This is their. I think this is their newest, backpack theyre, one mole and ive fallen in love with this thing. Um this has replaced almost every other bag. Ive had ive tried a bunch of different bags. I do have the peak everyday design, so its its a very similar concept. Um ill be honest on some of the flaws on here. It seems like pgy has solved those issues and kind of built. A bigger, better mouse trap um, so lets go over it as far as materials wise. As soon as i opened the box, i was extremely shocked with how good the bag felt. I thought it was going to be a black, boring leather, hard rough type of bag. No, this is a its a very soft nice it. It looks like leather, but i want to say its a rain proof material, its extremely soft, its nice. It just feels like a premium product, so lets go over the options on this. Okay, we go to the back here. First thing on the back and its actually kind of cool, because when you do get it, they give you a little sample pack of the materials that they put in here, and i love that its one of those weird little nerd things. For me, the panning on the back here is its a honeycomb softer material, which is nice when its pushed against your back, and then they use this as your pass through.

So you can put it on luggage if you want to use it as a carry on or personal item, this does fit perfectly under the seat. You have plenty of legroom under there. I have done that um, so thats, the back. Okay, you do have a side. Strap to grab him from here, okay, so youve got also behind this strap youve got a small pocket. Um over here youve got another straps. You can grab from both sides onto the shoulder straps, and this is probably one of many, but this is one of my favorite parts about this. This has got an extremely soft honeycomb, mushy feeling and when youre wearing a backpack all day, that makes a huge difference. One of the things i was mentioning with the peak design that im not a big fan of is their shoulder. Straps are extremely its a hard hard material. I mean its theres, no flex, theres, no give its just a hard material. These feel like marshmallows, and i love that on my backpacks um, you know i youll carry it all day. Youll put a lot of weight in it. You want to have it as soft on your shoulders as possible, just because thats going to give you fatigue after a while a long day of caring lenses and cameras and everything all the fun toys. Um heres, your typical chest, strap okay, go from there. It just loops right in so you can loop, it theyve got different height levels, uh pretty standard stuff uh.

You know you got your loops here, so you can attach things to. There is also a waist belt um. You can attach um ive, actually its tucked in here, but that does come with a waist belt, which is nice. So you have a chest and waist belt uh, one of the other things here in the back, and this is something i didnt expect, but i really do like. Okay, so youve got your typical laptop compartment. Okay, but if you pull this, you can pull this up and get access to a laptop that is deep in bag. So if lets say, for instance, you dont carry a laptop lets say you carry an ipad okay, which i do quite often. Okay, if you carry your ipad, you dump it deep in the bag. Youre digging in to get it here. Its kind of nice, because all you got to do is just grab this little tab, pull it up the ipad. Pretty much comes up to you wherever you are so do love that option. Uh lets go over this, so i know other bags have their latch systems. Pgy tech is no different. Um, their live system, pull tab, open it very simple, um, honestly its about as easy as youre gon na get. You know some people said they have complaints about this, not latching. Honestly ive never had an issue with it. I mean i, can you know: thats im, not even im, just closing the flap and hes catching i mean there, you go.

It was a soft and hes catching every single time. Obviously, certain weight restrictions um. Another big thing i like about this bag: okay over the other ones, you can zip this down and the bag opens like a butterfly um. This is one huge thing that is flawed with a lot of other bags because they dont – let you get to the middle section here. Theyve also got their own theyve got their own types of dividers. Okay, nice thing about the dividers is its not all velcro. Okay, theyve got these little tabs in front that will actually lock into here. So youve got a very secure flat platform when it comes to putting your stuff on here. Youve got your nice zipper pockets by the way. This material here was one of the first things. I noticed on the inside its extremely soft and i think of it like a brand new lexus interior thats, the feeling again, its just a nice premium, feeling type of interior. It just feels like quality. You know it doesnt feel like its going to rip or tear its just its a much nicer netting than ive seen on any other bag to be honest, um, so that alone just makes me love this bag. Youve got your zipper pockets. I believe i just tossed down some gopro mounting clips in here, so that makes that easy, youve also got which i use this all the time for random, quick accessories.

I actually use it for business cards and things like that. So magnet quick tablet, quick tab and actually you can open that from the very top of the bag. When you get a little bit deeper here, you know: youve got open the flap, but youve got your third zipper pouch. If you really wanted to now theyre dividers. These are very similar to a peak design style where you know it comes in a flat piece and you can fold them and mend them and bend them, and you know basically make them do whatever you want them to do. One thing i recommend about this bag. Now here was one difference between the everyday bag in this one, and this is what made me fall in love with this, the more as my everyday bag on the everyday bag. I actually had lenses lenses tend to fall out and crash. Okay – and let me show you why and maybe it could be the bag size since the everyday bag does come in 30 liter and is a little bit bigger. Okay, one of the issues you run into with these types of bags. Are you have it on your shoulder? Okay lets say i want to grab my camera. If you open a bag, what happens? Sometimes the lenses will just fall out. Okay, so i do have these little bungee cords, but heres one thing with this bag. It never actually happened now, like i said i dont know if its the bag, maybe its a little bit of a tighter fit it actually hugs the lenses that i use a little bit more.

