It works very, very well, but we go crazy, hi guys, but the hairpin bends here on my channel i am asking me – is this – was not the command of a dj, even if it might seem so, but it is the radio control of this little drone. The capanon a 111 max an inexpensive drone under 250 grams and at a cost of just 80 euros, which I talked about a few days ago. Forgive the delay for this second part of the review. But I had some small health problems, but now Im here to show you this in flight dona wanted well or not lets find out. Now this is its application from the numerx drone. It is very simple: we have a small series of settings that will basically allow us to set the control scheme, the possibility of setting the quality of the photos up to 8 k. Even the resolution of the 720p video or full hd English language. There is no Italian, it is also possible to update the firmware by accessing the flight interface instead q. His is very simple. At the top. We have the battery status of the drone, the satellites locked, the flight status is now hold, but we can also set indoor or gps mode, the one that obviously, I recommend outdoors the city tree of the drone in height and distance. In addition to a series of commands that will allow us, for example, to have the controls on the screen, possibility to take pictures and record videos here are the guys the first criticality arrives.

In fact, this drone does not currently allow me to record videos, and I do not understand why I also tried with another smartphone, but when we try to record videos, nothing goes ok. This is the emergency stop anyway, and we also have the automatic return home here. We have the gps map, but considering that it uses Chinese gps maps, I dont think google ones are supported maps, a real shame. We have about 7 8 satellites locked. It is very slow in this respect. However, we try the same to take off arm to the engines and decoration, and here it is the flight. I must say that it is also quite stable for what it costs. This drone sees in its front part and the presence of an anti collision sensor. That will rotate 360 degrees, avoiding possible obstacles. Here is now unraveling why he sees an obstacle in me backs up. There is a lot of wind today. It moves a bit up and down, but still maintains the position quite well. If a try to make the drone move to the right, the laser turret will move to the right and look around now to the left and turn left back and rotate back forward. Wheels forward a very, very smart choice. So, based on the direction in which we are going, the riser athlete will rotate accordingly. Lets now, try some photos since the videos. Unfortunately, I cannot record them the drone vibrates. Many do not think anyone is praised, none ace stabilizer.

We can, however, tilt the gene ball. Both up and down now that it gives on the ground, I show you the p most interesting art of this drone or its laser turret. That will allow it to avoid crashing into any obstacles arm. The motors we try to move the drone to the right and look at the turret, rotate right, left, rotate left back back and then back forward is a very smart choice to have an anti collision sensor. However, basic but functional – and I have seen that on this drone – it works very, very well. I go crazy. You have to command instead for how much chip in cheap and all plastic materials has returned a good feeling. It is never a pain which costs 80 euros. Do not expect great quality for the photos, the videos instead, I have not been able to record them, but if you are looking for a group with which to learn to fly, the turret in the anti collision evening could be interesting. Instead, it is the aspect that surprised me, because it works well and its a nice gimmick. Ok, this guys and the k 911 max is not the drone of life, the revolutionary drone, but it is ad economic rone that weighs less than 250 grams and therefore can be piloted even without a license almost everywhere. In strong memory of the period in which he began piloting thieves boys about 56 years ago and with 80 euros in that period, I would not have brought home absolutely nothing.

The minimum cost was at least 200 euros for a drone with brush motors and without gps. Without particular flight features instead, today with 80 euros, we take home a nice roster to learn to fly quite safe and with flight functions all in all well done, even if for the cam, we still have to wait to find good ones in this price range. So, cheap and thats all guys. Forgive me my current condition: Im still a bit sick. I still have to recover my energy, but I wanted to bring you the second part of this video review, because me many have asked so now you tell me what you think by leaving me a nice comment below in life description. Instead, you I leave over links to buy this drone, also other links for different drones and accessories that I recommend and also enter channel 3, that officially these s2, you will find the offers updated.