DJI MAVIC PRO & SPARK – $7 Tablet & Phone Holder – Przejrzeć & Demo

You should buy this product right here: http://www.hobbyinrc.com/p/Entrance-Cellphone-Pad-Ipad-4-10.5inch-Monitor-Mount-Extender-Holder-Bracket-Assist-with-Hanging-Buckle-Straps-Gap-for-DJI-Mavic-pro-Platinum-Spark-Distant-Management-Transmitter_2276388.html

5 Komentarze
  1. Kapitan… did you have problems using the cable provided with the Mavic ?awesome review sir!

  2. Only one problem. Their website no longer comes up. I ordered one of those devices almost a month ago and never received it. Looks like I got burned.

  3. Właśnie zamówiłem… I was expecting it to cost much morePleasantly surprised.
    Thanks for the link. I think they should have offered a USB cable for it.

  4. Great review Capt.!!! For the range on the Spark, you don't need any of those antenna boosters or any of that sort, because I did 5 flights today that went over 10,000 feet and the farthest as 13,543 feet all with STOCK remote

  5. I just bought one mavic holder from here: http://a.co/a0tXvpW

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