It turns on the drone, turns off the drone swaps the battery and prepares it for takeoff now its is it dark in florida. Are we gon na fly in florida? Is that where we, where are we going to fly now? So florida is dark right now, but good thing we have another station. Okay kentucky. We actually have a station right down, uh near paris, kentucky and uh. We can. We can fly that one right now if youre ready. I am ready. Let me go over here to to your interface on the left side of your screen. Youll see kind of all the drones that we have in our in our uh uh. We yesterday we flew the drone gray today. Well fly the drone global ea global ea. So click on that one all right, i dont want to get i dont. You know i dont want to mess things up before we fly. How does the um the v loss work with this? The visual lineus, because you cant you have to have somebody there right? So theres yeah, we have an observer there right now: okay, fantastic! How does that? How is that scheduled? So you youve got to have these things planned in advance, so youve got a human being there to do that that particular role right or visual observers, yeah yeah. So in many instances you would have the visual observer on site ready to take control, but it would still enable the the user to remotely control it and get visual feed and and capture that that data and in many other countries.

So where the the name of the product is the hextronics global, and so we have products in six of the seven uh ask: where are you where all you are right now yeah we are, we are everywhere: uh were in uh africa, south africa, oh wow, were In in norway, france, spain, so if i were, if i were to fly one of your spanish drones in spain uh, how much would it be the same amount of lag from here to kentucky yep same amount of lag its just like uh, you facetime with somebody Uh in europe: okay, okay, um, im, guessing im, guessing that youre a proponent for uh, getting rid of the the to to get uh beyond visual line of sight, of course, uh, because that would really open things up for you and your company uh were were going There were knocking on the door um, but in in many other countries across the world, weve actually kind of gone past beyond visual line of sight and helped define the uh, the rules and the legislation simply with our product and so thats. What were going to do were going to do it here were going to do it everywhere, excellent. What which country seems to be more amenable to this? So some of the earliest ones we were able to work with are our partners in in africa and in malaysia and a few other south uh south asian countries were the the first really to jump aboard and work on this legislation.

Um, however, we are pushing the boundaries in some locations in europe as well right now, um, but those have not been 100 um bv lost yet um, okay, so thats how it is all right, so were going back, uh back here to the interface and uh, so Ive got uh global ea selected yeah, so, while youre here lets just click on uh, the optimus prime button in the bottom right, another one gotcha all right so thatll start the boot up sequence of the system and while youre doing this, you can click on the Um the the little box button, you know on the side middle of the screen and we can open up that camera, okay, open the camera box and so turn it on with the little bottom button there yeah all right so well see no see. This is when we were practicing this uh yesterday i said to him i said shouldnt. We do this for my first time live hes like no and then i was like yeah thats, probably thats, probably good um, so yeah all right, um, oh its pretty! In kentucky. Can we fly over to whitneys house whitneys, a state senator in uh in kentucky we just fly over to his house. Unfortunately, uh whitneys house is about three and a half hours away from where youre at all right. All right. We we dont have the supersonic version ready. Yet not yet i got you, i got you, so what is so? What its doing right now, its acquiring satellites and all the other stuff.

So right now, its still in the box youre gon na, have to hit the launch button in the bottom corner and do a manual flight all right. This is the launch button like that yeah and then click on manual and start all right and then yes and then itll come out of its pizza. Oven mm. Hmm! This is such a thrill. I, this is really were like living in the future. Man is whitney gone whitney you still there. He gone im here im here, putting my little one to bed. Oh okay, all right! You just you just take care of business there and uh well fly this drone so where whats, the location of this is this at a horse farm. You said yep, so this is a horse farm in kentucky and so right now yeah were capturing gps signals and right now there is about uh 10 horses on the horse farm right now, oh great, so pete is going to get on me fantastic. Well, try not to fly over any of them. Okay, um this launching the the customer. What would they use this for just to check on their animals um, so yeah, so theres many things that we would use it for all right. We got gps, so one of them would be checking on all the fence posts because the horses like to destroy those or eat them, and you dont want one of them getting destroyed too much or else the horses escape and then also checking on critical infrastructure.

Like the barns and the houses around the property to make sure that theres, no leaks of of any water or or gas, and also the irrigation that goes to every single um, every single pasture right, a small little well – and you can – you can use you – can Use uh the enterprise edition right and and have the using enterprise edition on this box. Oh, we are yeah, so we can use the the infrared right. Yep lets get up in the air all right so clicking next its going through its checklists, so theres a dude right now, standing next to the box standing in horse poo right now watching this no its uh. Oh! She i apologize if shes watching im sorry ashley yeah. Thank you ashley. Thank you very much. This is uh. This is fantastic, so uh am i doing anything else. Just next check all lets check all those all right right were doing our pre flight checks here next and then execute execute and now were taking off. Oh here we go oh thats, so cool all right. Now, click on the big screen and take control with the bottom button right. Click on the camera feed the right here: the drones camera feed – oh god, uh right here at the top. Yep click all right. Okay, boy! Stick on the bottom! Yes, i remember yes, i do all right now go up on the left. Stick or you can do keyboard.

