Music for me, Music. I know you got me its Music Music, everythings Music. What, if im, no good for you Music for me, Music for me, Music, me, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, welcome everybody to the fpv news with jb thats me and its ponti. We dont really rehearse these things. I dont know i feel like im putting you on the spot. I never know what im going to do when i start the intro yeah its. So so weird, you know you dont know what youre going to do. I dont know right. We just have to its like an improv show yeah. You know yes and im j im its plenty except im. Not. I should watch some real news. Real news reporters see how they do it. I dont i dont think we want to emulate that. I dont want to its a bad idea. I should watch some real podcasters. You know good mythical morning right. Do they they? Those are. Those are two guys with very popular friends. Yeah. No, you dont like good mythical morning. I dont really watch them. I just know they exist. Well. Ive got an interesting reference. I havent seen them in a while theyre still theyre still very popular. I assume i dont really. I dont really watch them sure. Welcome you guys as well to the fpv news where me and blunty are going to go over the major developments in the world of fpv, if its, not if its not here, it probably just means we didnt know about it, doesnt mean anything about how newsworthy it.

Actually is good to see fabio fabio pincera, my editor, the guy, who is responsible for the editing on todays amazing indiana jones, uh joke my mic on my gopro review, good to see you fabio and everybody in the chat, um Music. What uh? What do we got? Coming up this week, blunty what are some of the top stories this week? Well, uh, im sure the big one, i think everybody has. I hope heard about at this point – is that orca has acquired immersion, rc, hmm acquired right. Everybody starts getting fat shark, red cat, orca now acquired immersion, rc uh, so well talk about what our thoughts about that um and uh related to that they uh there was some. There was some clapping clapping back. Is that what they did? Was that what they do? These days they clap back uh and uh. Uh, yvonne and uh tony cake from orca had some comments about ht0 being open source and carl responded to those a little bit. So we are going to cover this in a neutral and newsy way, not in a tmz editorial way, but we are going to talk about that yeah. I didnt change the title. I have to get the click bait into the title: blunty thats, the one thing i forgot to do im going to take the snap thats, the pixie thats gon na really, i hope somebody from pixie sees that gets really mad at us. Oh, you know what else i didnt do: gosh dang it blunty boy – i i am so off my game.

I didnt put the show notes in the table of contents. Sorry hold on im doing that right now talk about another story, thats coming up while we uh you know well today, today we got to do plugs. We could talk about plugs, so we could work on that yeah. You do that so we want to let everybody know, of course, uh that each of us has a website and we got stuff going on. So if you want to check that out, uh wed always appreciate that so uh first up weve got and thats uh. Mr bardwells website hes got a bunch of great great stuff over there. Hes got a shopping list where you can go check out his recommendations and other folks recommendations that help them out. I know what you need to buy for your quads. Weve also got, which is my website, and ive got one on one troubleshooting help for people and some links to some uh good stuff that you might need with a domain like its blunty um. I think some people are probably gon na stumble across it and be really surprised. Theres, no cannabis related content on there, theyll be like what am i. Why am i reading about drones, yeah, um and then last but not least, we also want to let you know about the jb clips channel, so weve got uh yeah the jb clips channel, which i am helping to uh to run now.

Well, more than helping i mean this is newsworthy in itself. Is that youre? You are ive, literally just turned the channel over to you for the most part, yeah yeah, the jb live stream clips channel, so yeah uh what thats and thats good, because it means that there will be more actual, live stream clips. What it had been was just the news because, like it, was really easy for fabio to cut the news up and put it up there as clips and then i would like sometimes remember, to go, publish them and uh now fabio you are, you are actually watching The live streams, creating clips and fabios cutting them up and like it actually is going to be like a real live stream clips channel so get over there and subscribe yeah. If we hit 3 000 yeah, we got the link in the show. Notes were working on getting a custom. Url youtubes been a little weird about that yeah, but uh weve got the link for you in the chat. If you want to go over there and subscribe, we would appreciate it so yeah like you, would appreciate it because youre going to get all that live stream content that you who sits through two hours of my live stream. Some people do not everybody did. You know jb is a thought slayer. I am a thought slayer. I slay them thoughts, yeah theres, a clip you can check out coming up next week, well hear my feelings towards uh, towards uh jason mama, see what youre missing on live streams all right, its cool cat says the jb livestream clips has been on fire for the Last couple days, yeah because blunty is now in charge of it and thats amazing.

