This thing is pretty crazy for under 100, maybe because it comes with everything on here, gotowy do pracy, just bind up your radio out of battery and go out and fly this one once you get it trimmed in. You can add some fpv gear on here, because it already has slots for all of your fpv components but, tak jak powiedziałem, I think the coolest thing about this wing is the fact that it does come with servos. It comes with a 40 amp ESC on here. It comes with a 22 16 mm KB low KB motor on here, so you're gon na get a lot of power with this wing. It'S gon na go really fast. You'Re, probably gon na get upwards of 100 miles an hour with this wing, and this power system is also pushing a six inch prop on the back. So you can actually prop down if you want it to go a little bit slower. If you want to put a 5 inch prop on there, you could do that it's, not really that hard to balance out the CG. All you have to really do is put some type of action camera on the front and move your battery as far forward as you can get it, because most of these FTB wings will fly if they have more weight toward the front than toward the back. You want it to be more front heavy than tail heavy that's, always a bad thing with wings to have them tail heavy.

It has really nice vertical stabilizers here which keep it really straight when you're flying it, it doesn't do a lot of wing wobble like I've. Seen a lot of fpv wings do that's really bad when you're in the goggles and your wing is doing a lot of this teeter tottering back and forth. It has a really flat thin narrow profile. So it really does have a lot of speed. Unlike another model that i reviewed last year, the mini race wing from germany, that was a super awesome wing. It had detachable breakaway winning so that when it hit the ground in a crash, you wouldn't destroy everything. This one is sort of the same concept, but this one has magnets on both sides and I'm gon na get into the pros and cons of that. A little bit later in this review, but first let's take this wing outside let's. Do a little bit of line of sight flying with this wing I'll show you how fast and crazy fast this thing is, and then we'll do some fpv fun with it. W porządku faceci, here we are at the field with a sonic model. This is the carbon fiber. Fpv race wing that they released and I'm pretty happy to have this one, mainly because it has a carbon fiber fuselage on here, it's totally customizable for fpv. You can add your own in there and do basically any type of setup you'd like to do with this.

Maybe add a flight controller on it, put some GPS on there or just fly it straight manual. I'M. Gon na fly this one completely manual today. I also have I added a little tiny beeper in there as well. In case it goes down on the trees out there. Hopefully that doesn't happen, but we're gon na do a line of sight flight test. First just I'm flying around the field here and then we'll do some fpv. With this run cam i have on board a little v 8 system here and by the way this is made of some super durable EPO style foam. It said something else on the website, but I believe it's EPO. I already broke the wingtip off and it's pretty easy to repair. Just you just do foam safe glue and everything is as good as new again. I also put a little bit of wing tape on the backside of that, just to make sure it's, nice and secure, and I also added a little bit of tape underneath the fuselage to hold the wings on, because the magnets that come on here. It has magnets front and back they're, just not strong enough to hold the wing on when you do a launch. They actually flew off the first time and that's why I had to repair it right there. So if you get one go ahead and put some tape on the bottom of it to keep this wing secured to the fuselage, but anyway guys I got my get up camera on there from these guys, I'm gon na do a review on this one coming up.

It'S, a little mini Sport cam with 4k on it, I've got my micro SD card in there and I'm ready to go let's go ahead and plug everything in and we'll do some line of sight. Flying with this one I'll show you how fast it is it's. One of the fastest wings I've had my hands on yet this year, so I'm expecting a lot of speed out of this wing, which is always fun especially line of sight. Let'S. Do it and we got ta, fly it today with a 4s 1350 bateria, and that should give us plenty of power. You can also fly it on 3s, but I think it does a little bit better on 4s battery and you're gon na get a lot more speed out of 4s. If you're looking for speed, that's kind of what this wing is all about, it's got a super low profile and really narrow wing tips. But these vertical stabilizers really do a good job and they also have holes on the side. So you can put servos on there. If you wanted to add some rudders on both sides, there that's also kind of nice, because you can do that mix inside your radio. Porządku, guys let's go ahead and give this a launch. The wind is coming from this direction so I'm going to toss it. This direction and fly up out over the baseball field and come back this direction. Here we go one two, three let's: do it I'm gon na make a big Bank back this way and I'm about half stick right now, so that's that half stick it's really cooking and I definitely dialed some expo into this.

