Dzisiaj, we're gon na check out what might be the best beginner fpv quad out there. Jest to nowicjusz e Xin 3. It has been in my workshop for some time and I have been testing it for you guys. So we're gon na talk about this quad today, everything that comes with it, everything in the box that you need to fly fpv to start out with this is kind of like the ultimate beginner package. It is really nice. Now the quad itself 2 do 3 s lipo up to about a 650. We get you over a Tim and a flight time on here, co jest niesamowite. Ma rozstaw osi 135 millimeters from motor to motor the CAD x, EO s2 camera on here, which is kind of one of the old standards in the industry. Plenty of protection, sidewalls three millimeter carbon side plates and we have plug and play no solder replacement parts for the whole entire quad, co jest naprawdę fajne, so Motors, replace with no sewing required up top. We have built in LEDs and a buzzer for your quad. If it goes down the field, you can't find it. You flip the switch on your transmitter. It'Ll start beeping 400 milli watt VTX with DVR and smart audio on board that's your record buttonand this is your bands and channel button right there. Po drugiej stronie, we have a micro SD card slot for 1280 przez 720 videos static for you by the way F for a IO flight controller.

Everything is all in one right there and replaceable, który jest fajny. The XT 30 right here that plugs into your 3s 450 battery that comes along with it, the T 3 przez 2 props by HQ, so my favorite props super smooth and the 1203 5500 kV motors on here. Some of the larger motors and smoother motorists that I've seen on he micro brushless to date for a beginner series, 4 bolts on the bottom plate, 3 Milimetra, carbon unibody on the bottom of this quad, make it pretty durable and inside the box. I also got to tattoo 3s 450 baterie, which is going to get you about a 5 minute flight time I'm, not sure you can get 10 minutes out of those. You also got an a Sheen pair of goggles, as well as their box goggles, and they also have buttons on here for the menu bands and channels, your power button and an auto search button on the far right hand, Stronie, and these worked out pretty good. Dla mnie, they also have a strap with the top head, strap and the two side straps, and you also have nice foam, padding or the front of the goggles and a magnified lens in the front. With that singular screen on the inside pretty nice and the two to 4's charger, który jest fajny, because if you get a 4s quad coming up after you have this one, you can charge 4s battery. So two three and four cell batteries you just plug in the balance, lead there, and this will start charging and it'll start showing you, your individual cell count which is kind of nice, and then your full display for the total battery voltage on here.

Eleven point: nine volt and still charging and the transmitter. To jest fajne. This has open TX. It has the power button here and, Najważniejsze, the microUSB port right there for playing to computer to be able to update this transmitter with the latest version of open, TX firmware that's. What most of the guys in the quad community are flying open TX. So you have quite a few buttons on here for your menus in the middle screen. There you have switches as well as up and down menu, navigation buttons, and you can go up down left and right with us and press the inner button in the middle for making a selection up here. You have different switches that you can set up in beta flight, but these come pre setup for your arm switch and all of your modes switch. You have your throttle on the left hand side right here. This is your Y all axis, and your roll and your pitch axis right here, makes the quad go left right forwards and backwards. You got a little kickstand and on the back back here, you can actually use one of your three s: 450 batteries and plug it. In right there, this thing will take up to a three S: battery and you're good to go for quite a few flights, and also worth mentioning in this kit is to get extra props in the box, który jest fajny. You get an extra screwdriver, a tool for taking your props on and off.

You get a bag for your transmitter or your goggles if you'd like, which is it's kind of nice. You also get a strap for the case and you get that charger that I showed you before, but it does have a lot of extras in the case which i think is kind of nice. So you have everything you could possibly need to work on the quad or get the quad going. Również, two inner smart audio, faceci, you're gon na press left on the throttle. Stick and up on the right hand, stick and that'll put you into the screen menus and let you change your bands and your channels from your transmitter, co jest naprawdę bardzo ładne. Most of the guys that are flying fpv do that smart audio, super popular so put the quad on the scale, and this is without any battery 69 gramy. Dobrze, under that 250 gram mark now, let's put the stock battery on there. The 3s 450 and that's gon na get us up to 109 grams and let's go ahead and try out some of my favorite batteries that I flew on this quad. The 550 is gon na, get you closer to eight minutes. In my experience of 3s, 550 121 grams they're, Nieźle. Now probably the longest flying battery on here that this quad could take is up to a3 s 650 and that's going to get you above the 10 czas lotu minute, 129 gramy, nieźle wcale.

Let'S go ahead outside and do some flying all right guys. Now we can finally do the fpv flight test and we're gon na do a lot of stuff for this review here with this particular quad, because i know a lot of guys are looking at this, and i want you to see this quad from all angles and And also kind of an unbiased angle, so we're gon na talk about the pros and cons the good stuff, the bad stuff today, it's about 40 degrees outside so i'm gon na get a little bit less flight time. The other guys are claiming 10 minuty. I don't know if they were claiming 10 minutes off the 3s for 50, but i highly doubt it with these motors on here, because i've flown this power combo setup before and it can be quite taxing if you're heavy on the throttle, if you're just cruising around, Jak to, you should be fine, but also you want to keep your batteries warm for the new guys you're just getting into this. Keep them in your car. Keep the heater on within the last minute, go ahead and fly. Take him out of your car and fly now what you're looking at here this whole first section right here. This is the onboard DVR, so you actually see no static right here, and this is nice because your goggles don't come with a DVR, but the quad does so now you're looking at the fpv feed.

