Luckily that all changes now, though, with the company’s new anafi, which is a purpose, built aerial, photography and videography drone, the first thing you’ll notice about this guy – is that it is definitely designed for portability. It’S got this pretty sweet little folding arm design, not unlike the dji mavic air it’s, a little bit of a different folding action, but it functionally serves the same purpose. It just makes it a little bit smaller, so it can fit in that case and make it easy to transport very easily fits in a backpack. You could even stuff this sucker in a purse if your purse is big enough aside from that, folding form factor really. The other big standout thing is this: camera right here it sits on a two axis: gimbal it’s got some vibration dampening another big plus, for this drone is that it comes with a dedicated controller setup. So to use it you just flip. It open like that and then pop in your smartphone and uh you’re good to go you’ll be able to see what the drone is seeing. But honestly, my favorite part about this is that you don’t have to use your phone. You can fly this drone just with the controller itself or even just with your smartphone, so there are a lot of options in how you fly it. Music now, don’t get me wrong. The drone part of this drone is pretty great too. Anafi has pretty much all the bells and whistles that you could want in a uav.

It’S got a foldable design, it’s super portable and you have the option of flying with a dedicated controller or just with your phone. The only thing that’s missing is obstacle avoidance, which it’s worth noting does come standard in many other drones in this price range, so it’s a bit of a shame that anafi can’t autonomously avoid crashing into stuff. However, what it lacks in tree dodging skills, it mostly makes up for with other features. What really won us over with this drone is the camera setup. The camera itself is pretty damn good for a drone of this size. It can shoot video in cinematic 4k. It can shoot 21 megapixel stills and the images have excellent contrast when you shoot in hdr mode. Now that said, resolution and image quality honestly aren’t, even the best part of this rig it’s, the camera’s motion capabilities that truly make it special in addition to lossless zooming another’s camera also has 180 degrees of tilt freedom, which means it can look straight down or straight Up which is fairly rare in the world of camera drones now taken individually, neither of these features are particularly revolutionary, but taken together, the ability to look up down and zoom, while flying ultimately gives you a greater degree of creative freedom and allows you to capture shots That you just really can’t get with other drones that is what’s so special about anafis.