If you have a spectrum transmitter, you probably want like 35 expo, Jeśli masz 35 that's gon na, give you a nice soft servo response. It'S gon na make the sticks just a little lighter and it's, not gon na turn. Quite as quick, Tę, this wing is already really quick. So honestly, you don't want a lot of throw in your sticks. Człowiek, I'm still just I'm backing off the throttle a little bit and when I first launched it, I always launched it with quite a bit of throttle, probably about half the 34 przepustnica. Some people will go full throttle, but I always like to watch out for the prop I don't want to throw my prop just in case it doesn't, listen out on there tight enough and I'm running a six inch prop on this. Dzisiaj, I've got a nice roll rate on it, and this will actually fly upside down as well, which is kind of a cool characteristic of this wing. Some of the wings that I've flown just don't want to fly upside down. Let'S do a couple. Speed runs real quick while we have some good battery left I'm gon na go up here, turn around and come back to warn us see if I can buzz the tower make one more pass here come around this way. Człowiek, this thing is super fast. I can't wait to fpv this guy. Tutaj idziemy Muzyka, very nice god. I love wings on 4s, awesome holy crap, not a slow wing, so the first couple of flights on this I did crash it because the wing came off first time.

Second time I didn't have my fix program correctly. You just want to make sure that you have everything perfect on the bench before you go out and fly it, and my problem honestly was that I had my aileron on my rudder stick and I thought ah, no big deal I'll just fly it like that. Don'T! Try it you want to have your aileron mix in the same. Stick on the right hand, side with your elevator and your throttle on the left. You don't need any rudder man. This thing is smoking fast. I love this wing and you know this company has produced some really awesome, skrzydła fpv. Lately I've got that mini Talon that we're building putting the flight controller on that one Music, making some big circuits around the field. I want to see how slow we can get this to go. It'S gon na back off too long about quarter, throttle try not to hit any treetops right about there, so I just have some pretty good crews on it and it does actually, when you cut the power it glides pretty well coming in for a landing. You want a wing to glide nice and this wing really does glide. Really nice I've got the wind over to my right here. So I'm, probably gon na come down the field to my right. The Sun is super bright over there on my left I'm having to kind of close one eye to keep an eye on the way.

Still just cruising you're gon na get plenty of flight time out of a 4s 1300 it's, always good to have a battery checker with you at the field when you're flying with one of these. I also have a beeper on there. Just in case, I get a super low battery level because I don't have any type of OIC illness I'm gon na come in and land just kind of go back around to my left. Come in, hopefully right in front of us here we go making the approach. The old school plane guys always told me long and low land long and low, Oh a little bit short a little bit short. I saw some grass kick up behind it, so hopefully we don't have a broken prop when you're coming in front landing with a wing it's, always a good idea to just come in as long as you can and burn up as much motor speed as you can Back down to zero before you land, because if your motors spinning a lot slower when you land, you have less chance of breaking your prop so and a folding prop is not about. I do either, but so far I'm really loving this. This is super awesome. So I'm ready to FPV it it's all trimmed out, and I really I didn't have to do any trim on it, except for a little bit of elevator trim. Everything was perfect on there pretty fun to set this up and get it going.

Alright guys let's go ahead and do some fpv with this carbon fiber wing. Tutaj idziemy Muzyka, w porządku, guys welcome back from that dramatic flight test. I was a lot of fun. You know I'm, like sort of an fpv wing fanatic I've been flying fpv wings and line aside wings now for over ten years over a decade. So I have flown and crashed and built tons of these and these both of these models right here in this stack. They have the right foam on there. This is that sort of hard core it's super dense foam that you can repair with a little bit of foam, safe CA glue and some activator I'm just gon na show you guys that real quick. So if you have a problem with your wing, say you snap off the wing tip like I did. All you need to do is get a little pro c8 here. You can get any type of CA glue that as long as it's foam safe, you just put a little dab on there and hit it with some of this activator and it's gon na smooth out any of that problem that you have with your breakage. So it won't look brand new, but it'll still get back up in the air and it'll probably be stronger, where you did the repair than it was before, and I'll try to put a link down below for a bottle of this, for you guys and some activator.

The other thing we're gon na recommend is a six inch prop for you guys. This is a six by four right here. If you want to fly the style prop, this is probably a good choice. You want to make sure that the prop is going to be a pusher prop too. Więc, if it's, not a pusher, if it's not labeled the correct way, then you're, prawdopodobnie gon na, have a problem with the prop. So make sure you check out the link below for the exact prop to go on this wing now, if you're looking for an fpv wing, be sure to watch the sonic model, a our wing review that did on this one now right now, it's kind of stripped Down because I was gon na put a flight controller in it, but this is a super nice model, mainly because it has a huge bay in here. This one has an even bigger bay and set up. If you want to add a flight controller on this one, you can definitely do that. There'S tons of room in here and plenty of space to play around also the front has a few different style canopies that can come with it and it has magnets on here. They just hold this front piece on, and I didn't have any problem with that magnet set up there strong enough to hold even in a few bounces on the ground that I've had with this one but it's still in great condition, mainly because this one was super.

