Okay, so you may have seen the last video and basically my bebop 2 power battery wasnt holding its power. So what i did last night was to power up completely and im just going to check it now. Um and im not quite sure, if youre going to see what i can see uh on the screen but ill tell you how much power it has and then were going to try a test flight um. Okay, so were looking at the screen here. You can just about make out lets see if we can get that camera a bit closer uh its 98 98 power. So it did say it was fully powered last night, so it dropped by two. Was that two percent yeah two percent? Okay? So what we need to do is go out and put the drone under pressure and thats what exactly i did just now: um im just back and uh. The winds are very, very heavy today, okay, so im just getting drone ready now and uh. Of course, i have to do that calibration dance and its very important that you calibrate your drone. I always say it to the dji guys as well. Calibrate calibrate, calibrate, very, very important, and a lot of people are saying that they dont have to calibrate the dji mini 2, all the time, but guys i just wouldnt risk it. It really wouldnt. I would calibrate it all the time and when i had the mini 2 or the magnetic air or the dji spark, i used to calibrate it all the time.

Um and a lot of people say: oh if its in the same place should be okay, i mean youre taking a risk. You really are so just trying to get into the control settings here and its at 98 percent. Now it doesnt look windy guys, but i tell you: it is extremely windy, extremely windy and she was all over the place when she took off. You can see shes kind of been knocked from side to side and off. We go so im really putting her under pressure here, just flying it around my garden, where my costume is here in ireland and im. Just you know trying to see if i can shove that battery get that battery to discharge quickly and im really im in sports mode by the way and it doesnt look fast. But you know it is fast and theres. Another angle from the camera on the ground and uh in some cases i was just kind of hovering it in the wind. The wind was that bad just to see if the battery would drop and then i started uh flying it around the garden, but even at this height here and it wasnt that high and the wind was really knocking it about now. You know i am very careful about flying in the wind. I know what the bible can do. I have to say the wind was extremely harsh today, but um she seemed to cope, but you dont want to put too much pressures to excuse me too much pressure on those motors, because even though theyre brushless, you know you could get one of them stalling and Then you would be in trouble and ive seen that before with many drones, where the wind is just too much and the motor will actually stall and when you have a stalled motor, what does it do? It just falls from the sky.

There i go im going at full tilt there: okay, im looking at the battery to here to see if its dropped, that much and that has it has come down to 75 percent. Now youve got to realize that the video has been clipped. So it was a much longer video than this and im going to tell you the results at the end so again, im pushing her through her patients, paces and shes in sports mode and were really giving her socks. You know, and really kind of that stick is forward uh majority of the time and um if youre not experienced in flying a drone in sports mode and pleased an operator sticks forward right the way forward, because it really takes a lot of concentration, especially if you Have buildings around you or trees around you like i have but, and you have to be very careful – you really have to be very careful now. Normally, i would fly in sports mode in the wind because it gives those motors a bit more power, a bit more stabilization um for me anyway, because you know if its in um a camera mode or cinema mode, which is not a sports mode. Its just video mode on this uh drone um its its quite slow, and you know if you run into trouble um, then its very hard to get out of it, quick, so thats, why i have it in sports mode, but again i wouldnt recommend it if youre Only a beginner, okay, so im really trying to get that battery down and im going to give you the results.

Now, in a few seconds, you can see im really im putting it through his paces like im, putting that stick forward all the time. Okay, so its down to 65 percent.