I think im going to do keyboard all right now. Hold shift shift is up. Yeah lets. Do it were going up here we go. Look at that sunset. Look, you can see the horses – oh yeah, oh wow, all right so uh w is forward right, uh, yep, ws forward. All right, can we go over and say hello to the horsies sure can okay it? Oh, i didnt do that thats right it just oriented itself. Okay, uh w. I want to go over and say hello to horsies. I dont want to freak them out, though whats our altitude were at uh 12.7. You might want to go. Go up a little bit more! Look at that sunset and over here on the right. I can uh adjust the gimbal a little bit with this slider. There we go. Oh man go so right. Now we can switch over to the the flear camera yep. You can switch right over to thermal. How do we do that? You see uh right on the top right of your screen. You click thermal, oh thermal. Okay, look at that! Ah thats, just great hey, have you ever watched a horse poop in thermal um yeah? Actually, no, i havent! I dont know i have. I had a little um, a little thermal thing and and uh. The first thing i did was watch my dog pee with it fascinating thermal stuff, all right so now now i want to.

I want to go forward. I can use this too down here right to go forward. All right, yeah lets go over and see if we can see – and you can im sure you can set the the speed right now. You can set the speed for faster, but we dont want to do that. This is actually the first im back. This is actually the first time ive seen the the ir uh on a drone live. That is just the coolest thing in the world. Isnt that really cool and uh. This is uh zoom over here right yep. You can switch over to zoom, so we can uh zoom in no youre gon na on the top of the screen youre gon na have to switch over to zoom. Oh, i see. Oh okay, there you go. Can we zoom in thermal? I dont think we have that feature integrated yet, okay, thats! Fine! Let me zoom in on this. Oh all, right uh! So yaw is q and e. All right. I want to e on over to this horsey up too far. Now you can hook up um what kind of controllers with this you dont have to use a keyboard or or anything you can actually have like a controller yeah. You can have uh any standard. Usb controller you can plug in. Does this enterprise have a speaker on it? It can we can. We actually can integrate. This feature speaker function directly into the enterprise, so i can talk to the horses, hey buddy.

How did you have that sound effect so available? So, on the spot, because im prepared, sir uh all right were gon na go back to thermal yeah. That is, that is just great. Let me uh. Let me pan thats cool that you can see the horses in the field with that thats. Just a wicked thing. Isnt that great wow and so thats thats paris, kentucky from where you are in west tennessee, thats, 300 miles 350. and the lag isnt is, i mean its there, but its not its, not terrible um. Let me ask people in the chat, which way should i go now tell me which way i should go in the chat. What do you think? What do you think about this? You guys, by the way, uh the links to all this hextronic stuff uh in the description, which way should i i dont want to chase the horsies lets, see whats behind us. Do you ever just get on here and play im doing research, yeah and youre like flying around in spain or whatever do the do the customers mind? If you, you know check out their drone says we dont have access to it once we once we ship it, but sometimes they they let us log in, and we just a couple months ago i was flying in greece um and it was pretty crazy yeah. That is really this is. I could get used to this lets lets spin around.

What are they saying buzz the tower somebody says bust, the tower yeah. Can you put it in acro, real, quick, negative, ghost rider? The pattern is full negative, ghost rider. This is really beautiful and um uh. What whats the name of the city where this is city, its uh? Well, its paris, paris, okay, alexa. What time is sunset in paris? Kentucky sunset in paris was at 9 00 p.m. Today, okay, so its its its a little after eight, so its not sunset yet but its dust. You know that you know the coolest part about paris kentucky what its in bourbon county, oh cool. So now um do you have a set range like? I can? Oh, let me thermal that car you see, we can get cant even see it. You know the the resolution on the thermal on this is really impressive man. I am really impressed by that wow. I thought the range on that was a lot shorter, yeah uh wheres. The battery time, because im just going to forget, check the bottom left corner. Oh yeah, 61. Okay, were good um yeah the lag isnt im gon na just to demonstrate the lag im gon na. Let you hear me click the the forward button, and then we can see how much of a lag there is so im hitting forward with my loud mechanical keyboard, its like one and a half two seconds, not probably like a second, even yeah its about a second Music yeah, you know when you think about the the mars was whats.

