, zrozumiałe, więc to całkiem fajne. So all in all, i am very happy with this. With this setup, and now just whenever i get an extra you know, 55 bucks or another battery uh, i figure they will go down, because these dj minis was just released in what november i think so november. She got it right after it had to, because when i was watching watching videos about it after christmas, after i’d got it and they said it just come out in november and she must ordered it right when it came out. So that was a good good thing. So you know these batteries everybody’s buying these things up boom boom boom boom, they’re people’s. You know switching from the big, the big mavics, the mavic’s one, and all this and the mini and they’re switching all so they’re buying hell out of these things and um. Więc, Oczywiście, they’re buying the uh the fly more pack they caught when you get all the extra batteries and extra charger and all that but uh. So the batteries were expensive, but they’ll come down pretty soon i’ll be able to get them for 30 lub 40 Bucks. Whenever i get you know, you can never have too many batteries for your camera or your drone, especially your drone, but i will not buy any aftermarket uh batteries for that drone it’s all going to be dji so which i did find one place that had an Aftermarket battery um, but it was 50 bucks so and i’m like i don’t, want to get like.

I said six 700 feet in air and a thousand feet that way you know and it just almost because you know how batteries are boom. They’Ll just drop from 40 do 10 and you’re like you, got to try to get back and it’s dropping and dropping. I don’t want to do that then, once that battery goes dead, if it goes clear dead, you can’t use, find my drone yeah because it won’t be on to to send out a signal yeah. So yeah thanks for joining me, guys appreciate it and um so yeah it’s uh it’s charging pretty good everything’s charging going well. It does take a little bit to charge these batteries but, like i said once you get them, you know and you can have charging like you take one out plug it in put a fresh one in that one’s charging, while you’re flying so pretty good. Więc w porządku, thanks monk can’t, wait to watch your video yeah yeah. She did you have it on the whole time yeah. She had her camera on her head, so she was like it’s a little too tight. Dobrze, you want it snug, because you don’t want it falling off, but she’ll get used to it. Just like wearing a hat first time you wear a hat, it bothers you, Wiesz, but after a while you’ll get used to it. Tak czy inaczej, guys i’m gon na, say shea bear’s metaman legend i’m gone she’s, relaxing beautiful day, 74 stopni.

Kocham to. I know i already told you guys about us down here: 74., so yeah let’s check it again. Jest to 76 degrees now yeah. Compared to yesterday.