So you need a pair of good gloves, but you need a pair of gloves that also let you operate your equipment. We have made buttons and levers and a lot of touch screens now. So um for christmas, i received the um a pair of these photography, gloves they’re by our our friends over at pgy tech who make a lot of um. You know photo uh, you know drone related gear. These are photography gloves, but on the back they clearly show that somebody use them with a drone um. You know a phantom style, uh uh phantom 4 style controller and has an ipad uh, probably the uh uh. You know the apple ipad mini 5 there and they’re, showing them using the dsl style camera. You know it shows their versatility. You know not just for time for this for other uses. Also and um i want to you, know, show you the gloves here. This is the set of this. The pg y photography gloves um both sides here, and you know they have many features to them. Um one of them is um. They have the the 3m fence plate here, so they keep extremely hands extremely warm in uh. You know below uh freezing temperatures and i had i tried them out this weekend. Um i went to ken herron’s uh photography meetup, with the boardwalk on a city jersey on saturday very cold day. I wore the gloves for the first time that day and they kept my hands very warm at some points.

I had to take the gloves off because my hand they kept my hands so warm that day um. So you know that definitely uh is a plus. Here. You know the cold weather and they also have um high poro, as i as if that’s, but i never heard of best before and uh. What this is material allows them to be uh breathable as well as waterproof. Now i did not get a chance to test the uh, the waterproof factor on uh saturday, because of what you did rain there’s no snow around. It was nothing like that, but uh it does have the waterproof building and they were very breathable. You know they again. They had rips, they kept your hands warm, but you know not too warm to the fact that my hands are sweating inside um. You know so they were nice and breathable. So that’s, some of the the real good things about it and i’ll show you. You know what i thought was: you know the uh, the kind of home run feature of it um now on on the three main fingers the thumb, the big finger and the index finger uh. What they do is, let me try as best i can the camera here. You can uh. It has two little snaps here this snap in this step, and you can you know snap them together there and then you, your finger will, will you know come out of there, so you can use the tip of your finger on your gear and your touch screen.

So let me demonstrate here, uh and also uh, while i’m demonstrating here i’m gon na put the glove on. It also has a velcro thing to you, know, loosen and tighten this. That makes it easy to get them on and, of course, you know get them off. At the same time, i feel like almost oj here putting this glove on here um. So you know you put the velcro back on tight and they have the little clips here. So you keep the both the gloves clipped together, so you don’t lose them. When you have been like co pot, you know jacket, pockets and things like that. Okay, so, as i was showing you um we’ll use the big finger here. So you, you know you, you know, you reveal your finger like that push back and you you know, put it. The snaps and the snaps are um kind of hard to work with here, maybe because they’re new but uh i tried to do them before i um, you know put my hands through here, so um see. If i can get that here, i still can’t go except the snaps are a little hard to manage when you have them on your hand when you’re, when you’re off your head. Okay – so i got snapped – you probably heard that pop. So you can see that i have use of the you know. The index finger uh on touch, touch screens, levers any anything.

You know like uh that related you know uh two gear here and uh. You know they. They have good grippiness. You know in here um you can see that here. So you know they’re good to grip or to hold uh things in the cold weather things that may be slippery like metal and glass and so on. So again you could do the same thing on the thumb here: um i’m, going to pull that back and it’s got a little snap here and i want to take forever showing you that one went good. So i had the snap and a forefinger out here. So i mean you know so far. These are real winner. I mean um the the fit finish. You know the the features that i just went over uh the usability of the fingers, but here is the downside here on my very first use of them on saturday. Um, the, as you can see here, the um. You know the index finger also snaps back, but the uh the other pieces snap. Here you can see the the threads here. It fell off on on the first day of usage, and i i don’t even have it, you know: it’s completely lost, it must have fell from the ground someplace. When i was either you know, snapping clothes or unsnapping it um, and so you can see the the threads sticking up there uh so that that’s a big con here. It uh the snaps.

I wanted snatched off on the very first day of use of it and uh. You know i i you know, i don’t know if you would call it user error on my part, i mean you just you know you stab it on you, stop them off. I mean uh it’s a simple process. I mean, if it’s gon na, if me just pull it off too hard, if that’s gon na happen on the first day, i mean how, how would i expect it to hold up now? Maybe this is just a one off here: it was just a a you know. You know one here that was badly sewn on um and you know just maybe a quality defect and another pair won’t have this issue. I i can’t say, but what i’m going to these were purchased from, so we will go through the return process and request another pair to come through, and when i get that paired up and i give them you know – i have a chance to put those To their paces, whatever i will see if another snap falls off – and i report back to you again uh in a file review to this to see if um you know, it was just a one pair that i had had a defect or it’s a common issue With these gloves, and as far as you know, uh the snap breaking off uh, you know they were um, they did have a quality control sticker on them at the bottom here and it was uh the quality control they were uh.

It passed quality control on october 31st. 2018. So these are not a new item. Maybe it sat in the warehouse too long and maybe the strings of the thread that held the snap on. Maybe they aged or got rot in the meantime i i don’t know, but you know that’s a long time ago that they passed the quality test uh. So i don’t have anything to do with my issue or not, but uh anyhow, so um that’s it for this portion um so that’s it for my uh. You know review so far. I don’t want to go on one of it. As far as you know, i really enjoyed the gloves uh the features you know, uh, like the the 3m warmth, the waterproof, the breathability, the way they fit. You know the uh the way they stick on here, uh, the velcro. I mean a lot of things. I really like the snap back fingers but uh, you know uh, you know that’s the, but the big kind was that snapped off the very first fusions you said so: um i’ll put a link below to where you can purchase these gloves. I i don’t know how much they are off the top of my head, so i don’t want to misquote a price here, but i will put the pricing and the um. You know where you can purchase these a link or whatever and that’s up to you whether you want to should use the link.

You know uh or wait for me to come back with a with my uh second pair here, um and see if the snaps hold up better autumn, so um and there are turner’s out there. I think uh, our our good friend marcus crawford over a idaho quadcopter. He got another brand name pair of uh photography, gloves and his case probably drove gloves more than anything uh and they use a magnetic system to snap the fingers back rather than stacks, so maybe that’s a that’s a better idea. I don’t i don’t know so i want to follow up with him sometime how his gloves are working out for him so i’m going to keep this short and sweet for now uh, and i will be back again when i get the second parent i’m able to Put that second pair uh, you know through their paces uh. You know uh and see if the steps hold up better on that pair.