He offers his deepest condolences to surviving family members of those who are killed, including mr ramadi, and to the staff of nutrition and education international, mr ahmadis, employer, and you should have in your inboxes, now a statement that im basically paraphrasing from. As the secretary says in this statement, we apologize and we will endeavor to learn from this horrible mistake and to that end he has directed a thorough review of the investigation just completed by u.s central command, and he has asked for this review to consider the degree To which the investigation considered all available context and information, the degree to which accountability measures need to be taken and at what level and the degree to which strike authorities, procedures and processes need to be altered. Going forward family members if they are provided and then i know you walked us through the timeline on another matter altogether. Today, the secretary approved a request from the capitol hill police board to provide 100 members of the washington dc national guard, who will be stationed at the dc armory as a physical security task force this weekend to augment law enforcement. Um uh over over the weekend, covering this september 18th demonstration on capitol hill. The d.c national guard will join a number of local law enforcement agencies in supporting the capitol police. Should the capitol police require assistance, they will first utilize local state and federal law enforcement capabilities before requesting the deployment of the physical security task force.

The task force will only be deployed upon request of the capitol police to help protect the u.s, capitol building and congressional office buildings by manning building entry points and screening individuals that are seeking access to the building. They will be unarmed back in january, it became kind of a big issue that there were veterans and i think senior administration officials have been in touch with their french counterparts to discuss this arrangement uh, including before the announcement um. The secretary spoke with the french minister of defense this morning, um and uh, and i wont characterize the the french side, of course, but uh uh. It was clear from the discussion that there is still much work to do in terms of our defense relationship with uh with france. I mean more things to work on uh that there are that there are opportunities and shared challenges and shared interests that both ministers committed to continue to explore and theres, as the president said, theres no regional divide that uh separates the interests of our atlantic and our Pacific partners um ensuring a free and open indo pacific is a shared interest between the united states and europe uh, and we will continue our close cooperation with nato and the eu and other partners uh in that on that kind of an endeavor.