The weather is still crappy, it’s still cold as heck outside, but today man, we’re gon na go ahead and go for a shot. Man we’re gon na bust out one of the gps joints that i’ve been telling you guys about. If you guys have been following me, this one i’m pretty excited about one, because what it looks like it looks like a phantom. You know i’m saying it’s like a knockoff phantom two because of the price point. This guy was just about 160 bucks, so i’m saying so it’s right well, underneath that uh 200 price point. You know what i’m saying this guy has brushless motors. It has a two axis gimbal all right. It has waypoints. Follow me, gps, all that good stuff man. This is the simrex x11 guys gps drone pick this guy up on amazon that’s, another good thing, it’s, backed by amazon. So you know you’re going to get good customer service. If anything goes wrong, you better return. This guy get another one, get your money or whatever have you now that being said, man this is the simrex x11 drone guys check it out. Follow me: hd camera automatic return, wi fi, altitude, gps waypoints. I was pretty excited about this guy man. Oh phantom style, clone it’s been a while, since i had all phantom style, you know there’s been a lot of folders in the market. Lately a lot of these potable drones in the market lately, which is hey, i like the folders, but you know um.

I never had the chance to own a phantom, so it’s it’s kind of i like to get a nice good, looking knock off, especially if it performs well – and this guy has brussels motors and it actually has a two axis gimbal with a 1080p camera guys. So i’m pretty excited about this, so let’s go ahead and just bust. This guy out of the box, get everything out of the box. Let me go ahead and pop this guy open, get everything out of the box and we’ll be right back. Okay, guys! I got everything out of the box man and let me tell you this: guy is looking pretty sweet. Now, let me tell you did come with two sets of propellers all right now these pops did not come on the drone. I actually had to put them on myself, so you do have to do a little bit of uh installation when you get this guy. Everything else came assembled the gimbal and everything is already on, but you do have to put the propellers on yourself. Okay and it’s. Pretty easy to put them on just uh line up the a with the a props and the b with the b props and just screw them on they screwed on real, easily wasn’t too much nothing, nothing too hard or complicated to do all right guys, pretty simple! So here is the drone look at that. You see that little gimbal that two axis gimbal look at that actual gimbal man actual gimbal check that out.

You see that boy 1080p camera and it actually has a sd card slot underneath there check that out, sd card slot, underneath so really nice man, you can adjust it the gimbal from the remote control and everything brushless motors on this guy there’s, no sensors or nothing Underneath does have excuse me, it does have a hefty size battery in here, like a smart battery. Look at that you can uh look at that full charge, battery check that out and it’s a um. Let me see what this guy is. This is a 7.6 volt. Three thousand three thousand one hundred and fifty milliamp hour battery guys blind. This is a brick only came with one though, but hey for this price point. Can’T complain: here’s our charging port right there. It is a micro usb which is awesome, because you know plenty of us have these with our cell phones and all that good stuff micro usb to standard usb charger here’s our connection to the drone. So you just stick this guy in there like that, and you would stick it all the way in and i would probably press this button that will power on the drone. Nice led lights, underneath there underneath underneath each motor pod really nice. Looking drone man got some decent weight to it, so i feel like it has some quality to it. I’M kind of impressed at the price point: 150. 160 bucks. You really can’t complain man, nice brushes on that boys, black um extra set of propellers.

Here you have your usb cable to charge the battery. You also have some extra screws right there not really sure what the screws are for, but hey you have that um prop guard. If you beginners will need the prop guards. You know nice instruction manual. You have like six of these instruction manuals, guys in like six different languages, all right they weren’t playing with it, so they wanted to make sure that you guys was able to get it get the point. There’S english here’s some other language, spanish, all that type of good stuff, all that good stuff, so they hooked you up with the instruction manual or emanuel’s pearl. You know what i’m saying really nice man, this setup is really nice for the price point. The controller is really nice and labeled, and laid out has some real metal. Looking gimbals on here has a nice little handle right here, so you can hold that fpv phone mount up top fit your phone up there. You know it has like some little rest right here, where your phone will rest right here and just slide in there. A couple bumper buttons up here: um, look at that unlock the motor return to home headless mode photo button. This is your adjust. The camera button a couple trim buttons here this here would be not too sure i forgot what this one was. I got ta look in the instruction manual. What i know this one is you hold this one down and do your compass calibration i’m gon na hold this down for a few seconds, and that does the compass calibration and then you can do your little gps, dance and all that stuff man, but we’ll go Through all that, when we get out in the field with this boy man, i am very impressed – it supports up to a 32 gigabyte sd card all right.