I love it. Yeah thanks for the subs, appreciate it all right, eventually, all right, so those are our plugs. Lets move on to our very first actual news item: orca acquires immersion rc yeah, the maker of the goggles has acquired the maker of the ghost mod i dont know so in one world. I think this is like um. You know super crazy and awesome and then, on the other hand, its like we knew this was gon na happen. Right so i mean theyve been theyve been partnered theyve been sort of in you know, theyve been living together for a little while they finally tied the knot. I guess thats kind of kind of how i think about it too, but it is very cool to see you know im glad to see these two teaming up, because i do think it will overall just make an improvement for what both of them are producing. However, you know ill be interested to see uh what comes out of them and how they continue to move forward. Weve seen a lot of uh give stuff from them. I think the orca goggles are a good product. I dont think absolutely product. A lot of people are seem to be choosing them alongside or over the skyo2 or sky04x, or the m42 yeah weve even got that 533 version, which is a little smaller, a little cheaper, so theres, now a cheaper option for a premium goggle that people might not Want that bigger fov um, however, weve also seen things like the fpv control, which is a controller which is you know, a proprietary controller, basically, who doesnt that doesnt use up inner edge, dx cant, flash them and can only use one protocol, which is ghost right.

So we, i think, theres a lot of questions about where theyll move forward and how they move forward and what will come of that yeah? If you look at immersion, rc um, they have uh theyve. Oh theyve had some products they do on their own, like the immersion, rc lab rf, the immersion, rc rf power meter and the power play dvr are some that come to mind uh, but they cert. It has always felt to me in some ways, like the sort of soul of the company, goes back to their partnership with fat shark, where they developed the module. I mean i dont know that i, i guess, im making some suppositions here. I know that fat, shark and immersion rc were operating out of the same building in shenzhen, for example, and i had the impression that that tony cake did a lot of the engineering for some of the some of the fat sharks stuff. We know he has the the skills to make a module um. So when they sort of came apart and immersion rc started uh partnering with orca, it seemed natural to me that they would come together because that, at the end of the day a rapid fire module is best when its paired with a goggle and tony cake. Has a lot of engineering chops, but he needs a company to help him. You know sort of market and and produce those products. So i think theres a lot of potential here uh if they can stay out of their own butt enough to stay in.

You know because i think its easy uh its easy for you to sort of get up in in each others, butt so much that you dont really know whats going on in the world, and you come up with products, maybe that people dont really want or that Arent the best thing for your customer well its interesting. I think like to me. I think this contrasts very well what the next thing were going to talk about, because this is essentially you know. Hey were two companies were going to work together to create an ecosystem that youre going to like and youre going to be happy with and youre going to enjoy right and then instead weve kind of got, you know and thats sort of like it feels like theyre. In an echo chamber, ive said that before and i think thats true um, i think they kind of like live in an echo chamber where they think, like all these ideas are great and they all tell each other theyre great and then sometimes sometimes they are sometimes They are, and sometimes they arent, though i think, and they dont have, that critical eye it doesnt seem like sometimes internally they have the same critical eye. So ivan goes on to talk on facebook, which hes done a few times um about about stuff. You know and then and then you have, and then you have hd zero, which is our next story and weve got an interview.

Uh yeah right so were going to go to this next story, and this next story relates to hd0 announcing that they were going open source and one of the things that happened was that uh. I think somebody on a live stream said tony cake said some stuff. I didnt see the comments you told me that ivan from orca said some stuff. I didnt see those comments and ivan actually deleted some of the comments or all of the comments, uh. So out of respect for the fact that he said some stuff that he obviously decided to take back were not going to dredge up those comments and then sort of grill him about them were gon na, say: okay, you backed away well. Well, let you do that, but carl there was some criticism and questioning about hd0 going open source, and is it really open source and carl talked about that stuff and were thats? What were going to talk about is carls statements, not necessarily the things he was replying to. Okay, go ahead. Yeah i mean. Essentially, you have um. You know you kind of have two sides of this coin here which, like i said you know you have orca doing their own thing and they know whats best, and then you have hd zero, so weve got an interview from mad tech uh. This is like this is basically a set of clips from his interview. Hes gon na be recently releasing a full interview later this week, and this is a great interview so far im sure the full one will be excellent as well, and he talks to carl about some of the things people have had concerns with um.

You know different. You know the pricing issues and margins and why the margins are like they are great information um, but yeah. One of the things they talk about here uh, is that essentially um. You know uh, you know when theyre open sourcing, all they can open source. Is the software and the hardware designs to use the asic somewhere because theres so much money invested in the asic? It doesnt make sense to open source and asic design, because most people arent going to build it anyway and and theres so much ip in it. And you know he basically addresses directly what weve talked about before, which is he says. Semtech also does the same thing right, so i think youve. I think youve leapfrogged slightly so im going to back im going to back up a second the critic. The general gist of the criticism was that if you open source the project, its not really open source, because it includes this chip, this asic, which is the heart of the hd0 tech and thats, not open sourced, and so if the whole thing isnt open sourced, then Its not really open source was the gist of the criticism which, as you point out – and i pointed out separately on my live stream and carl points out again separately. If you look at express lrs uh, the semtech chip that they use is is a closed source. Whatever thing that semtech sells – and anybody can make designs based on it, but they dont theyre, not thats, where their money is, they cant give that away and its still open source in every meaningful way.

