Uh ive done some tests with it on sunny days, but i thought: hey, im gon na bring it out on a overcast day to see how good the picture is, except today its rainy, its windy and its cold. So im going to go through this really quick. What i want to do is try out a lot of the settings on here so im going to turn this on walk around the school here and yeah see what it looks like ill put up in the corner. Exactly what setting im in here we go all right. This first setting is going to be video mode. Here we go just standard video mode with flow state stabilization, so there it is looking at me, thats me walking. You know im being very descriptive here and im coming up to a snow bank. There we go, you can see the snow bank back here here. You can watch me walk through it. How stable is that, as i walk there, we go coming back on me and there i am from the side, so this flow state stabilization is all built into the camera. I dont have to put it into an app or anything else. It just stays just like a gopro, it just smooths everything out, so this is walking. You might hear, see the bouncing up and down from the walking, but for the most part it should keep me looking pretty stable. If i wanted to make the camera look like it was floating in the air.

As i walk, then i would do one of these walks here. Theres a special walk. You do when you carry a camera, they actually look more floaty, as i walk here. I dont know so uh anyways, that is it all right, clean the water off the lens, get ready for the next one. Okay, this one is called active, hdr active hdr. There we go same thing. This is active hdr on so its flow state stabilization, but due to the bright areas and the dark areas, it should make everything you know a little bit more smoother. You should start to see a little bit of detail in the shadows. So uh, you know you got bright sky youve got me all. Yellow youve got dark stuff behind. So how does that look here? Let me hold it this way. When im walking and thats active hdr once again its got the flow on it, so its pretty smooth and uh, you know the rain is coming down. Lets go. Try another one! Coming back this next one is 6k widescreen mode. So here we go. It says: dont use this one when its dull outside oh well, its dull and im using it. So here we go 6k widescreen mode ill put it back on me. There we go thats 6k. You should see bars at the top and the bottom, because its widescreen its wider this way and that way its squishy this way and this way, so how does that look? This is 6k widescreen mode, try not to bounce around too much here uh.

How does that look for keeping it smooth there? We go hope nobodys in the school today, because theyre gon na wonder what is this goofball guy in the tweety bird outfit uh doing walking around with the camera facing him? Is he doing a million selfies anyways? Coming back from 6k mode here we go okay for this next one, the rain is coming down. Oh well, hopefully my camera thats filming me is waterproof. For the most part, it is so here we go. Im gon na take this out and im gon na sit. It on my jeep here and have it take a photo so on the back here, ive got in photo mode. I can take a 48 megapixel photo and im gon na put it at a three second delay, so that when i hit the, can you hear the rain coming down when i hit the uh button, it will go, hang on a sec, thats, good thats. What i want yeah all right, so ill put it there. I dont know this is a good place for it ill stand here. 48 megapixel should beep off, and here we go now. This is an hdr photo and once again, im going to put it on a three second delay. There we go and ill get back here: Applause, okay, the rains coming down too much. I got ta end it there here, im showing you in the 6k widescreen the camera that is filming me and it is soaking wet check that out.

It is soaking wet. Oh, this camera that im using is also soaking wet. All right. We got to go inside that is whats going on right now, nothing great now! I dont know if this is going to work because of all the rain and everything and im going to try to set the camera down, but im going to try the time shift. I think its called time shift on here. What it does is. It basically makes a video of motion, but it speeds it up, so it should make my route home happen very, very fast and look pretty cool if it works so lets. Try it Music. Now the new camera is supposed to be very sensitive to light, so that means it should be good for night photos and it is the night photos are spectacular. What the camera does is takes a series of photos and then combines them into one photo to give you a photo that looks really decent, no matter how dark it is outside or how little light you have youll always get a good photo now, as youve seen In this review, i use the one rs camera out in the rain and thats, because it is waterproof up to 16 feet here. Im testing it out and im having a bit of difficulty, because when i drop the camera in look where the lens is, and then i dont clue in that, by placing my hand in there yeah im just going to spread water everywhere.

Finally, after several tries, i get the camera to sit in the correct orientation and everythings going well until im. Gon na put the camera back down on the ground and try to retrieve it its as if my tiny goldfish brain forgot that, by putting my hand in im gon na spill, the water. I love this camera because, when im doing reviews of products i dont know if youve noticed it in a lot of my videos. I take this lens, the 360 lens and i stick it on and i put this camera near me and then i just review the product and then walk around and do my other stuff. And if i need a shot of me from a certain angle, i capture it with this camera. It just captures it because i could just move around in 360 and find myself wherever i might be at that certain moment in time and ive got the shot. I dont have to have a camera, pointing straight at me and the final thing to mention if you buy this version with the two cameras and the bigger battery and this here, little mounts and everything else, uh its about the same price as a very expensive gopro Hero 10., so its reasonably priced a lot of technology in there. So you get an awful lot for your money, all right, guys, im gon na put links below to where you can find it im told its on amazon as well as the insta360 site.

So hopefully i have all those links below go check it out and if its a camera, you like then pick yourself one up and the last thing to say. If i did not mention it in this, video is, if you have the older version where ive lost it. Oh here it is over here. If you have the older version, all these parts are compatible. Yes, so if you have the old model, the insta360 one r and you go well im, not gon na buy the whole new camera you dont have to. You can just buy the little lens if you want, or you can buy the brains. If you buy the brains, you have the whole new camera pretty much, but apparently yeah everythings compatible. So with all that, i say thanks for watching. If you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up and ill catch.