It could be um im, not sure, either way. I got some extra velcro straps, just to kind of help, double secure everything and make sure that everything stays where its supposed to be, because the last thing you want to do is open your bag and youve got expensive camera gear spilling out into jump into your Driveway sidewalk anywhere you go so that was thats. One thing i recommend get those side straps as far as the side pockets, its got your two stretchy pockets for tripods water bottles. Whatever i do, i bring this backpack with me everywhere. This has literally become my everyday bag. This has replaced every bag that ive ever had um this. This is just i was so blown away with how the quality of this, with just the way the outside feels and normally ill, be honest. Im, not a fan of red black bags, um im, usually into lighter colors, but with this one i fell in love with just the material everything alone um. You do have your straps to tie down. If you need to youve got your waist. Youve got your waist straps in there. You know you do have for those that need it theres a little bit of security. You can just take this loop toss it through here and my dog likes it too um with these side panels. Okay lets kind of dive into there, so when you actually open a bag and you get into it um the nice thing they do offer is they do? Give you a few different types of mounts down here.

For instance, i have a dgi or im sorry, dji, mini 2. Drone ive got this bottom pouch here. That is its one of their dividers, that kind of loops around um. I can put the drone on the bottom remote on the top and it fits perfectly snug on the other side. Here i can toss the batteries. The three fly more battery pack and i put a stripe on it just in case and nothing moves and its nice because its kind of there, its tucked away at the bottom, you dont, really have to think about it. Heres one of the other cool things – and i love this about these pgy bags – is the little battery section um. This is one of those attention to details that unless you, unless you get this kind of bag, you just never think twice about it. Now its kind of hard for me to use another bag without thinking about this, they give you these little coins and its green and red, and it goes into the battery pack. So when your battery dies take the coin flip it over, you know which ones are dead. You know which ones are alive. I absolutely love that uh since, like i say its one of those simple small things you dont think about, but now that you have it its hard to take it away, um other than that you know so this side is kind of devoted to you know: theyve Theyve pre promoted this to uh batteries.

Um and youve got your few little accessory straps here. If you have the other side, okay, again the zipper pouch and then here youve got a nice big pocket. Youve got a couple small pockets, but the nice thing too. Since this zips closed, you can even put things here. Ill put softer items here. You know if ive got a cleaning kit or microfiber towels. I love putting them here because its a quick, easy reach. I dont have to find some specific pocket for them and you know theyre there when i need them, so that is the components um. This is 18 liters. So this is not going to be my. I need to carry massive loads of equipment, so you know, but for an 18 liter this is, i will admit, this is top of the game for an 18 liter bag. I absolutely love this thing other than that i mean youve got your two straps on the bottom here. Youve got all your typical loopholes that most bags have um, you can access. So if you go straight in from the top here, okay, you have a magnet pouch here. Okay, i did clear everything out of here and then youve got this like i say, youve got this uh mount for this level here, so it stays flat and then youve got that top pocket. I talked about earlier um. Aside from i mean theres, no real expansion. You know theres one latch one size which thats fine as long as you know what youre getting into thats just the way it is.

But, aside from that, uh heres another side note a lot of us like to toss our bags on the ground. The bottom here is not the soft leather, its actually got a nice kind of rugged. You know i im not afraid of tossing this thing on the ground and getting a damaged scratch, or you know, pinching the material or anything like that, its actually its a really nice rough material um. You know, aside from that, its it. This is honestly the best all around bag. Ive ever had. You know down to the materials, the quality, even the colors, you know the soft brown leather or the soft brown interior, i should say, is a very nice touch, um, just the options, the look of it. You know i it doesnt look like anything extreme either. So if somebody sees you walking down the street with this theyre not instantly gon na think oh hey hes got a bag full of expensive camera equipment. Let me grab it um. You know some other bags. They try to make you look like a like youre going in outer space and its kind of obvious what its for its very low key, but its its quality and, like i say my favorite still these straps. I just cannot get over how soft and nice these straps are. So, if youre thinking about a bag, i want to say this is in. I think i paid like 2 something 220, maybe um.

This is their newer one. I know they have another one, and i was actually kind of curious about it. Now that ive seen this one um pick it up, you will not regret it. I love the quality i that was the first thing that stood out to me was the quality of the materials, and that alone just made me fall in love with this bag. So much more than your traditional ive got a bunch of bags that, were you know. Fifty dollars seventy dollars, i you know, i never understood why people spend two three four hundred dollars on a bag um after getting this youll. Never look back trust me on this. If youre thinking about it, if you have a bag and youre just like oh, i cant its a its a bag that holds camera equipment thats. What a lot of people say thats what i used to say said it just holds my stuff doesnt matter how much it is its a bag. No, there is huge, huge, huge difference when you come to the quality of it, the materials, the comfort i mean you know this is something thats strapped to your back, sometimes four, five six hours a day, you know thats thats, put the money out and get the Right one for you, um other than that you know they theyve. They do also have really good nd filters for the dji menu um. You know i also picked those up, but regardless that has nothing to do with this um.

The bag itself grab it. You wont regret it. I promise you um, you know and thats thats about it with the bag. You know, i hope this was informative. I hope it helped you. I didnt want to just uh fluff the bag and make everything sound perfect, but realistic, and i try to be objective with my reviews. Um realistically i couldnt find anything wrong. I mean here i guess if i was going to say one thing that that doesnt bug me but its a little bit annoying. Sometimes the zippers are not a thousand i mean here they can. You can open clothes over and over um yeah, maybe the zippers. I that would be the only thing i would say is kind of annoying, but its its not even really annoying its, not to the fact that it would ever stop me from grabbing this bag, even if i knew it beforehand, just that the pros outweigh this. A thousand to one so do yourself a favor pick up the bag. If youre thinking about it, dont hold off um its its a great company, great product, i really ive blown away like im.