Yep yeah, it will be just as capable, hopefully based on what they can do with asic. You know um yeah, i dont know so i i just i think thats a a poor viewpoint to have is to think that its not open source, because the asic is an open source, no thats, clearly thats an example of what we were talking about in the Previous bit, if i could, if i could, which is that, is that you have this, you everyone, everyone is a little bit up their own butt in a way. You know what i mean when i say youre up your own butt. I dont literally mean i mean, like you, youre in your own head, you have your own perspective and and youre not thinking about things the way other people think about them, because you have your own biases, and so you think you, you are the ceo of orca And you see this thing and you go well thats a bunch of, and you criticize it and you need someone who is outside of you to say well, actually wait a second thats bs. That claim is bs uh and the problem is, if you dont have that person. If you got, if you got a whole bunch of people who are up their own butt, then they all just go yeah youre right, thats, a bunch of, and then you think youre. I mean thats thats, the problem thats the risk, i think yeah um, so uh.

What about the question about? Hd0 is not just selling the asic if ht0 was only selling the asic and providing reference designs for other people to manufacture. That would be fine, and that, in fact, is what express ilrs. Does the express alerts project doesnt, make any hardware? Well i mean they, you can they dont sell any hardware. You could make your own hardware, of course, whereas ht0 is making video transmitters, making video receivers and essentially competing with foxeer runcam caddix. Anybody who wants to make tbs anybody who wants to make an hd0. How is that different? What do you think um? Well, basically, um lets put it like this, so basically uh carl says in his interview that um, you know. Essentially he made the things because he had to make the things. No, he in 2019 carl went to all the fpv manufacturers in china and said: hey. Do you want to use these chips? We have a system that you can see called hd0. That was what it was called in 2019 right and then you shopped it around. It was a working system, okay right because the company did math, yes, thats correct, so he shot, he shot the hd0 around to everybody, and then nobody wanted it. Everybody said no. This doesnt make any sense. Dji just released a system. Nobody will do this off with your a6. Nobody wants it right. We dont care about your chipset fat shark, said: okay, cool lets, try it out and they made bite, frost right fight.

Frost was the first iteration um. So you know, bifrost was the first iteration and that still didnt really bite, and then he didnt take off that truck didnt keep ordering they didnt keep producing because nobody really bought into it and nobody really wanted it. That truck didnt push the marketing didnt push the hardware didnt keep investing into it right. So then carl said well. I still want to do this right here, but he also said i have no clue what im doing right. I just have an asic and i dont know how to build for fpv. So then he said: okay well, lets just start making hardware and then start asking people what they want well and its its its an easy thing to to see how it happened too. Carl wanted to sell the asic, and the the hd0 system was in some sense supposed to just be a reference design right and he shopped it around and said, look heres proof of concept. It can work. Do you want to do you want to build this and ill sell you, the chips and nobody took it, and rather than letting it die, he said its like a band who shops who tries to get signed to a label and no label will sign them and Finally, they say fine were going to record our own album and they self publish their own album and they try to get on the radio and they try to get in front the radio they try and get plays on spotify and tick.

Tock whats wrong with me, but they try im old and eventually maybe they make it and maybe then a label signs them or maybe not. You know the the analogy falls apart, but the whole point is that carl doesnt want to be making this hardware. He wants. The fat sharks, the run cams, the cadets is the fox ears, the tbs, the immersion rcs of the world, to be making this hardware and they just werent biting so now he has to prove it himself. So thats i mean and and that what he points out is thats how we got the race v2 thats, how we got the v2, the the camera, the the new cameras thats, how we got the solutions that we have now and the improvements that we have to The system thats how well we have backpack integration like right. All this stuff came from users in the community asking karl for what they want, frankly hoping to get that stuff made and produced and then try to get it out. I mean that was the goal of carls is just to build proof of concept. Go like hey! Listen! This works. Please use these chips and yeah thats the goal. So i mean theres theres a precedent for this. If you look at the world of graphics cards, theres a big controversy in some circles over the fact that, like nvidia, will sell founders edition cards, which are graphics cards made by nvidia and nvidia, will sell their chips, their silicon to other integrators.

Who will sell their own graphics cards, which will then compete against the nvidia founders edition cards, which are made by the hardware manufacturer itself um? So its not unprecedented to ask? Is this a a toxic relationship whats the motivation here um, but its also, not unprecedented? For that situation to exist, and especially if h i mean i, i believe, carl when he says he doesnt want to be in the business of making hardware, and i believe him when he says its not his specialty, like i dont mean that as like a slam, I think its not the thing hes best at and he doesnt like be having to do it. I mean hes willing to step up to the plate, hes doing an admirable job. But ultimately, if tbs said, hey, hd zero were just going to make video transmitters for you give us the chips and go sleep well at night. I think hed be happy with with an arrangement like that, so yeah thats what they want to do so. Okay, yeah all right, i dont know it seems like uh yeah hes got a lot of good thoughts about that stuff and it makes sense. I i just think the big contrast there is orc and emerging rc knows what you want. Hd zero is happy to do whatever you think is best and help to develop a good product yeah. I think thats like to me the big contrast between the two and im interested to see how it plays out in the hp zero goggle if it works out properly, depending on who theyre partnering, with which you know there are rumors about that.