This is the sim rex, man, x11 old phantom 4 style drone man, two axes, gimbal her right, brushless motors under 200., guys great deal. I think i just hope this guy flies well hope the app is pretty decent i’m, not really sure what the range is on. This guy hey what we’re going to see when we get this guy out in the field and let you guys be the judge, all right, see you guys outside it’s gon na be cold, guys it’s, like eight degrees, so i wouldn’t even judge this flight time. I wouldn’t it had to be warmer for us to do a real flight time test on this guy, because it’s frigid here it’s been cold for almost over a week, so bear with me, we’ll pop out, see what this guy does all right, guys so we’re outside With the summer x, x11 i’ve already did the compass calibration, and to do that, you want to long press this button for a few seconds to hear the beep, and then you want to go ahead and spin. It around three times facing forward then face the camera down spin it around three more times and then the lights are all changed and the compass calibration should be done so right now on the tx it’s, showing that we have 13 satellites all right guys. So what i want to do is go ahead and look for the wi fi of this guy. Okay, so let’s look for the wi fi of this guy see what it is: simrex x11 let’s connect to that guy and the app is the ly fpv app for this guy i’m gon na go ahead and click start all right bam.

All right. We have fpv signal guys we are in the game. I just want to just check my settings. Real quick, make sure everything is all to the good. With this i have a 16 gigabyte sd card inside the camera, so we should be able to record directly to the sd card. Let me go ahead and just long press the photo button, all right, the car it says, it’s recording to the car, so we should just be able to hit this unlock button or maybe hold it hold it. It unlocks the motors and then we’re just going to just take off okay. Now one of these buttons is our rates. I can’t i can’t, remember, which one is our rates. Look at this button yeah. This is our rate, so we’re in the first right here i just wanted to hover. There make sure we’re not getting any toilet bowl effect. You know what i’m saying make sure we’re not getting any toilet bowl effect. It is really cold guys. So this just note that this is not going to be a full flight time test with this guy, because it’s so cold it’s, like five degrees. Look at it. That thing is pretty solid, if i do say so, myself, it’s, pretty solid we’re in the first rate, so she’s gon na go up a little bit, see how she hovers there. Look at that a little phantom style clone blind rocking with your boy, drones and dogs.

Man she’s holding there pretty solid somebody’s gon na go up and push this thing out, see how far we can go out before she breaks up on the app so let’s see, according to my transmitter, i’m 17 meters up 18 meters in distance that’s. What i said let’s push this thing out: let’s push this guy out, see before it lags and, of course, guys you know i will put the sd card footage up for you, guys let’s see where we’re at we’re 86 meters out 24 meters up. I want to go up to about 30 meters, make sure we’re up good enough. All right we’re about 30 meters up let’s keep going it’s cold, but this is not windy. Guys, no breakup! Yet, on the app and i’m 150 meters out no breakups yet still going let’s see where i’m at 229 meters out still got control i’m, yawning 229 meters out let’s keep going not too bad we’re heading close to the edge of the water, no breakups, yet we’re Let’S see let’s pause it right there at the edge of the water we’re 315 meters out guys. I still got control no breakups. Yet i got a little twitchy there. Just a little twitchy let’s see, we can keep going, got a little twitchy there, but we’re still going. I want to keep going until it freezes. I go up a little higher make sure i don’t hit no trees, wow, guys we’re approaching 400 meters, we’re ‘0 meters out and it froze.