Easy to set up and this one flies a lot smoother and probably a lot slower than the sonic model. Carbon fiber race wing, so let's go ahead and check out the carbon fiber race wing, and let me tell you some pros and cons about this wing. Teraz. Po pierwsze, you're looking at this wing from the front, it has a really super narrow profile from the front I mean this thing is super flat. It'S almost reminds me of some type of hotline or glider wing where you have a really thin core along the front. End of the wing and the leading edge is super narrow, so that adds a lot of speed and it doesn't have super flipped up wing tips on the end, as you notice, like a lot of other models, do he doesn't have a lot of dahi drill there? So it's gon na really speed up this wing a lot and they put the vertical stabilizers in on the middle of this model. So it actually does increase the speed as well keeping those more closer to the center of the design and also there's plenty of room on top to add whatever type of Sport cam you want, you can even add GoPro in here, but it's a little bit narrow There you might have to have a 3d printed mount for some type of wider GoPro, but as far as any type of cube camera or the longer sport camps, you can fit those cameras on this fuselage I'm.

Just gon na give you guys a little look from the side here. They do have tons of holes all the way around front to back for zip ties. If you need to do any type of zip tie situation, like I did here with my VTX, I just ran a small zip tie around it, put a little velcro there and secured my VTX antenna as well. So I have a nice spot for that right. Behind the action, cam sort of to keep everything forward on the design now I'll just go ahead and take off this action cam for you added a little piece of foam underneath it to keep some of the vibration out while I'm flying it, because you're gon na Get a ton of vibration in wings. The video on these wings it's not going to be perfect, something like a phantom before this is mainly strictly for fun flying and you can smooth it out a little bit later in your editor. If you want to and there's a little bird's eye view of what I have going on hereand this looks like to be about two and a half millimeter carbon fiber sidewalls here and it'sreally sandwiched together all the way along here with pretty solid steel, bolts And standoffs that go in between this to keep this fuselage together. It really is a sturdy fuselage front to back it's, actually pretty decent now right here, you're looking at the battery bayand I was youcan get a 2200 in here.

If you want to run this 3sand you can also get a 4s 1300 or fifteen hundred in here quite easilyand it does come with a strap that goes around the battery to hold it in place, it also comes with these two pieces of velcro here To keep your battery down now for mine, I also added a low voltage beeper on here. So if I get a low voltage on my pack, I can hear it while I'm flying around out in front of myself and right in the back is where I mounted my part fly receiver, and I was just flying this out in front of myself. So I used a little tiny receiver for the field that I was flying in now, I'm gon na give you a close up of that. Motor motor direction is really important with this. So if your motors spinning the wrong way, you'll feel a little bit of breeze. This direction, instead of out this direction. So when you fire this motor up for the first time, you want to feel that the breeze is coming out. This direction and it's important that you put your prop on the leading edge facing this direction, and this is a race star branded motor, not my favorite in the world, but it's a 22 16 and it's 2000 kV, and I believe it is a brushless multi rotor Motor but they stuck it on the wing and from my experience with this wing so far, it is a really high performance motor for the money I mean for under 100 it's kind of insane.

Now for your camera setup, there was no mount side to side here. So what I did was actually took one of the standing camera mounts that comes along with it run cam, and I just mounted it with a single bolt right here, right straight through the frame there's enough space right here to get your camera in there and get It the right space between the front end of this, so that I have a little protection in a crash, so you have two levels of protection here. You have this one right here for the frontal crash, and then you have a little bit here as well in front of the lens. So in that one crash that I had where I went straight in on the nose, the force of the impact actually severed. The wing right here and it went all the way through this right side aileron, so I had to do repair on that with the CA not a big deal. I also took some wing tape and you can get this 3mm wing tape it's. Basically packing tape, so you're gon na take a little bit of packing tape and stick on there and that'll hold the wing on there. If you have any sort of cracks, part right along this edge right here, you don't want to leave this just kind of hanging, and you also don't want to put CA on this because that's going to keep it from moving. So what you want to do is a little bit of threaded.

Packing tape just put a little tiny piece on the underside after you glue this section, and this section and you'll do just fine, so we're, looking at the bottom of this wingand I like the design here that they did. I like these two bumpers on the bottom, because it kind of stands up nice and it gives it something to land on. You don't have any kind of bumper right here, which is not super great, but when you're landing in grass it's not a big deal, just don't land, this carbon on the concrete one. Other thing you guys need to know about is the magnet setup on here. It'S not super great, the magnets are very, very weak. They should have used a higher grade, magnet to really hold these wings and lock them in because on my first flight test, you notice that I have some of that threaded packing tape going across here again 3m. Packing tape is holding these wings together. This is not a super big deal, but if I were you, I would take some go along this side right here on the bottom side and then on the other side and then a piece across the middle that's going to keep these wings from coming apart. When you launch this there's so much force on the fuselage and the wings that my wings actually flew apart and the whole thing went into a death spiral and crashed straight into the ground on my maiden flight, and that was kind of disappointing that these magnets didn't Hold so the idea that they had with the magnets was great, but it didn't hold up for the flight tests, and I had some damage inside here where this carbon spar goes through.

