Where are we pennhurst the creepiest place on earth? I dont know if you remember one of our reviews a few years ago, but i got kicked in the shin by something that wasnt here so im a little bit nervous for tonight. But i had to come back because ive missed this place and lots of things have changed over. You know the course of time and obviously i think last year you guys koba didnt stop. You were working. Oh no, no covid kobit was a challenge. Uh. We met that challenge full throttle, excellent uh. We were actually really proud about the way we handled it because i mean there were so many restrictions, the state, the county, everybody has their restrictions. Okay, we kept our guests safe. We kept our staff safe. It was a fantastic year for us, so whats been in the off season. What have you done? Anything major? Any any off season were always going to be updating, refining working on different scenes. Um weve included, i believe, five different scenes that are completely new for this year within the attraction very exciting, um top, as always with our sets, its always top tier, like we really go whole hog where you walk into a room, and you cant tell if its Real or if its fabricated and thats well thats the point its. What gets you is, what it is, how many actors you guys have um were gon na, be sitting around on an opening night were sitting around 100 actors, which is amazing, because weve already been a lot of places.

Um and you know its been hard. I feel like to get more volunteers, get people in working just different things. You know in the hot community, so if youre nearby – and you want to scare people come on by oh yeah. This is this – is a fantastic environment to work in um. We we do. Try to take care of our all of our staff as well as we can. You know i mean its its supposed to be fun, its a seasonal thing, its its a chance to kind of cut loose a little bit and get that get that inner inner monster out for the halloween season. So we uh, if you, if youve ever, been interested in working at uh at a haunted attraction. This is a great place to start whats your favorite scene this year, im gon na put you on the spot. Um in this place. Uh we did a uh. I dont wan na spoil it for you guys all right all right. Okay, so whats your favorite attraction. Not here, oh not here, wheres your favorite place, im, not leaving, and you actually get a minute. You want me to pitch another haunted house. I mean if you had to pick if i had to pick if i absolutely would be positive, had to pick. I would im cheating im going to cheat im cheating. I would go to eloise asylum in westland michigan outside of detroit thats, where i would go thats a smart move.

I like it. I like it. I see, i see why this guys thats, why youre in charge. I think you guys better hurry up and get yourselves here and get scared. Well tell you about what we think one more way out thanks jim catch, you guys later. Thank you. Hey guys! Haul review crew. 2021 penny. You know it was a good time when were out here buying up. We bought merch a lot of it too. Big smiles, three attractions tonight, first weekend theyre open and they were on fire absolute fire. The actors in here the timing was sensational. The smells was bad. We have decided our new product is. The hrc depends if you get my drift youre gon na need them here. Do not its opening weekend and june. Oh its just gon na get better dont sleep on this. Please get out here and get some oh and by the way, theres some something new coming later in the season, but well come back then and show you oh, we will be here guys. You do not want, like tim said, do not sleep on this place. Get out here early because pennhurst is naturally a creepy environment and people flock by the thousands to come here for this attraction. They have changed up so much and you can tell that the actors and all the staff here just have such a passion. Even the security guards are like pumped up. I got scared by somebody wearing a reflective vest that wasnt supposed to scare me every week.

Every week, theyre making changes. So if you come this weekend, you come next weekend. Theres gon na be a little tweak, something different, so come early, come often and check out all the new differences actors. Youve got theres a full staff here, guys its awesome. They are like stand up comedian level. They are amazing, shout out to nurse batty shout out to and this isnt how they really are and they wouldnt. So you never know they didnt break character or anything. Hey yall richard happened to mention the bedpan lady lady shes heating things up yeah. She pulled a carrot out of it and ate appropriate things. There are multiple nurses in this group and were very proud of her good job. Great im telling you great show please get out here, check out our written review with much more explanation.