So let you see if i still got control yep it froze on me yep. It froze on me. So let’s go ahead and return the home from there. I hit the return home from ‘0 meters, my app froze, but hopefully it’s coming back to me, the tx is coming down, but my app is completely like timed out of me. What happened app, hopefully it’s coming back. It says, prepare geomatic calibration i’ve done that yeah. My app is totally there. I see it coming back, but the app is totally like when bonkers on me wow. So you see i’ve let this little spot. I cleared out. They haven’t even plowed here, let’s see how close it comes to this little spot there. It is don’t hit the tree guy, ah nice, so yeah. This is a little spot. I cleared out let’s see how close she comes down and we’ll see what’s going on with this here app, why? Why has the app timed out on me, but here she comes here. She comes we’re out ‘0 meters, guys before she froze up that’s, pretty good for a gps drone that’s underneath look at how close she’s coming down too don’t hit this back up back up, oh almost in the snow, so that was pretty good guys. Considering now we have the app back, so the app has regained itself so i’ll give it that. Let me stop the recording make sure i save that recording long press it.

So i went ahead and stopped the recording let’s go ahead and start another recording. That was pretty cool guy look. This is where i took off from look how close she did. She came back. I had to redirect it from the snow there, but that was pretty darn good let’s go ahead and see if we can just do it down and out that starts the motors and uh go up so we’re losing a couple bars on our battery down at three Bars on our battery, we went out ‘0 meters, guys that’s, pretty good, so we’re in the first right here, i’m gon na fly around in this first rate and see how she goes in this first rake. She moves around pretty good. This is first rate wow, first rate flying nice, i’m gon na bring her back over here and we’re going to go to second rate, two beats it’s, the second rate, so she should be a little bit more peppier now let’s see what she does. Oh yeah, not a speed demo or nothing, but you could definitely tell she gained a little pitch on her in the first and the second rate. I’M. Sorry, this is a higher rate. Look at that all righty. Let me see if i can adjust the the camera. Let me see if i can adjust it down. Look at that, so she just adjustes down there’s me down there. Can you see me guys what’s up jones and dogs baby, and i can go back up so that’s, pretty nice man.

Everything is working well so far to this point, we dropped down to two bars of battery i’m gon na. Stop that recording there make sure i save something, and i want to bring her in for a quick, close look for you, guys figuring for a quick, close look. Nice look at that. The x11 man little phantom claw check it out check it out, check it out. Uh now i know this guy has uh weight points. I ain’t gon na get it to the waypoints right now, but maybe uh let’s see. Can we do a orbit? Maybe can we do an orbit if i back it out and go up? I want to go up higher than that tree, make sure i’m higher than the tree and do it orbit. Please connect the to the please connect the device waiting for gps search to finish. Oh, maybe you have to do the orbit, maybe that’s all inside the app i’m, not too sure. Maybe i’ll have to do orbit inside the app that’s curious, but we’ll get into the functions and all that stuff at a later date. I guess, but guys she’s flying pretty well. We still got two bars of battery so i’m, not sure if she could do the orbits and all the waypoints and all that good stuff yeah. It says please connect it yeah, so that must be when you’re flying with the phone only guys but hey check this out, she’s been flying in extreme cold and she’s, been flying pretty good man while we’re up there.

How about we take a couple photos guys let’s do that? Did we take a couple photos i’ll, take it inside the app took another photo all right, you can take photos from the transmitter we’re just taking a couple photos all right guys, so we just got to bring this girl on in i’m, pretty impressed. My fingers are froze still got two bars of battery, so she can still fly for a good minute. 16 satellites i’m impressed with the girl. She returned home pretty close summer x11, guys gon na make sure my camera is all the way up. I like the way she looks look. I got two bars left in the battery life i’m. Just gon na bring her all the way down for a smooth landing. I hope i’m gon na manually lander and try not to uh kill it. There. We go manual, land hold down prop shut off. This is a good bird underneath 200 160. This is a good bird i’m, very, very impressed with this girl. I hope the image comes out really good on um on the camera, for you guys, you guys. Let me know what you think of this bird leave me a comment below this is the summer x, x11, guys i’m, your boy drawing the dogs. I appreciate you guys if this is your first video you checking out of mines. Man, please give me a like, and please consider, subscribing and checking out more videos of mines, guys i’ll catch.