But, depending on who theyre partnering with will be uh, uh itll be good, i dont know yeah itll be if they make a good goggle thats a big benefit, because theyll have a theyll, have a premium goggle, hopefully around a premium, goggle price. That also does analog. That will have hd0 inside of it, so that could be a big selling point. The other thing that that brings up is the obvious competitive situation between orca and hd0. If the hd0 goggle is amazing, people are potentially going to buy it and those are people who might have bought and will not buy an orca goggle. Even people who use hd0 are buying orca goggles to use it with so uh. Whenever youve got two ceos in who are directly competing its hard to take anything, they say about the other guy seriously, because hes always just perceived as scared of competition, and you know even when theyre right its like on some level, you kind of maybe want to Take the high road which you know he deleted his comments, so maybe he he agrees, um all right next step, heres, a good name! Next up weve got a theres, a new drone for people who dont fly, drones, Laughter, the pixie, the pixie uh. The pixie is a 250 dollar drone that uh takes pictures for you, uh its basically like uh, the the dji light for almost the price of the dji um, and i dont i can tell you right now.

I dont really get this at all the price of the dji. What do you mean its 250 dollars right and it literally is a couple. Stick batteries. It has a charge time of three minutes total and you hold it in your hand, and you hit a button and it flies away and comes back and takes terrible video of you thats all it does. How is that similar to dji? Because it has the the because it has the dji flight modes and youre paying 250 dollars for only the dji flight modes and thats. Oh you mean the flight modes like auto, auto pick or something yeah its not me. It cant manually fly at all. Yes, literally all it does, is you hit a button? It flies away from you and comes back or flies around you without any obstacle detection. It comes back like its literally no obstacle detection at all, no its just its just terrible its uh. Well, no waste of money right here: weve got the wall street journal with 3.53 million subscribers blunty and and they asked the question: is the selfie mini drone worth 230 dollars? Uh? And i assume the answer is no. I assume its just like now. She tries to use it and its its like shaking all around in the wind, because it cant has no wind resistance, its like its terrible its actually, i dont i dont, want to actually play this video on the off chance that the wall street journal copy strikes Me but but my biggest issue with this is they figured out a way to sell you uh a a 75 or 100 75 millimeter whoop, but theyve sold it to you for a 250 yeah, yeah and all theyve done is add a button and theres no obstacle.

Detection, it doesnt do anything extra, it literally just applies, or whatever does it have, does it have actual like gps or is it just dead reckoning? It just flies forward for just for five seconds and then turns into i believe it yeah. I believe it is just like positional, it might have gps, but i doubt it oh interesting but um, and then what then? What do you do with this terrible video? You put it why why no? This is whoever producer decided to do this should be fired. This is how mainstream media looks at drones. Remember pixie, drone, pixie, stix thats irrelevant stop thats thats stupid and you should stop uh just because its clever doesnt mean its useful or good. Its clever youve, just free associated just um, okay. So, oh then you get it on your phone. So what do they say in the wall street journal review? Do they say its good? Do they tell you to buy it? No, they dont, i dont know they basically dont, say yes or no, but they say it. Doesnt really make a lot of sense and it shakes around to the wind and it doesnt have a lot of good. Oh so they actually are semi critical, yeah, thats, nice too bad. They didnt have the balls to take a stand in their title, like you did with our title. Okay do not buy this yeah. Anybody watching this video this show should never be buying that yeah.

Presumably they. This is a paid placement. I mean, i guess if it was a parade placement theyd, have to disclose that anyway, um, okay, well, all right! Well, dont buy the pixel dont buy that dont buy that good to know. Yeah john e5 is gon na put some heads up motors in there should buy that drone, and then i mean it. Doesnt have any controllability at all. So theres no point tweaking it anyway, all right all right! Well good! We got the word out there. Thank you. Yeah next up, unfortunately, what might be some bad news, but weve kind of hinted at talked a little bit about before intel. Ceo uh has come out and said that the chip shortage will uh could continue until 2024. Previously they had given 2023 as a date at their uh at their. You know from their earlier estimates and when they got everything back in uh back in action. But now what theyre, finding out something we heard from mad tech and a few other folks is basically the equipment manufacturing is now the problem so theyre having trouble, building the machines to build the chips and theyre having to refactor refactor chip machines into different locations, move Them to different factories and repurpose and unfortunately, its taken some time to get new machines together, yeah. We know that that companies have been ramping up their chip production in in response to the shortage, and we know that it takes time to bring ship production online uh and what were hearing now is that the time it takes to bring the chip production online is Going to be longer than we had hoped yeah, they were basically ramping up, like you said they were.

