Cheerson CX10 Nano Quadcopter Review

The CX10 is simple to fly, and is ideal for freshmen studying to fly a quadcopter. However set the CX-10 to excessive charge mode and it turns into an especially


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  1. Pan, you should buy isaganix product B, live long ang healthy

  2. Get about 20-30 z tych, and some small C-4's, and Wal-ah

  3. It's very wind sensitive. I flew it for a couple of seconds and it climed immediately about 30 meters high. The throttle was only at about 65% and I couldn't feel any wind. However it is very sturdy because I lost control for at least 3 times at an altitude of around 20-30 metrów. I will try it tomorrow again and hope for the best. I use it as a training quadcopter, because I actually own a Hubsan X4 107C which is way more aggressive and sensitive. I think I shouldn't have started with a Hubsan X4. Do you know a good beginner Quadcopter instead of the CX-10?

  4. bought it !!
    thanks for the information 😀

  5. If it full charge play time 10 minuty

  6. How much flight time 10 minuty

  7. Can you give me this as a giveaway?For free?I want one with camera.Pls for once.

  8. How will you get the quadcopter?They will bring to your home?

  9. meu pegou um defeito ….fiquei sem nenhum….. lvei pro concerto pra ver se dar certo

  10. I no this is a older video ,does anyone make a nano ,or a micro drone with altitude hold.anyone

  11. The 97% of the comments are for exaple…. You talk so much!

  12. Five minutes of talking about something the size of a grain of rice, before you fly itJust gotta get that ten minute ad revenue

  13. Dope content, keep it up and stay blessed!!!

  14. OSTRZEŻENIE:Watch out for electric wires and other objects.

  15. Please help raise money for drone for incredible video and photo shoots

  16. lol that looked like a powerful ass hand toss my boi

  17. when I try to charge it the roters keep spinning

  18. there is a swap battery hack on utbe

  19. Guys doesn't it capture video or photo?

  20. do you think this thing could pick up an empty beer can? wouldn't mind using as a fun way to throw away my empties ;p

  21. Thanks for this awesome review! If you don't mind, I've added it to my post at https://dronemusthaves.com/best-mini-drone-for-sale-cheerson-cx10/ and cited your channel. I just subscribed as well. Looking forward to more great videos. Tak trzymaj!

  22. it sound like a angry mosquito!
    now you need to put a little micro camera on it 😛

  23. cheerson cx10 is good or toyhouse q2w ?please tell i wanna buy one

  24. Cool I will pick one up. But it will not take the role of my phantom

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