I want to take the same route up this hill, because this little guy right here, which is under 250 grams, also has active track or its a follow. Me function and, of course, this is what a lot of people would want to move up to or move from if they got something like the mini 2, of course, theres a lot of other factors, but i think this is definitely one of the ones that a Lot of people want to see, i will be having a bunch of other videos comparing this one to the mini and just talking about some of the features on this one, but i think for me the first thing i wanted to do. How big of a difference is uh and how? How good or bad is the tracking on this little guy here, whos 249 grams, just like the mavic mini and the mini 2, except this one, like i said, has that obstacle avoidance and tracking, but before we get into this tracking video, a quick word from todays Sponsor epidemic sound now, one of the things ive learned over the years when shooting and editing of course, is trying to keep your audience engaged and thats where epidemic sound comes into play. Whenever you guys hear some background music or some sound effects in my videos, i get it all from the epidemic. Sound library, the great thing about epidemic sound is that they have high quality royalty, free music as well as sound effects on their website.

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If, knowing that the battery will drain faster fine but at least give me the option to keep it on uh because, like i said, i want to be able to dial in things while im on the ground, i dont always want to have to take this up. In the air and find out that maybe my nd is wrong or my settings arent the way i want it to be, or even just a lot of other factors, so give me the option have video on even while im not in the air and then also Um, obstacle avoidance is always off, so whenever you land it and put it back up optical avoidance automatically turns off every single time. You have to activate it or turn it on lets. Take this thing up the hill and hopefully itll track me all the way up. This hill, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, huh, Music, Music Applause, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, that wasnt uh that wasnt that good all right so lets go and kind of go through it. Just the drone doesnt track you moving up. So if i looked at the height on my drone and the height, even though i was going up the hill, the height stayed the same, which means once my drone got to the same height as it was right before i took off, then it would basically just Be like leveled with me, it would, as you saw it, almost ran into me a couple times every single time i would pass through darker shadows.

It would stop youll see the box, the tracking stop right there and almost lock onto the shadow, and i thought that was just on those turns, but then even up here, while i was going on flat ground, it would lose me on the shadows. So id have to keep resetting resetting resetting. Let me take this over to flat ground now and see how well it does just in a nice open area, all right so im here at a flat parking lot, because i actually contacted hubsan. I did that run yesterday and i wanted to find out if theres something i was doing wrong, contacted them, and they let me know that it will not track you on elevation, so it wont rise with you. It wont uh a center descend with you. So lets see how it works here, im at a flat parking lot. I got some trees. I got some lamp posts and lets just see how uh the tracking does, in a scenario like this, so to take off. Like i mentioned before, you dont go in like the uh dji ones. You actually press down and out so down and out and lets go lets. Give it a try. Okay, so lets go into my modes. Theres a little switch there to go into the modes im. Gon na click on follow mode come on come on there you go, you got me, you see it hit, go okay, start active track.

Here we go all right, he lost me. I am not in come on. Come on come on lets go. Do i have to go in like bright, bright light or something its, not picking me up at all? Okay here this should get me there. You go go okay, lets follow, follow me walking in uh some shade right now lets see if itll still get me here. Coming up on some trees, but its above the trees, so it should be fine, like i said, im going to try to go just on an open area at first just to test it and then well see how it does following me in you know a few Different scenarios so open area just like this go for a little jog so far so good, i think there you go. It lost me now, okay, right when i said so far so good, it loses me all right lets! Do that again! Track me! A little smaller go, okay obstacles are detected, but it shouldnt be because theres not much here. Okay lets see if it follows all right lost me in the tree. Okay, is it turning yeah its turning okay? So this should be fine. I have a nice open parking lot right here, cant really get much better than that, and there you go. Why does it keep losing me? Come on guy all right, so lets do the same thing now, but this time lets use uh.

The follow me mode using gps, so this should be better. Mobile strength is strong out to 70 meters. Distance is 10 meters away, so its right there and see here. Let me go a little bit higher because i do want to go higher than the trees. Okay and the light lets execute okay, so with the gps, it says, signal weak lets, hide this and lets move this up. Oh its moving all right here we go its doing something. Let me move my camera up, okay, so its following me. I had to go a little bit further away, but its giving me some distance, which is interesting, but it is going to follow the remote control. It does seem a little far. I wonder if i can move it up a little closer, so here it is im doing the same thing quick run around here, so thats, not as good as id like it to be, because and its also kind of scary, because you are it tracks, you now And starts moving backwards and sideways, which means, even if obstacle avoidance is on it, is not going to follow you. Yes, itll get through the trees, but theres a big lag right because it has to go off of gps and you moving 20 30 feet away. Its gon na take some time for that to register, so gps can work, but you got to be very careful with where youre going, because itll keep going backwards or sideways, and it does not automatically turn towards you like activetrack would all right.

So that was a very interesting test, and this is just my experience guys there might be. You know people might have a lot of different experiences with it uh. This is the main reason why i would want to you know get this drone is because of the tracking feature. The first test i did, which is the hill. It wasnt able to track me because, as you move up the hill, it doesnt change elevation. If i set it at that height and im riding up this hill, its just going to follow me until we meet, we eventually meet at that same height. However, just like my first test, it will still lose you in some of these pretty basic shadows. I mean theyre, not extreme, im, doing it at sun down right now at sunset, uh, so that i at least have it fairly even, but it would still lose me in um in a lot of those shadows, but i also tried the gps. So gps will not track you visually itll just track you based on your location on your device, but the issue i have with that is the drone will then move sideways or backwards and to try to find you but the the the issue you can have with That is theres no side sensors, so if youre using gps and it had to go sideways, it starts moving sideways. Then youre definitely going to risk uh crashing it. But i do like the fact that there is at least some basic obstacle avoidance on here uh.

Whenever i fly it towards me or fly it toward the tree, it will automatically stop now. It doesnt have a pass like how the dji ones go. If you were to fly this thing towards a tree, it just stops. It doesnt try to maneuver around it. It doesnt go around so with a pass and, like i said, even though a passes on the higher end drones from dji uh. It doesnt have that. So if you press forward and try to fly towards a tree with the dji drones, with a pass itll find a way around it with this one, itll just stop wherever its at and then hover there. So you know, like i said, theres give and takes for for everything. It is a much more affordable drone. Its a smaller drone technology is probably, of course, not just as advanced as some of the higher end platforms. So uh, you know kudos to them for at least adding it in there and getting you some basic obstacle avoidance and some basic active track. I believe, if youre in a nice, wide open area on a really bright sunny day, itll – probably track you a lot better than the scenarios i put it through. Can it be better, of course it could be, but really cool that something at this small. This light. Still has some of those more advanced features, thats about it for this first video of the hubsan mini pro guys.

I just want to test out that tracking obstacle avoidance, as always, if you guys did get some value from this video. A big like would be much appreciated if you guys want to see some more mini pro videos dont forget to subscribe and hit that bell to be notified. When i post new videos, this is ultra stacia with flightpath.com ill see you guys next video take care and also shout out to our sponsor of this video epidemic.