They were ramping up to build all this stuff out and get more stuff to go going, but theyre, unfortunately unable to build the machines theyre having trouble building the machines to come on. I mean why i dont cant. Imagine what could be going on in the world that would get in the way of this kind of thing. I said sarcastically but actually kind of then just thought of a list of things that are going on and kind of just felt sad so never mind. Hopefully, uh wont be that bad, but one of the things that we talked about previously is this. You know this is intel, but unfortunately, this stuff will start to affect uh stm and similarly because it is affecting, i mean ive heard people lets lets, focus this on fpv, because thats, what the show is about um, instead of focusing on the terrible, awful depressing things That are happening in the wider world. Lets focus on the terrible, awful depressing things that are happening in the world of fpv, which is that we see escs and and flight controllers getting more expensive. We just uh this hasnt released yet, but when you and i recorded the new product roundup, we showed a foxyear esc that costs 125 dollars for a 401 esc, granted thats high end, but thats just inconceivable. Two years ago, a year ago, ive heard some people say that they are hearing that its getting harder and harder to get so f4 chips used to be the budget go to now.

Manufacturers are using f7 and h7 chips because they cant get f4 chips. Escs move to f4 chips, who knows what theyre going to do and now im hearing people rumors just rumors that f7 and f and h7 chips are also getting hard to get if uh dominic clifton is still in the chat, he could probably weigh in on that Um, so just shits gon na get more expensive. I guess its the gist of it. What are you gon na? Do yeah yeah, i think so and harder to get. I mean itll depend on how it goes, but theyre talking about repurposing these. You know things that would typically be from like 48 to 90, nanometers or whatever that normally couldnt do the smaller stuff theyre going to repurpose those for different parts of the process so that they can still use them uh to speed along the process and uh get The throughput up so yeah, hopefully well continue to weather the storm its been getting worse for a while, i think, but hopefully itll eventually start to pull out well and in addition, uh. We should keep our eyes out for more and more counterfeit chips, uh showing up. We talked about this previously on the news. Uh things you know, even things that are acquired at a decent price and sold uh may not work the way theyre expected – and this is just the world were living in. So you know uh, surely the increased prices i mean when you crash and you blow up an esc and it costs 45 dollars.

It hurts when you crash and you blow up an esc, it costs 80. It really hurts and at a certain point, people are just going to be like screw it. This is not the hobby for me because crashing and breaking things is just a part of the hobby. Yeah, absolutely yeah. All right well well, keep our eyes out and well uh keep our fingers crossed. I guess is the takeaway um well, that actually brings us uh to its barely news. Oh the drone cinematic of the week, yeah im. Sorry blunty, no im! Sorry, what was i oh yeah? Okay, yeah, thats right. I knew that good thing youre here, man cinematic of the week cirque du soleil, yes uh! This is a pretty cool shot, um its not like the best shot, youve ever seen or anything, but it is a pretty cool shot and its used as an advertisement for the new circus la in vancouver, so um yeah theyve got uh throwing up on the top Of uh on the top of the pc place, yeah do we know who the pilot is. I do not im not sure if they credit him in the uh in the info here and i did not receive that um. I got a few people that sent this to me, but i unfortunately do not see a credited pilot. Well, there you go its a really cool shot. Uh were not going to show the whole shot because uh lets not ruin it.

Its linked in the video description give them the views, lets not take their views uh, but its pretty freaking cool. I love that that sort of uh. What do they call it where you zoom in at the same time that youre moving you know so yeah, so it sort of compresses the background that was a great little move right. There love that um. There are links theres a link to that down in the video description. Anybody know who the pilot is. People in the chat might know well see um, all right, blenty whats. Next we got its barely news and its a lot. Weve got a lot of its fairly news. Weve got theres a lot of barely news, so its barely, i dont know how you say that its its barely news in the content is barely content, but it is a lot of content right yeah and i love this first. One drone recovered in ontario carrying a bag, full of guns, yeah, a bag, full of guns, a bag who has a bunch of guns and theyre. Just like uh, we dont know a bag, sure criminals, criminals, youre, right, youre, gon na be dirty im, gon na guest criminals, uh criminals, so yeah the ontario provincial police have uh been invested, are investigating a shopping bag found containing a shopping bag, not even like a Nice nylon, bag or leather bag and 11 handguns hanging from a drone, but they got it stuck in a tree and they recovered it from thats a big thats like thats, an expensive drone, yeah thats, a big drone.

I cant tell exactly what it is uh it doesnt take many illegal guns to pay for a drone. I bet no, i know im just saying whos ever whoever lost this drone is sad for many reasons, but its not like they lost a mavic. You know what they say: you miss all the shots you dont take. You miss all the guns you dont put in a bag and try to fly over a prison wall. There was a guy uh uh, he posted on facebook. Actually, i think and uh someone texted him and was like hey. I need a i need to hire. He has a drone operation. Hes like i need to hire you for for a gig. He was like okay. Well, you know tell me like what kind of shots youre looking to get. You know tell me about the gig. You know and ill give you a price the guys like theres, no shots. I just need you to drop some stuff over over a prison wall im in prison, and i need you to bring me some cigarettes and some i dont know what else and he was like. No im, not gon na. Do that sorry, im like youre in prison and youre trying to hire a drone operator outside of prison to drop you stuff. I mean, i guess you know cool good for you uh, but uh there you go bag, full of guns, all right! Next up all right! Next up, hawaii uh is nearing legal prohibition of drones for fishing uh.

