But I never considered that after all these days it was gon na be dry snow, like powder it's like trying to make a jump out of sand just like it's, like powder it's like empty snow. It doesn't weigh anything at all, but I say screw it: let's fire up the ramen ater the TMR performance engine and give her a riff anyway. Okay, so everybody's wondering about the deer. In the background aren't, you happy what's it for there Jim it's for me to shoot it with bow and arrows. My bow and arrows there's, no there's, no way I'm gon na be able to clear it today in that sauce. No, maybe I'll, maybe I'll, hit him with the ramen later you get. The antlers point forget points for antlers depends on how many a hit here's the new TMR performance engine. I did replace the clutch and install this prototype pipe. This is the original prototype that TMR did ugly welds and whatever I think it builds character for the whole truck itself. Now it actually Bratz the way it should. Applause, Applause, Applause, Laughter, Applause, Applause, Music. I know when you get hit by that cow and it's on rice here. That is good. This is formidable machine Applause, Music, Music, Hey Applause; it was good Applause, okay, so right now, I'm, going as far away as possible. We'Re gon na try to wind that engine up I'm still. This is my first tank of gas on this engine and I'm still tuning it up, but I think the break in process look at that it's.

All peace it's so stable for people high up there compared to the stock, though that's the that's night and day. Okay let's hit the big one. No, we know the fans want to see the big jump: Applause, Music, Music, Music, Music. You did Applause, Oh Music, look at those pocket; Applause, Music, No Applause! Well, there you go the TMR performance engine, the TMR pipe. I know they've got a better pipe on the way and the primal RC Ram inator finally sees its day out in the snow. These tires aren't even getting the proper traction on the ground. I can hardly wait until the springtime guys drop a light. Click right now leave a comment. We'Ll see in the next episode of rcadventures now get outside and have fun with RC Music Applause, Music, lovely, lady, Jim. You got to film today. What do you think? Is there an improvement over the old one away? Yeah yeah, it sounds awesome. It performs really well it's freaking heavy it is they listed as 80 pounds. I'Ve never actually lifted it. No that's a ball it's. Basically, the same thing it's another one. A lots of power today tires lead ice tires yeah. We could use some spikes for extra traction.