Nagroda dla najlepszego drona pod $130 – Force1 U45W Blue Jay WiFi Quadcopter

U45W Blue Jay – Large reductions on all digicam tools: Observe me on Instagram


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  1. Hello I have a problem with the drone, first the drone doesn't lift up, it moves from a random way, and the transmittor it makes a weird sound like a beat like ti ti ti ti can you please help me out?

  2. Bought this at my local Frys for 70

  3. I love this video and I love how you made everything specific I just have 1 Pytanie… do you have to charge the power bank or when it dies does it just die and you have to buy another power bank? Plz reply back because I am thinking about asking for this for Christmas so I need to know.

    And thank you 🙏 for sparing the time to read this.

    -your subscriber JAY AND SPIKE.

  4. Mine will go up then quickly start beeping low battery. mam 3 Batteries that do the same thing. I then check voltage with a multimeter get 4.1V I called tech support and they tell me a bad mother board. Then Drone is 10 months old and hardly been used. All they offered was a replacement for $69.95. Mother board going out after 10 months sux and so does the customer
    service AJ
    > Force1 RC
    > Customer Support DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!

  5. Review like a toy because that is what it is a toy, don't compare it to a phantom

  6. is it possible to put larger mah batteries for longer flight?

  7. I liked the review, touched on points i found useful e.g. the ability for the drone to hover.

  8. I can't seem to figure the app out. I downloaded it but I can't seem to figure out how to connect it to the drone camera. Każda pomoc?

  9. Did you lose interest in fireworks?

  10. Kocham swoje filmy, but very pricey by 50% for many comparable quads out there today.

  11. Nice Quad and presentation, Dziękuję Ci.
    also nice to see you out of the studio, it must be warming up finally.
    and Please enjoy your day.

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