This is a new regulation theyre trying to enforce uh that will prohibit the uh use of drones for fishing unless permitted by the apartment. How are drones used in fishing so currently uh the way that theyre doing this is theyre? Attaching uh the line to the drone, then theyre, taking it out past the surf and then theyre dropping it off the drone, so they can fish out past the surf. Where you would normally, it would be difficult to cast and for some reason, which i dont understand at all theyre saying its unfair and a threat to traditional methods. When you can use any rod, you want and you can take a boat. I mean theres. So many different ways i mean you could take a boat right out past the surf and then fish out there. So yeah, like i dont, know but yeah it doesnt to me. It doesnt make a lot of sense at all, but they are trying to enforce this. But it seems like this is probably going to be a permit based, so theyre probably doing this to try to make money off the people who are doing it nice. Unfortunately, of course, yeah governments always got to make get their cut so theyre not doing anything like harassing whales with drones or dropping bait. All theyre doing is theyre using the drone. Instead of going i mean, could they use a slingshot? Could they use a no powered rod? Yeah yeah um seems dumb.

Lots of lots of things seem dumb yeah, especially laws, but uh. I dont understand like then what you drop, the you drop, the uh bobber, the bobber, the floater right. The hook is hanging down in the water and then youve got the line coming back to you on the shore. Is it just like floating in the water whats happening? I mean youre youre, deep sea fishing, so it depends on what youre fishing for, but i mean it probably is on a its not on a bobber, but it depends on what youre fishing, for. Is it just sitting there laying on the bottom of the ocean? It cant be like yeah, you ever fished, yeah, no yeah, you just you, take a rod and you just chunk it and then it goes out and then you put a weight on the end and then you put some and then you like, so you yeah, i Dont know see, i have a weight at the bottom thats the way i always used to fish in the ocean, and then you put hooks up like here and then you put a hook up here and you put a hook up here. So the weight sits down here, but the bait is floating one feet two feet three feet off the bottom and eat the hooks. So, instead of floating on the surface, which i guess that makes sense, theres all the waves and the the the the bait is floating and you youve got to wait and the hooks go up from the bottom.

Yeah yeah exactly yeah, and then sometimes you put like colors or whatever it depends on what youre fishing for. But i and i i just learned that you have fish in the oceans. I didnt even know that have you fished off a boat? What are you fishing at the beach uh fishing is probably in the top five of things. I know how to do. I didnt know this. All this time, ive known you, i grew up in florida, so i grew up fishing wow fishing in the ocean, but i didnt know when you ocean fish, you fish off the bottom yeah fresh water and salt water. It depends on what youre fishing for, but most of the time, youre gon na be fishing off the bottom yeah yeah. Okay, now it makes more sense uh that the line just then how do you know when youve got a bite like that? Normally, you, like, you, feel the tug on the line: yeah theyre big fish out there i mean mostly okay, then what happens once you hook, youre, not catching a bath yeah i mean if you reel it in and you bring it on the boat. If youre on the beach you just kind of drag it up the beach and yeah, it can be a real because theyll run miles down one way or the other and theres not like a like. Oh, my god, yeah theyre, like theyre, going that way and youre on a pier or something and theyre like if youre catching sharks and stuff.

It can be 30 minutes to an hour or more, where youre sitting there trying to get that rod in you. If youre, using yeah and thats, why you use like so you use like a liter if youre fishing for sharks, youll use a leader, and so the shark cant bite the leader its like a metal wire, essentially that you use for the hooks on the wire yeah. So it doesnt matter through the wire yeah and if youre, if you have a leader on the line and youre not like going to lose it from structure or something you could fight for an hour, i mean you got to wear the shark out. Wow thats really something yeah okay. Well now it makes more sense, um thats, really fishing. We all learned something today i didnt know i didnt know any of that: thats really interesting, um, all right, so uh, yeah fishing, drone fishing in hawaii, youre gon na have to pay your cut thats the takeaway uh. Next up, that was a that was a. I was a real pleasant surprise. I did not see that coming um whats, like the other top five things. You know how to do. Um lets see. I mean i dont, know cannabis. Youre, like a professional cannabis consultant. Yeah canvas is real high ocean fishing, any fishing. Your first one salt water – i could yeah okay, because i grew up with a pond, so i do both all right.

Um lets see i mean i could do. I could do hvac right so any like air conditioning heating cooling electrical plumbing, like i can do all that stuff. Okay, um, okay, thats three drones have got to be on. There are drones, not even in the top. Five, i mean drones are in the top five at this point yeah, because ive got ones for long enough, but uh i mean that kind of went along with low voltage controls. Plc programming, um lets see uh, i dont know off hand. I guess all right. Theres room for one surprise, all right: yeah hes, not gon na tell you the second one, the the last one. You have to really get to know him. Okay, next step. Next lets move on uh dji under fire. Im. Sorry were only allowed to say nice things about dji in this live stream uh its not gon na, be a great story because dji is under fire and for probably a good reason, because it sounds like theyre. They did a real stupid thing. Uh dgi has insisted um that basically theyre drone tracking aeroscope right weve talked a little bit before i think about aeroscope, but aeroscope is the way that they can track any drone in the air. Essentially so they, you know, you set up an aeroscope station and you hit a button and then it will just show you information about all the gti drones that are in the area that i can see with airscope, and this was not – and this was known.

