They call parrot support. Let me give you a little bit of background for some time. I wanted to learn to how to fly a drone mainly to try and enhance the videos i make for youtube. Last summer during the covid virus lockdown, i was very lucky to be loaned a bebop 2 drone by a french friend. I was so impressed. I bought a bebop 2 for myself. I bought my my drone at the end of last year, second hand off ebay, uk overall i’ve been very happy with it, but i did a little experiment. I took the same aerial photograph of a house with my drone that i’d taken with my friend’s drone. A comparison was very interesting. My friends drones picture was much sharper than mine, so naturally i searched youtube to see if anybody else had this problem. If they had what was the solution to sharpen up the pictures, it seems this is a well known problem. Anthony vlogg and george castro on youtube. Have both made very helpful videos on how to manually adjust the camera focus on a bebop 2 drone, but before i started trying to unglue the lens from the bebop camera, i thought i would first contact parrot support for some advice. They designed it after all. Now let me give you a little bit of background here. I’Ve lived happily in france for over 20 years, it’s a good place to live, the people are delightful and the quality of life is superb.

One thing i did learn early on, though, was that product warranty and after sales service in france is something of a myth it is advertised but obtaining it is a bit hit and miss to say the least. What amazes me that many french companies have still not worked out that there is a direct connection between looking after your customers and can increase product sales on profit, obviously difficult to believe in the 21st century, but it’s true anyway, i duly emailed parrot in english. Although i’m, a french speaker, i prefer technical discussions in english and insist on warranty and legal communications, always in writing with a phone call. You have no proof of what is said and no comebacks. I wrote my first email to parrot support in november 2020 and included the description of my problem, all the details of where i purchased the vbox2, how much i paid for it, etcetera, etcetera, all the questions they asked. I answered. I received a prompt reply to my request for advice. It was suggested i should first download the latest firmware to my drone. This i duly did then after several emails backwards and forwards parrot suggested. Perhaps i should make a warranty claim. I thought this is impressive. My drone at this stage was less than a year old, so i was asked for all the serial number details to allow parrots to access my parrot account, so they could check the flight history of my drone.

I had no problem with that and gave my consent parrot could not remotely access my parrot flight information, so ask me to open another parrot account and set it all up again. This was all done. In short, almost geek style messages, so emails requesting explanations of their emails were going backwards and forwards. Clear communications seem to be another problem that parrot have then what they don’t tell you. You have to start from scratch to set up a new account and you can’t use your own email address, so you have to have a completely different one. So time is marching on emails backwards and forwards with a never ending series of questions. If i ask several questions in an email, i never received more than one answer at a time in a parrot reply when, after four or five times of asking what was the price of a replacement camera for a bebop 2, i was finally told parrot. Do not hold stock of these parts and i would need to buy any replacement parts from a third party seller like amazon. Now, after some four months of this i’m starting to wonder, if i’m being given the runaround, then i searched good old youtube again and this time i searched parrot support review. This is when i found jeff sebelius’s video on parrot support, dedated 2019 link below then i found another website on parrot enthusiasts dated 2018 and it seems that many of the parent owners had similar problems to me.

Finally, after five months of this charade, i told parrot, i was making a youtube video of my experiences with parrot support. Oh they said they started to take things seriously. They would honour my warranty. They said they gave me a code and told me to contact where i bought my bebop to and that i would be supplied with a replacement or a refund. When i explained again as i had when i first contacted para, that i bought my bebop 2 on ebay, they said ah that’s different. I bought my drone second hand, so their warranty did not apply so i had spent five months having my time wasted being given the run around to be told effectively tough you’re on your own. The conclusion i’ve come to is parrot’s. Business model appears to be based on once their product is out of their door. They are no longer interested in it. New owner is on his own. Parrot do not appear to have any service or repair centers anywhere in the world. As far as i can work out, what they have done is produce some very good self repair videos which suggest to me that they had no interest whatsoever in any repairs or part sales from day one it would seem. Their company policy is probably based on employing some part time: students on the cheap, no doubt to reply to customer warranty, claims or queries just to keep the emails going backwards and forwards until the customer gives up and finally goes away.

So my conclusion is parrot. Support is a marketing exercise, it’s all show and no substance. For me, parrot support is a complete waste of time.