The mars helicopter called that thing takes eight minutes to send instructions to the mars drone and they can still fly it. So you can get used to this. I want to see the sunset one. More time and then and then well return it to the the pizza, oven, yeah sounds good. I could just this is. This is really awesome kurt. I hope the viewers are having as much fun watching this as i am doing it. I dont know if theyve ever seen something like this. This is really really cool all right. Let me do this ingenuity. I had to look that up. I couldnt remember what that one, what it was called there on mars man? What is this enterprise? This is the enterprise advanced i got ta get. I got ta get one of these man just for the thermal holy hell all right, so uh ive done man when you flip that on you can see everything that youre obviously not able to see right now. Yeah. Oh yeah, thats, pretty cool, i mean look at the trees. In the background you can see the different temperature of the various leaves thats, really good resolution, all right and then uh this up here you can see where ive flown, which wasnt very much. So if i want to im done stalking the horses all right um, we want to go back in the box. Can i can i turn the gimbal down, so i can.

We can see us going towards the box, sure uh and uh. Oh theres, one under it. Theres one right there, let me go. I want a thermal look at it. You try to hide from me, but you cant. Do it all right so theres a back in the box button? Where is that thing yep? You remember that. Is it this one? No look back on the mini map, mini map, top corner yeah right here, okay and then theres, oh yeah, okay, this is back in the box. There you go get back in there boom and then we just sit back and we watch it go make the screen a little bit bigger as you can see. So what can i flip over to this? Can i flip back over here yep, you can. Okay, all right, because i wanted to see it go in there. What were you saying whitney? I was curious. What the? What is the error rate you automate this particular part, its essentially a return to home sort of function, which is very simple uh for the user, but to get back in the the box i mean thats a pretty specific spot to land in yeah. It looks like theres um is that challenging to do yeah whats whats, going on there as far as the accuracy, its reading, those designs, its like an ascii code, kind of thing, its following those tags and so theres a little bit of computer vision, ai going on In the background, thats just slick as ill get out, isnt it wow were going back in the box, man holy moly.

That is how much bigger tha, how much wider than the drone is that it is just past the frame of the drone look at that and then it grabs it, and it can also eject the battery and put in a new one and all that right, yep. So now we just confirmed good landing, wow wow, how many batteries you got on board. This thing we have six total, so you could, you could fly forever. I want to fly forever. The box. Is the units themselves portable or do they need to be hardwired to power? Oh so it does have an internal backup battery thatll last only a couple hours. We do have integration, however, with uh systems like that we have a hex truck product uh part of hextronics. Its uh basically enables the system to be mounted onto the back of a truck like a f 150, and then we can just take directly from an inverter um and yeah completely on the move. So this is the kind of thing that, like um, police departments could have and an emergency services i mean theres, so many uses for it exactly im thinking about im thinking about, like, in instance, uh ken you and i were in downtown mayfield uh on the you Know hours after the tornado had come through there, but you couldnt easily get to downtown. I could easily see applications for this very product to be able to fly when you cant get a human person in there yeah.

So what um? What uh do you are? You are you guys, hiring uh. I know theres a lot of drone people watching thinking, thatd be a cool job to like maintain those boxes, install the boxes, uh, um. How? How big is your company right now? How many employees do you have yeah we are. We are hiring were always looking looking for more uh right now were actually just about 14 here in in miami. I started this company about a year and a half ago out of our garage in miami and now weve grown and done a a large production round, and we have really weve really done a lot in a quick amount of time and its really thanks to all Of our partners and and really our customers who have have helped um and excite us and encourage us and believe in us to push us forward, which is awesome, did you really start a garage? Are you just trying to steve jobs with this story? We call it hex labs now its its about a i dont, know 500 square foot garage back in homestead, where i grew up and thats where we made the initial initial unit and actually the very first production round. Uh was built by some some guys from my high school um, who really came aboard and helped me out in shop class, some from shop class, some from um programming class, and then some was just a round of interns that i riled up to come.

Help me. Rivet these boxes together, thats so awesome. Well, it is really slick that thats a cool story, but a fascinating product. Man yeah and i guess the hard part – is the the software really just all that stuff. I mean that must have given you guys some headaches before you. It looks like its pretty perfected and tested so yeah. The software is done by a company flight base with their product flight, now its uh one of our closest partners and they manage uh. Most of the uh, the control we managed the docking station itself and the software that was pretty much the most difficult was making the battery swapping process and the whole network communication stream. Uh, robust and reliable um. Are you uh? I mean theres theres information like i said to anybody interested in in the description website. Uh website and everything. Are you still looking for uh investors, um? Are you uh? Are you gon na go public and he wont stop. You know im. You know give me a couple shares i want to share in the magic uh well see were were getting there um when, when were when were ready well, be ready. Um right now were just trying to really take it slow and make sure what weve got is gold. Thank you so much for being on and show us that that cool cool thing again, its a hextronics uh check out the website. Thank you for having me.