However, the assumption of what dji kept telling people when the news kept asking about it, dji kept saying it was encrypted. They said dont worry its encrypted, its not a big deal. Uh. You know this is this is happening but its encrypted, so dont dont worry about it. The encryption, the decryption hardware, is theoretically only sold to the good guys right stuff like that um and then uh. It turns out. That was not true, uh and dgi said it was not encrypted. It was unencrypted and hey uh whoops. So this this is a weird story and there are several things i take from the story. The first is the claim that its encrypted kind of was it never really made sense to me why that was relevant, because it was known that both that many governments have access have the aeroscopes so like if everybodys got the aeroscope anyway. What do you care thats encrypted? They know where you are uh, because a random joe cant know where you are right: thats, the idea right, well, theres, a limited number of aeroscopes and they all have licenses and dji knows where they are and they sold them to, and maybe other people do too. But uh you know its its about your exposure and your your sort of threat surface that if you think that the packets are encrypted and only people with aeroscope can know where you are, then you you might make certain decisions based on that.

But but the other thing that stood out to me was how freaking typical it is with dji that the left hand doesnt know what the right hand is doing. I 100 believe that that executive or whoever it was, who said that they were encrypted, believed it and that he asked and he asked the person that he thought for sure would know, and they said it was encrypted. I dont think that he was being dishonest because they said it was an american person, an executive or engineer who said it was encrypted and then after getting pushed and pushed and pushed and pushed, he went back to china and finally, they said well actually its not Encrypted i buy that ive seen so much of this from dji and its. Why, when someone says oh, the v3 goggles are gon na have such and such a feature. Im like you, dont know. Until the day it drops, you just dont, know yeah. Absolutely. I think yeah weve seen this over and over again, where you know we talk to like a representative that will have or theyll even say they talk to somebody else and every time its like 30, maybe is like legitimate information and the rest is like hearsay or Something an engineer told them, or something and an email got misinterpreted for anything like that. So um weve also got a link in the show notes to that project. So if you uh theres a guy who is the hacker in question in the article um, who has a github with uh the information, so its still theres still work in progress.

But there is a lot of work that has been done um and he details the whole thing. He goes through uh the process that he used to figure all this stuff out and uh yeah. He basically had to do all this uh frequency offset detection and phase correction equalization symbol extraction. You know all that kind of stuff um you work through all that stuff to figure out how it all works, and this is cool because, on the one hand, if you say to yourself wait you mean my dji drone is broadcasting packets that identify me identify its Location and theyre not encrypted, and anybody could theoretically pick them up. You go well thats bad. I dont like that. But if you say this, open source project is trying to learn how to fake these packets, and then anybody could just broadcast these packets to say anything. They want and that well that i mean thats kind of interesting kind of denial of service obfuscation, but the very next thing that happened is dji will just release a firmware, update that encrypts it and then because, of course, they will, which is another thing. Ive noticed with dji, which is as soon as you actually back them in the vague direction of a corner. They just flip their snap, their fingers and do whatever you wanted in the first place and fix the problem right, which is what were seeing with the dji goggles and the marker.

The margarine project i, in my opinion the fact that margarine rooted goggles v2 means immediately dji – is going to release a v3 that locks out that and fixes some of the things that people are complaining about. Thats. My theory gotcha. I think well know that when they do the update for the v1 and v2 goggles that locks them out as well yeah until they do that to me, like i dont know that theyre directly targeting marcher so well see yeah anyway uh we got another thing related. So dont we yeah, so that being said, dgi um its not clear if it was in the wake of this or not because all this kind of came out at relatively the same time. But one thing theyve done that seems positive. Some people negative to others is basically theyre, theyre, no longer selling drones to either russia or ukraine. So theyve said that hey we dont want to be used in any combat and so for now, weve decided to halt all business to russia and ukraine to make sure that theyre not buying them for combat purposes. Yeah um. This is the first time anybody. Basically any company has come out with this or any anything like this about. You know, combat, focused stuff. Most companies who pulled out talked about economic concerns or whatever, but, and they specifically said they dont want their stuff to be used in combat. So this is this is interesting because there have been accusations elsewhere, uh and i dont think were gon na weigh in on these accusations.

