You know ebay or whatever, but the cool thing about this drone is that uh it has a bluetooth. So if you go on apple store or google play um, you could connect to your phone im. Gon na show you the app just a second, but first were gon na unbox, this beautiful drone, and this is whats gon na look like and yes, i know i opened this box previously, but i just want to give you an idea what the what the drone Looks like and just wherever you get it by a chance, but this is gon na. This has a remote right here, so youre gon na get a remote box and this youre gon na get a new drone. So after you throw this box away, okay – and let me figure out how to open this box, but yeah this – you could uh possibly control it through your phone which, as you can see here, you could you could control it through your phone or if you have A remote either way it doesnt matter, but its really cool. So basically, this drone turns into like an airplane mode, which is cool, but uh. Yeah lets open this figure out how to open this box. Okay comes this side. This is whats gon na look like so you got yourself. A beautiful drone. Youve got a parrot um, oh, it comes with the charger. Actually, i think this is a charger for this drone and you got extra propellers just in case one of these guys break.

You got an extra one, so after you got this box, you got a remote. Let me try to open this remote and yes, guys theres a plane so dont mind at the earring plane noises but um. You got this remote right here and i think this is for your phone attachment. So let me try to figure out how to attach this uh. Oh, i think it goes like right here right, no okay, yeah, so you put this thing out backwards, so it goes like this right is where your foam pads gon na go, connect it to uh here, and you should be available to lets see you guys can See a screw back here, so click this in there first make sure its snug and theres a screw knob. You could just twist it and yep. This is uh how you attach the drone through your phone. You just put it right here and then youll be able to fly it and im gon na show you guys the app what it looks like. Okay, go to the app store. Second thing you need to do is go to the search bar and search up free flight mini after once. You search up its the first column. Make sure you download that one and after that you go to the menu and there you go thats how you download free flight, app and yeah there you go simple as that all right guys before i go um first of all, im gon na charge! This drone fully charged – and this remote too, i think just like a little uh connector back here, but yeah guys, im gon na charge these both and ill be back before we start flying it all right guys.

This drone is fully officially charged, so lets go fly. It shall we and um also. There are two ways to fly. This drone you can fly through your phone or you can fly through your remote control, so lets go, try it on your phone and also have the app but lets first turn on this. Drone click clicking on should be available to turn on go to the paired. App click allow blah blah blah, i think ill scroll it down to read all this click accept. I usually dont share my data, but okay and heres your facebook live and youtube live, but i dont personally do it and it says, try to establish there. You go theres a connection its turning on that drone right here and says: are you allowed to use it allowed once i usually love to use app and you could officially fly it, so you see the blade spinning around click. Stop i usually like to fly through the controller because its easier and heres your battery status right here it tells you how much battery you have so im going to connect through this remote. There you go and lets do takeoff. Oh yeah lets take off this drone and yeah guys its gon na rain, so that you heard of thunder so were gon na fly. This really quick and yes, this thing turns into airplane mode, which is really cool, Music, Music, so Music and lets go back. This is really cool.

This is really satisfying drone, its cool like how it turns into a plane. I dont know if im gon na crash, but lets give it a shot: Music, wow, thats, really cool theres, a mosquito bothering me there. You are Music. I want you guys to see it but im trying to fly close as possible, so you can see what the drone looks like and its coming towards me. Oh, i almost crashed to the tree flight skills boys. I only have two bars right here, as you can see: Music whoo. It actually reminds me of the star wars. Series like it looks like a star wars, aircraft for some reason. I dont know why but and yeah theres, so much wind taking up the drone. Look at how strong this drone is its windy right now. Right. Look at that, even though this material is made out of plastic and foam, its could actually hold up pretty strong winds, yeah its shaking a little bit turbulence going on here and theres. The ups i shot one bar soon – i dont know how much i have im just staring at the drone right now: Music, Music, wow, Music. Oh, i think i have a signal that my phones gon na uh. I mean the drones gon na die yep, see telling you the drones gon na die soon lets make a land for it. Thats, probably its really cool about this drone is that uh you can actually land.

It says landing lets try to land. Look at that automatically stops well anyway, guys. I uh hope you guys enjoy this video uh. Please leave a like and subscribe for more.