Look at how quick ive changed it put the camera back in the case and put the actual mount in the upright position and were ready to fly 360.. The great thing about 360 video is that it gives you the impression that you can move the camera im. Not moving the camera here. This is just me in post, editing, changing the view ill show you that coming up, but for now sit back and watch a short segment of my fpv drone flight Music. All right welcome to captain drone super quick introduction to how to make a 360 degree video using a 360 degree camera so im using the insta360 studio software. Everything im going to show you right here. You can do on your cell phone using the insta360 studio, app thats on the cell phone. So let me explain this really quick. You see me in the picture down here. I can move this around because its a 360 video and pick any angle. It looks like im looking up at something. What am i looking up at im? Looking up at the camera, the camera is on the invisible 360 pole. You cant see the pole because the camera basically blocks it out. The software just removes it. So, no matter where you look, you cant see the pole but its there, but this is the cool thing because you can move the camera in any angle. So, on that day that i took this video, it was after a snowstorm.

I have my snowblower started back there and you can look around. You can look up see what the birds were doing see what the sky was doing. Look all the way down on my jeep right here and check it all out and to make matters even cooler. Its a video so ill hit the play button. You may be able to hear a little bit of audio in the background. Hey. I walked off screen. Well, i can follow myself really easy over here. So now i want to show you a few things about this here, studios software over on the left. These are the files i have and you can scrub through them. So you can pick any ones you want, so the one were using is the one at the bottom, where im snow blowing. Now the neat thing is: when you create your own video. Well, you just dont want to be moving things around, so you pick a spot. So lets say i pick it here, im just going to hit stop for a second, and i want to record the video from here and follow me as i move down the driveway, so we want all that to happen automatically. All i do is i pick the frame i want lets say like this, and then i go over here to where you see this little target and it says deep track, click that and its just like active track on a dji drone.

Do that start tracking there? We go its going to zoom in and track me as i move it. Doesnt have to be me, a human. It could be anything you want, it could be a car, it could be a bird, it could be. I dont know whatever whatever you want, it will track it and then it will create a video afterwards. So you see it goes all the way out so im going to just stop it and show you what it created really quick. So if you look down here, you have my little line, would it create it lets bring that back over here and lets hit, play and thats what you get. That would be your resulting video if you saved it isnt that sweet dont, you love 360 video. I know i do because you can look at anything and you can make your images look so cool. Alright. The next thing i want to show you is what you get in the box. If you buy the insta360 twin edition here, we go if you order the twin edition. This is the box. It comes in opening the box, youll find your camera raws and accessories. Speaking of accessories inside the accessory box, youll find your usbc cable for charging things up. As well, youll find your lens protector for the 360 degree camera the super cool camera mount is included as well. You will find a micro, fiber cleaning cloth as well as stickers and, of course, some instructions to get.

You started for cameras. You have the one rs brains as well as the new 48 megapixel camera, and since this is the twin edition, you also get the 360 degree camera and extra large battery. If you order the insta360 invisible, selfie stick, it comes in a box like this, and when you take it out of the box, you can extend it quite a distance and now weve come to the part of the video. Where i give you my final thoughts on this little camera, well, one thing i didnt show you in the video is the mic. Insta360 said they added three mics to this. I think there was two before so now: theyve added a third and theyve improved them. So im gon na turn on the record here and its gon na film me should be recording in any second and there we go as im talking to you. This camera is recording me right now, and the mic should be working on it so its being held. Well, you can see it in the video how far away im holding it from the mic, obviously its not going to have a high end mic, like the one thats recording me here. The boom mic thats uh quite expensive, but on this camera, how good is the mic for vlogging? Normally you probably bring it this close, since it is a wide angle lens and i dont have it on linear. So that would be the audio you hear.

Youve probably got used to it by now, but lets switch back to the professional audio there we go. Another item thats been updated on this camera is the wi fi transfer speed. You might not think thats a great thing, but it is an awesome thing. Its improved by like 50, so in other words i just filmed myself talking here correct now. I want to transfer that video to the editing software on here so theres my phone and im going to go here and look at the last video i just recorded and it pops up there. It is so its not on my phone, its streaming it right off. This camera right now and i can edit it actually it doesnt sound too bad when i hold it that way, im holding it from the mic, obviously its not going to have a high end, not bad. So when you want to do editing from the camera to your phone and doing 360, editing or normal editing or any sort of cool thing and then send it off, it is extremely fast, its its almost instant another new item that theyve added to this camera that I do not have, is they call it the quick transfer dongle? What it is. Is you take this little dongle, you stick it in the side of your camera. It sucks all the video and photos off the camera, really quick, and then you take that dongle and you stick it into the base of your phone and then you can transfer them onto your phone, really quick.

I dont really think you need it because, like i said, the wi fi transfer seems to be awesome. They created it because they say your phone uses battery power and the camera uses battery power when its doing that transfer, which is true because i have them both on when im doing my editing and everything else. So if you have the dongle youre going to use less power on the camera because you can shut it off and just use your phone and finally, if you did not own the previous version of this camera, well then youre in for a huge surprise. When you take the phone app and check out what you can do in the story, section theres a section called stories. What it does is. It uses the hardware in the camera and your phone hardware processor, plus the app to create things that are just mind blowing and you can send them around on social media or make them professional. As im talking here, im showing you a list of things ive made before using the stories app its really cool for making things that look so different in the world and theres. Many of them like. I could sit here for days going on and making different things with the stories that i didnt make any in this video, because its nothing new its what existed in the last camera, but its just to let you know you can do it with this camera.

So, like everybody else reviewing the product here today, i should mention that insta360 did send me this camera and everything you see here. They actually sent me this sweatshirt, this landing pad and many other things. However, if you watch my youtube channel, you know that if i like a product, i use it a lot regardless. If somebody sent something to me – and you always see in so many videos, i use all the insta360 cameras from the go to the go to to the 1r and the final thing to mention. If you buy this version with the two cameras and the bigger battery and this here, little mounts and everything else uh its about the same price as a very expensive gopro hero 10.. So its reasonably priced a lot of technology in there. So you get an awful lot for your money, all right, guys, im gon na put links below to where you can find it im told its on amazon as well as the insta360 site. So hopefully i have all those links below go check it out and if its a camera, you like then pick yourself one up and the last thing to say. If i did not mention it in this, video is, if you have the older version where ive lost it. Oh here it is over here. If you have the older version, all these parts are compatible. Yes, so if you have the old model, the insta 361r and you go well im not going to buy the whole new camera you dont have to, you can just buy the little lens if you want or you can buy the brains.

If you buy the brains, you have the whole new camera pretty much, but apparently yeah everythings compatible. So with all that, i say thanks for watching. If you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up and ill catch. You in future videos with many more cool reviews until then bye, Music.