We dont really have the basis to to do that that china was supporting russia, that that dji, ostensibly at the behest of the chinese government or was like disabling drones or disabling aeroscope systems for the ukrainian government uh we dont know if any of that is true, Were not gon na were not gon na go there, but for them to now say well were just pulling out entirely um. You know maybe theres just been enough heat that theyve decided its not worth it to take sides, or maybe they never were taking sides, but at this time it sort of seems like theyre trying to appear neutral. No, it is interesting, i mean normally, they dont do anything so its interesting for them to take the stance, and it definitely will i mean it. May it may help them financially, because people will like that theyre doing it, but it definitely seems to hurt them financially. If they were going to sell a bunch of stuff that will be used once or twice i mean thats, a bunch of money, theyre tossing down the drain right, yeah its interesting um, like its a fact that dji drones are used by police and military all around The world theyre just an extremely extremely effective tool, theyre its extremely easy for someone to learn to fly them and their ability to operate and gather information or, in some cases, deliver ordinance. Uh is you know its just a real thing, its a very effective tool for dji to say no, no, we dont think they should be used in combat, i mean they have to have known.

This was going on and been okay with it, even if it was not their official line and the fact that theyve stopped selling, i think, is not going to slow things down too much because like how hard is it to have a shell company in poland who Buys a bunch of dji drones and ships them into ukraine or or some or the same for russia. So i dont know how and what kind of effect this will actually have um yeah yep, well, its barely news thats. Why were thats? Why its really thats true? We really dont have a lot of substance here: okay, well its nice, that theyve done that lets see what happens um. This one is borderline news versus a company doing something to benefit them, but i thought this was kind of interesting, so i wanted to let you know uh, if youre, making a newbie drone order anyway and youve got a broken cockroach frame. You can now uh. Take a picture of it a couple pictures of it and prove that its broken and theyll replace it for you and youll get a free, cockroach frame on your next door. So i mean there you go, buy the cockroach frame. You know. Eventually, you do break frames. Yeah um yeah there you go good. Thank you. Newbie drone, good move. All right next up, weve got a light, show that has caused a lot of controversy. Um. There is a, i believe, its german light show um.

It caused fingers to be pointed at fpv, pilots and nobody knows whos telling the truth right now. Well, um heres, a picture basically yeah. So basically i put a link to the video as well in the show notes. Maybe we could check that out because basically itll show them dropping out of the sky yeah again yeah, but its not a lot of them and its kind of interesting, because it happens across a lot of times. So here on, the right, youll see a couple of them drop out of formation: oh yeah, there they go yeah, bye, bye and theyre, blaming this on local fpv drone pilots. Well, of course, they are, they didnt, say very specifically exactly how they affected them or what was happening. Clearly, this seems to be control, link interference if it was anything, but basically what other commenters have said um we linked to a reddit article about this and basically the reddit article says uh. If you scroll down, i dont know if youve got a translate add on, but basically this is all in german but theres a great comment down there um if you scroll down – and he basically talks about how he says hes in the industry, but either way like His comments say make a lot of sense and he says that um. This situation is very difficult to get a permit for anyway and its very difficult to get signal from a cross, basically across the water where they had to be located and those things caused them to blame it on fpv drones, when, essentially, it was link quality issues Because of the way they had to manage these drones from the situations they were in, the reflections from the building and the water and, like all the different areas around, have always been a problem.

There have been a problem before and were a problem again, and it seems like its kind of just pushed on uh bringing up drones. It seems like this person is saying that they have inside information. Of course, you should always take that with a grain of salt, but he says the the manufacturer of the drones rejected the project because of the location and – and he said i cant – prove it without doxing people, but so youll just have to take my word for It or not, yeah i mean he explains how he says the drones work. He says you can contact the manufacturer and theyll. Tell you the same thing. You know he explains how their fail safe procedures work why they fell. You know i dont know its very interesting to me. It definitely does seem like its very unlikely to me that somehow that could happen, because if you look at the drones that are dropping out theyre happening across the time, you know theres 10 to 20 of them. I think that fall out, i think its like 12. Maybe, but it happens across the different times and theyre different parts yeah it just doesnt, really track right. Doesnt really make sense, especially how we know like fhss works and like yeah it doesnt doesnt really track so yeah. I mean this. This absolutely makes sense this part here. The water we know, makes multi paths building what a big face of a building makes multi path.

Uh and for them to just say, oh, it was an fpv pilot. Well, where show me prove me, prove it uh anyway, always always take reddit completely at its word, though, and believe everything they say, because anyone who says anything confidently on reddit must be right. So well take it with a grain of salt, but i personally would love to believe that it wasnt fpv pilots would need some proof of that so um florida uh. Oh, i see a headline that includes florida and i dont know whether to be thrilled or or terrified. This actually seems like a good one uh, so florida has uh the the florida light and power powered light. Um has decided to buy the biggest set of autonomous drones that anybodys ever done, theyre going to lay out a commercial deployment of autonomous drone uh these box systems, basically um and theyll, be like drone base stations that theyll launch out of that they can use for Automated servicing and checking of lines and power systems, so thats pretty cool, oh neat, so you got the drone its in a box and then, when you want to inspect the line you just sort of wake up the drone and it goes and flies out and inspects. The lines and then flies home again yeah, basically some of the areas theyre trying to do daily inspections – and this can.