This is what the goggles see also recorded from another set of goggles, so you guys can actually see what it's like when you fly, fpv very important that the new guys know that you will see some static, but this quad has all the freestyle capability of any Other type of micro brushless out there on bang goods website on the race date quads website a lot of these guys out there so selling this kit. So this kits pretty much available anywhere I'll try to put a lot of the different retailer leaks down below, but now let's talk about. You know playing around with this quad let's go for the long power loop see if I can make it long ways, kind of a crazy thing to do, but we're gon na go back and full sim through here made it through. Thank God and let's talk about flight characteristics, I'm flying acro right here, I'm gon na try another sketchy gap. I'M. All the way across the park right here and I'm running on the stock 25 milliwatt as well so I'm, really pushing this VTX out. There see what kind of range I can get from it. Performance it's, really smooth super smooth, very predictable lines to that. I can create with this quad and when I speak of lines, the lines that I'm gon na follow, where I think I'm gon na go next. It'S very hard when you're first learning how to fly fpv to to make a nice line, you'll be doing all kinds of crazy stuff when you first start, but the better you get is a pilot and start noticing that you go to the same spot.

To fly. All the time and all of a sudden, you got this really cool line going now, underneath this steel little overlook right there. That was a hard place for that VTX to get the video back to the goggles and it actually did pretty good there so I'm impressed with that. But it will also give you plenty of range and I'm speeding it up right here. So you can see how far across this park I actually flew. I mean this is probably like three football fields across right here and that little built in SPI receiver. It is running on d8 in the radio. So the fact that I can get that far across with a built in receiver is really really good, because it does have those diversity antennas that come out the top of the quad and stick those out the top mount them with some zip ties and you'll get This kind of range with it, which is awesome for an FPS PR receiver, some of the other SPI receivers that are singular antov I've had them failsafe, like not even a football field away, so this is a major upgrade and also low to the ground. This far away I'm impressed with the VTX it's doing pretty good plenty of control there and I'm still in accra mode just playing around with these goal posts goal posts are probably the most notorious thing to hit in fpv. They would destroy a quad. So if you do any power loops over a goal post to be ready to smack one, you might break props.

Possibly your frame I've broken frames on them before not super cool and again testing out. That range will knit SPI receiver with diversity antennas on the top. Still a little flip over that little seeded section right there that was cool and you don't have to start out in a crow. You can start out in stability mode, move your way up to horizon mode and then do a crow blast. A crow is no stabilization for the guys that are just getting into fpv, and this is the this is a great video for anybody just getting into fpv, because i'm really talking about a lot of basics here in this video kind of missing some ghost branches right There, those are the branches that we don't see in the winter, with no leaves on them, but also a really great tune on this quad, so i'm impressed with the f 4 kontroler lotu tutaj. That is not giving me any vibrations. I don't see a whole. Almost zero jello, which is great and we're running this battery a little easier than we did the last few battery, so the last few batteries I was pushing it and I was getting like two minutes flight time on some of those 450 tattoo batteries that I generally Fly and get you know four minutes out of a really cold day. You can get half the flight time depending on the life of the battery. If you have an older battery, sometimes they don't.

Ostatni, quite as long and this battery, I was able to push up around the. I believe it was around the five minute markand this was my three s6 50 guys on a 40 degree day. So five minutes with that, maybe on a warm day, you're gon na push that 10 znak minuty. But I would be surprised if you get much more than 10 minuty. Even with the 650 million battery and again remember we're rounding some bigger motors on this particular beginner. Kwadrat, but a really nice Cruiser, if you just want to get in some fpv, goggles and experience what this is like for the fpv pilots out there for yourself, this is probably the easiest way to get into it. I mean the transmitters already set up with all the switches you just have to flip switches and start flying and go out there and have some fun just take care of your batteries as well guys you want to make sure that they're nicely balanced cell to cell. You want to buy yourself a cell checker and I'll try to put that link down below for you guys that are totally fresh and new to the Hobby. Również, you want to get a lipo safe bag that will keep your lipo safe in your house, because you can burn down your house with lipo batteries, guys charging them never leave them unattended ever don't. Take a shower. Don'T go get a sandwich, make sure you're in the same room with them, while they're on the charger.

If you hear a little fizzing noise, chcesz iść, look at it and throw it out the front door as quick as you can, until it would literally give you like 30 seconds before it explodes so, and you'll see it quite a big fireball from a Lipo battery and be super careful, so we're up above for minutes right here and again what a cruiser I love the smooth tune on this quad, no tuning needed full acro, freestyle, it's, a cruiser, and everything was in the case that I needed. If I was a total beginner, I would have everything that I needed here in this box to be able to work on it to be able to charge my batteries and to just get started in an fpv. I think that's, like the perfect setup, and you can do some nice tight gaps with this thing. It'S pretty cool, so let's go ahead and do some final thoughts about the eachine novice 3. What do I think it's better than the 2 wersja? Dobrze, absolutely! tak, it is better than the novice if you're gon na, ask me that question in the comments down below feel free to ask it. But I'm gon na tell you right here that this is better it's, smoother it's, ładne, that it does come with this other transmitter. That you can bind up to other quads, it has open TX on there and it has a pretty good power system with three inch props on this one.

Making it really nice and smooth out in the field for a crow or stability flying and the VTX does really well with the on board DVR. So you have a better onboard DVR with this one. You don't have that with the two and the goggles are a lot nicer with the novice three as well, so you're, getting a little bit better of everything with this quad in this bundle it's a little more expensive, but absolutely worth the extra money for this one. Maybe some of the cons would be that the transmitter itself. It feels a little bit cheap in my hands. It doesn't feel like super high quality and the goggles eventually you're gon na want some some better goggles and also I'm, going to recommend the three s 650. That didn't come with it, I'll put these links down below for the 650 i 550 battery from GampB. This is the battery you want to fly on this quad, because this power system on here is gon na eat up your 450, pretty quick but two thumbs up for this entire bundle. Guys I'm impressed with what eaching Semmy and I love that this radio came with open TX software on here. This is updatable in its open source.