So it’s got 4k video, a three axis image: stabilization it’s ultra portable, so it folds it’s got a controller, a travel bag, it’s got the three batteries, it’s got a 16 gibbs micro sd card and you have a mounting tool and additional propellers. Also usb type c charging cable, so let’s open it up. So we have this thin paper cover and it’s all it all comes in in the travel bag. It’S a nice looking travel bag really compact, okay, let’s see what comes in the bag, nothing here. So you have the batteries here. The battery cover 2700 milliamp battery 7.6 volts. You should have three of them. You got a controller. This is where you put your phone. You have some information here. This is where your extra propellers are. You have eight of them. You have your usb charging cables usb a to usb type c, three of them Applause and you have your micro sd card. This is just the adapter i’m guessing the micro sd itself is in the drone. This is where the drone is so. This is the drone it’s very light, let’s fold, it open the back, propellers and the front ones. The camera it’s a 21 megapixel 4k hdr. This is the battery compartment. You just push here and drag backwards. As i said, this is the third battery, and this is where your sd card goes. Okay, so that’s, basically it with the unboxing let’s let’s, give it a test: flight, okay, let’s start it up.

First you’re gon na need the app the free flight six let’s start. It up we’re gon na use a controller, so let’s turn on the controller. You have to connect your controller to your phone with a usb cable that is provided and just let’s follow the instructions. Okay, now let’s turn on the drone we’re gon na unfold it and push the button. Okay. Now, in order to optimize the flight experience, we’re gon na have to update the devices hit. Ok, would you like to download the latest version? Yes download so now, we’re just gon na wait for it to download the firmware for the controller and for the drone. Then i can just hit continue now: it’s gon na download and install the drone itself, the drawing perimeter and go through the same thing. As for the controller, and now we can just hit continue now it’s gon na update the drone’s battery, but i need to plug in. It says that i need to plug in the battery i’m gon na. Do that now, let’s move closer to an outlet. Now we can hit continue now we can hit continue, but you need to update all the other drone batteries. Okay. Now we need to calibrate the magnometer okay. It should not be ready to fly and hit okay. We are ready to fly so you can hit. Take off, you can tilt the camera up and down, and you can zoom in which is pretty nice.

Now we can take off. We can push the take off button or this button and it’s going three feet into the air Music. Okay.