Lubię wkładki douszne jabłkowe, but i have some issues with them and particularly the battery time for me seems to be lower than it should be. These are supposed to have great battery time, uh they're supposed to be compatible with both android and ios, and so i got them and i want to check them out and see how they do. This is just going to be my unboxing and then i'm going to use them for about. I don't know a week or so and then come back and kind of give you my thoughts on them all right. So we got the plastic off and pull this here and open this here and hey there's, the box nice neat, looking little box here different shape, different form factor than the apple air pods. Of course they look quite cozy in there now. I don't know anything about how these work yet so i'm, going to open up the this box. Tutaj, W porządku, that's, the charging cable. It looks like it's, a micro usb charging cable, not a usbc. So i wish it was a usbc because that seems to be where everybody's going, but this is micro, usb so here's the card that came with it, some contact information one year, free warranty and then the user manual. Tutaj, O, it looks like they're already at 75 procent, so that is good 74, so let's see how we pair them see if i can pair them with my phone real quick, maybe give them a quick preview.

W porządku! Dobrze, let's, try pairing this one! Since it's blinking, white and blue i'll go ahead and go to my bluetooth on my phone all right, so this showed up as a6 on my phone under the bluetooth settings. So this one supposedly is paired it paired pretty quickly. W porządku, so i've got them paired. I'Ve got them in my ears, i'm, going to give them a couple of days, use them for about a week and then i'll report back and let you know how it goes. W porządku, i am at the austin airport on my way to colorado and i'm gon na try out this uh. The yacht chose earbuds, which i've been using for about two weeks now uh on the plane and see how they do so. I'Ll uh see how they are with sleeping in them, as well as uh engine noise and all that sort of thing Music. We just got off the plane in denver, and i listened to these pretty much the whole time. They sounded great on the plane and they did not um, they did not stop, and i don't know what the battery level is so i'm going to check real, Szybkie, Muzyka, W porządku, i'm back from denver. I listened to this all the way on the plane and then have used it one other time here for a bike ride and still have not plugged it in the battery life on this charger is pretty amazing, it's still at 52, and let me open it.

52 percent for the charger itself and again it has not been charged at all. The the pods are ready to go again i'm, going to do some dishes here and listen to it right now and try and run this all the way down to get a sense of how much time and how many charges you get on this thing. But i've put these back into the case after using them about five times now and so i'd say each time uses about 10 of the battery. Now it was different lengths, but uh two of the times were pretty long because they were on an airplane. So so far so good with the battery life Music. W porządku, so i uh use these for at least five and maybe six different times, and this will be my first time charging them since then 50, so i've been using these yochos for about a month. Now i meant to get this video out sooner, but it's taken me about a month of using them to say that i, like them a lot and overall, do recommend them, zwłaszcza w tej cenie. But let me tell you the things i don't like first. Więc, Po pierwsze, i can say that this case does feel a little bit flimsy. The lid on this thing is plastic. The hinge has been fine so far, but i wouldn't be surprised if it broke off at some point, so the earbuds themselves don't feel cheap.

But the case feels a little flimsy, jak powiedziałem, and then secondly, sometimes it's hard to get them to go into the right spot when you're trying to get them to charge. There'S two little connectors on this. That connect the two little uh contact points down here. W przypadku, and if you don't drop it in exactly right and line it up, it's not going to charge, so you want to make sure you get that white light. You see that white light on this one that's charging right now you want to get that white light and again, if you don't drop it in just right, you won't get that so make sure. If you do get these that, you always check to make sure they're charging, because you could put them in there think they're charging and then come back and they haven't charged. So the final thing that i find a little disappointing with these is the micro usb port. Instead of a usbc it's just easy to try and put the cable in upside down the charging times a little bit slower and everything's going to usbc. So i feel like if they upgraded that to usbc. It would be a big improvement and make it easier to find cables for it and such now, in terms of the pros, i will say these things sound, naprawdę dobry, but only if you get them all the way into your ears, now it's easy to put them Into your ears and not have them seated correctly, and they sound really hollow and tinny.

You got to get them down in there and once they're in the right spot. They fit really well and they sound great. They create a seal to the outside world and they actually sound very, bardzo wyraźny, good bass on them and they're fantastic sounding as long as they're in there properly. But you got to work at it a little bit to get them into the right spot. In your ear, so if you're, if you're using themand they sound tinny to youit's, because you don't have them all the way down in the air, the next thing i'll say is the battery life on these things is amazing: they get about five hours per Charge and this case will charge them six times and that's. Actually true, it's it's, you know sometimes those battery uh estimates are a little overstated in this case. The battery life um. I have been getting four to five hours, each time, i've used them and then also have not had to charge this case very often because it it has plenty of juice to recharge them at least five or six times. Więc. The battery life is a big plus and then finally is the price. So for 30 bucks on amazon, you really can't go wrong. You can get several pairs of these for the price of one more expensive set of uh, bluetooth, headphones or earbuds and that's. Naprawdę. The important thing here is that these are decent quality for the price.

Are they as good as the more expensive ones? Probably not overall i've only had these for a month and have used them quite a bit, but so far i don't know what the durability is going to be long term, ale dla 30 Bucks. If i have to get a new pair in six months or a year i'm, fine with that, and if i lose them i'm not going to be that upset, because i didn't spend a whole lot that's it. I hope you like this video, please comment below.