The carbon spar actually popped through the wing, so I actually also holding the wings on and sort of helping keep some of this together. I didn't want to put CA on this because I might want to go back later and take that carbon spar out again. So I just added a nice piece of threaded packing tape over top of it and that really does secure all that damage in there it's not super pretty, but it's, not going anywhere so that's. What I would recommend if you get this wing now as far as batteries are concerned, I would run the 3s 2200 first start out with that, one that one's going to give you a nice forward weight on this wing and it's, probably going to give you the Most flight time, you're, probably gon na get closer to 8 do 10 minutes flight time with 3s 2200. You can also cut back on the throttle, because this wing really glides really nice. You want a nice gliding wing when you're coming in for a landing, because you really want to reduce the throttle. A lot when you come in, come in long and low, reduce the throttle and just let her glide in effortlessly. Give it a little bit of power right before your landing to bring the nose up a little bit and just land right in the grass easier said than done, but for more power you can go for the 4s 1300 and this is a lumineer graphene.

You don't have to go as something as high end as this. I would recommend the G and B 1300s. Those are like a DC to a hundred and sixty C burst very, very nice battery and they're a lot cheaper than these. So let's talk about dimensions, prawdziwe, Szybkie! This one is actually 40 inches wide from wingtip to wingtip and 11 inches for the fuselage front to back out on the wingtips it's around just under five inches on each wingtip. So the original AR wing that I review on the channel that one's a 36 inch wing which is actually pretty standard now the AR wing is also thicker and wider than the sonic model. Carbon fiber addition that one's actually about 13 inches from front to back so that's, going to give you a little bit better glide in on your landings, and so this one's gon na come in a little bit faster because it is quite a bit more narrow. You only have 10 inches on the widest point of the wing. It gives an extra inch on the fuselage right there, but this one's gon na come in with a lot more speed, so that's why I always say to land, long and low. So you burn off some of that airspeed before you set it down the slower, it hits the grass the less chance of breaking that prop. You have so, Tak myślę, for the price point on this one, this one's insane, if you want to just grab a wing to play around withand you want some speed with it and a pretty cool modular fuselage, you can really do a lot with this wing.

You have a lot of versatility and as many times as I crash this thing, it is stupid, trwały, it's, naprawdę, really durable and pretty easy to fix, with some of that foam safe glue, so I'll go ahead and give it a star rating I'm gon na go Ahead and say this one's, probably I'd say a 4.0 poza 5, mainly because I'm gon na take a whole entire point off, mainly because the magnets kind of disappointed meand I thought that was kind of the meat of this design. But once you get past that don't worry about putting the packing tape on the bottom, it will secure the wings tightly and with that said, this will be an excellent carbon, fiber race wing, and I like this one, even maybe a little bit more than that super Expensive 400 wings from Germany that many race wings, so more economy priced it performs just as good and it might actually be a little bit faster than my mini race wing was so like. Powiedziałem, I think this one has a lot of options for modular Bay. You can get a pretty big sized battery in there if you want to add a 4s 2200 I'm sure you can fit one of those in there as well. You can measure the compartment and really get away with a lot of battery in this carbon fiber wing. So if you want to do some long range cruising with this one, this one would definitely be a nice long range setup as well or even a park flyer for some light and mild fpv action, and once you get it all, trimmed in and dialed in you Pretty much just have to toss this guy at about half throttle to 34 throttle and you're up and flying, so I barely had to do any trimming on this wing once I did get it up in the air.

Once I got past the wing issue, I'm separation. So a very, very good flying wing and for under hundred dollars. I just keep saying that that's that's, just insane that you can get something like this for under 100 – is crazy, it's, an awesome wing. So this one is going to stay in my collection and I'm. Not going to give this one away, so you have to get your own. You can check out the link below and I'll try to put some battery links down there for you guys and help you guys out, find the right prop for this and some other accessories to go along with it. If you need it also some link to some foam safe glue as well, and what I would recommend for an fpv setup as well, so you guys can just get the right stuff for this when you make your order. So thanks for checking this one out, you guys I'm Justin Davis. I had a lot of fun with this one because you guys know I'm obsessed with fpv wings.