Looking for two de biologie, 1 2 et 6 hanafi, a new species of hanafi drones, isync ce pcheur, that will, i will see something that it is you haven’t seen before we do this drones for professional use. This drones is to do jobs and we think about doing the job on the most easy way, est possible lundi six, why you have had new feature agnew fonctionnalits en de drawn to make it more easy and more powerful for the professional one of the key. Is you de new features that we have put en deux hanafi et hyde rhne is to replay the radio classique radio. We have had ford j radio. This means that now, with the ford gilles link, the connection between the drones un des pilotes is much more secure. It is possible to fly and building to fly d’ in players were the radio environnements. It is very noesi inde. The link between the pilot and the drones will be much more strong. There is also not more distance limitation and for contre is where flight biyong line of sight is autorails. Hanafi hype, ermite dos flight. We have done the ford j hebel to work with any network configuration lobant, luis moreno. Is it work with any sim card? You do ni de spcial subscription un. It works with your tlphone. They found that you good inside on the top of the remote controller, sow all the way we speak about security of the forget.

The other domaine way we have worked lot inde invest lot is the new camra. This new camra brings edge des ardennes, vido mode, which is very important for the video and believe that drones vido a difficult to do because vers, you find you again the lights and with each des ardennes du rav dynamique la thermite, tourab, very good color in the Sky and very good color in the ground, when you take him, he does prendre ce drone, which was quite difficult to take. The other feature of this camra is forty. Eight mgapixels sensor and this bring l’auteur a cure. Et si tout ceci ma job ici un exemple l’offre picture taken as tu files, mieter offres, tlcoms towers, new si le level of the details. Tatooes bbl to provide hanafi et eye is based on this very particulire fort aksys games, balle ghimbav date, permis to look at nantis de gris, d’un, outil de gris up and to have vritable image even with a lot of wine wind. This game, balle in the eye dire that we are taking from bail, au mimtisme and the the game balkarie tout camra, the men camra stro camra indcise dire of having like in it in the biology nous donne rave sensor, tu, donneras ben eyes, oloron your body to Be able to walk and two for the bird is to fly autonome aux lits. So we have taken this as et dire to be able to grave on dit one camra et bolt ou locked in every directions to make the obstacles la veille dans working in every direccion y cite en exemple of the occupation grid of this camra du ring flight Autonomous flight into forest de the de camras riz construct in three dit the grid occupation around the drone de parrot drones 0 made for photogrammtrie ahmed fort mapping, qui est oui une exemple off for kilometers powerline map with de drones, and if you want exemple of tlcom Towers riz constructeur by photogrammtrie, and you see the accuracy of the image 2 we provide for the users of the drones.

Berim portante in the in the design of this drones is to be able to make more, is liseuse de photogrammtrie fonctionne. So we have develop the one click photogrammtrie for building ce we provide the database openstreetmap building en application des signaux need is to click on the building, the flight planning il donne automatically, and then the drones fly and send him as jazz tous, make the ready for Fire photogrammtrie, so you don’t need to be spcialistes photogrammtrie now to do de photogrammtrie of building the forty eight mgapixels sensor, given a cure et ici of afs antimatter at sortie, mi temps, 1, 1 et figurent chaud use photogrammtrie of full city done with hanafi et ail. Huile si on the left. It is the image techniques vido du ring of light and fear. What you see is the three dit rick construction with the very high a cure et si termites by the camera. Hanafi haye de drones take one. I match perait qu’un boutiste white, faster in photography than the competition inde de drones is compatible with any photogrammtrie software suite in the market. The habilite y offre hanafi right to send the image frouzins internet d’arer click to the cloud during his flight mexes de photogrammtrie. Much more easy, il donnera any more to copy of data from the sd card to your computer, un coussin dit to your cloud computing and other things. Vers importante en the top is the eye dire. We have of the robotique for drugs.

What we think is the drones they are. You need to two years the possibility to develop spcifique flight michonne spcifique used guys and for this would provide indiqu indiqu. We have had own you very importante module witches rs10 qu’est rs10 qu est il habilit tout pout. Your software for the developer tout putschistes software dakhli into the drones lucane reitzaum, caudines 6, or in peyton inside the drones. You have access to hold sensors de im, you the camera ce, but also the depth map, the occupation grid and all the function of the autopilot anzhi sperme it to make new michaud new skies of the drowned in the exemple, la shoah, hui, cho, oyu, autonomous flight Donne rendent windmills by one hour, customers to do this on de top of the ace dicaire will provide simulator, votre, permis de tout flight du rhne code world to die burger god hand to develop your own robotique feature, onana fille, then to make it more fast and More professional in the development we have put in open source or mne applications in the iphone and telephone, so it will be in open source et ni. Dveloppeurs professional developer of student will be able to use the standaard application of parrot 1. To add your own feature on this professional y dveloppe applications soa all of this. We do it because we believe he had drones: repartent un cosystme ils disent cosystmes, parrot grave fleet management, software, michonne planning, public safety, plateforme surveille mapping, hennegrave lot of partners nous dveloppe software ici de pics fournisseurs thor fort inspection.

This is the skies of software that permis tout flight, autonome, vous lis around the windmills 106 software for advance flight training and software for fleet management or partenaires to be able to to make this happened to make this professional ou avoir lot en de cyber security le Cyber security en hanafi drones is design inside the drones. We have had chipset, secure element. Chip ou contain the digital, qu’ils public and private keys to be shown that the security operations, art donne en os spcifique plaisent ou, cannot be acte. I cannot be access by any eni dveloppeurs. This sensitive une formation permitted to check the surtout intgr ti parrot. Safi onsoftware souillard show that no one is adding au footing. Sommes sains au fitur, un autre sort dveloppeurs. I can’t find their own software inde de cannes. Bichot nos fonctionnalits, un autre, fonctionnalit aden en de software. All so we are strong, authentification handford, j, 6 coince by creusot forge j. You can only use your drones. Nobody can access to your own and de transmission between the drones and your tlphone is une crypte aide. We said the pictures and means the picture you can’t be shown that being taken by the drones crase not been modify between the moment. Si tu as being taken in the moment nature receive more. You take on dure, serveurs sauf vers importante parrot, follow de gidy pillards rgulation i’m in witek l’auto fier of the data over customers and also we make or code auditable by security organisation tous une chose.

Dire nos hayden fonctionnalits is on the part of drones. Software somme 10, 6 or nude rhne hanafi et high school drones, drones, ou high, think, is very interesting in the design. Ou have been done with this guy mbale zach parise stro image, iso de direction, fort autonomous flight, inde them and gamble van van can move in aux deux directions to take the pictures de drones, iphone d’apple et follow the europennes amricaines rgulation pour les annales reid g Ce drone it’s over hebel in less than one minute et rsiste to the rain, so it really e drawn to be youth daily by professionnel. It come with the new skies contrleur for housing vers. I need design ou avenauds apparente qu’ibm ou is able to carry l’inde tlphone un small tablette date, maigre exprience very nice au 5. Rue berri match 1 2. This is a new drones for professional career, large cosystme of fonctionnalits wyss autonomous flight and for the first time the forge i dat permis to fly the drones en neuf et rire au boss, maner any where we ll n’est ni distance, sceaux saint cloud very much 1.