I think you’re going to like this one, because the price is pretty decent and the features of the seer case. You know here i am out in the environment on a rainy day. Uh this case is perfect for it so let’s go inside and let me show it to you here. We go all right we’re indoors, and let me tell you what makes this case so darn amazing for the price. First off it is waterproof it’s ip67 rated. Not only that all the metal parts on here are all corrosion resistant, it’s, also impact resistant plastic, it’s. Also, sun proof, you know if you heat this thing up in the super hot sun, the plastic is not going to deform or anything and it’s. Also brittle proof. If you take this out in the air, take it’s not going to become brittle and fall apart. Also right over here is a pressure relief valve that’s, just in case this is sitting out in the hot sun or in your car, and everything heats up, it’s not going to cause vapor lock and you can’t get this open because it’s like airtight seal nope, it’s Perfectly fine, so with all those features it puts the case in the professional line of cases, it’s not a cheapy case like you buy off at amazon it’s a professional case. But what really sets this case, apart from all the others? Besides the price it’s, not very expensive, for what you get is what you can fit inside.

So if you bought a dji fpv drone, certainly it fits inside. But if you bought the fly more kit and a few extra thingies like the motion controller, it all fits inside. How about? I show you how i put everything inside watch this first off the case holds four propellers stacked, one on top of the other and then on top of those props. You put your goggles with any cables hanging off your goggles, just shove them in push the goggles down leave the antennas on. You can also fit three batteries in this case. Just leave one in the drone put the other two here. The fpv goggles battery also fits it’s, got a spot for it. Your controller slides nicely over here on the right hand, side the multi battery charger hub. You actually put that underneath the drone there’s a little spot for it. You probably can’t see it too well in this here picture. Next we have the power supply. It fits right over here, the cables any cables. You have there’s a section in the back. You can even fit filters back there. Next, you have the drone with the battery. In the drone that slides nicely into place and finally, if you bought the motion controller there’s a spot for that, so you saw that the case holds three batteries for the drone and one set of props. What, if you wanted to put an extra set of props and extra batteries? Can you yeah you can? Because there are so many holes all over the place that you just sit, the batteries down sideways or the props down sideways, and it fits because take a look at the top.

This thing is quite deep, so there’s a lot of space here on the top when it closes it will not squish anything and things will fit. I do that with all my cases, and this one here is no exception, so you can see this little pgy tech case for the dji fpv drone is pretty darn sweet but check this out. This is the gpc case, you know, and it cost a lot more than this one and it is bigger too. Look at this comes over the side and if i put it flat, it’s actually a larger case, but guess what they almost hold the same amount yeah. I don’t know it’s just kind of weird, obviously in this one here i have squished more things into it, like i could put six batteries in this one it’s not designed to hold six batteries, but i squished them in by putting them sideways and everything else. I couldn’t get six batteries into this, but i mean just out of the box, if you just put the stuff in them that they were designed to hold. Well, they pretty much hold almost the same. So with that in mind, this here, pgy tech case definitely seems like the better value between the two. So if you’re, a newbie and you’ve never owned a hard case, you’re probably wondering why the heck would you even want one in the first place? Let me tell you this i have i wish i could show you behind this camera i’ve got hard cases coming out.

My yin yang i’ve got so many of them for all my really good drones, i believe in hard cases that’s for sure and a hard case is so cool because everything fits inside. So you don’t have to have pieces here pieces there all over the place. Second thing is when i go to a location to film – and i want to transport my drone winter summer in a hard case, it is so awesome because a lot of times i’m just throwing this in the back of my car when i had a car and Now that i have a jeep, a pickup truck, i throw it in the bed of the pickup truck it bounces all over the place, but i don’t worry about it because they’re all like dampening proof, vibration, proof inside because they fit so snugly. Everything fits snug inside. So, for a guy like me, a hard case is the answer. I have hard cases for my camera equipment too. So yeah hard case is the way to go, but if you’re gon na hike from point a to point b and not drive well, then you’re gon na need a backpack and the backpack’s the way to go. Then i’ll tell you that now i’ve carried a hard case from point a to point b, a long distance and man is that difficult, it’s taxing. You need a backpack in that case, get yourself a backpack if that’s the case, and this backpack is from pgytek too and now you’re wondering hey, is pgytec sponsoring this video? No, no! I don’t have any sponsors on my channels.

What i show is totally up to me – and i only show stuff that i believe in and well i’ve had this for over a year and i’ve used it with an awful lot of drones. This is my backpack to carry drones around whenever i go to a site, and i don’t have anything to carry the drone in it goes in this. This pgy tech bag has not failed me, yet it’s really good and hard cases. I have every brand on the market and i’m just glad that pgy tech put out a low cost one because uh, if you don’t, buy this one well, then you have to buy the more expensive gpc one here, which i paid big bucks for so what i’m Gon na do now is i’m gon na put links below to these two products. I suggest you go check it out and see if either of them are for you, for your needs, i’m sure you’re gon na buy this, because i i haven’t seen any case on the market that’s as good as this for the dji fpv drone at this price.