Parrot ANAFI drone films Burnt down Church ruins

These18 century church ruins housed one of many first Catholic Church buildings within the new world. The remaining melted bell was forged in Philadelphia & is among the few surviving objects from the blaze. Extra data: http://www.capitalgems.ca/st-raphaelrsquos-church-ruins.html

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  1. Great film on a very nice location! 😊👍

  2. Great flying skills, great little drone.

  3. Well done Captain. Love seeing the low key Anafi shooting great, crisp video and 'looking up'!

  4. nice video. Great footage. Keep up the good work

  5. Perfectly superb insight of the Anafis versatility.
    Man I miss my Anafi lost way way high in a tree canopy no way of retrieving.
    Magic lightweight 'Quiet' Drone ever owned **

  6. Cool! Soon I too will own the anafi

  7. Great video as always. I wanted to comment and say thank you so much for your videos. After watching countless videos on drones, your channel convinced me to go all in. I just bought Dji Spark and I can't wait to share my content. Anyways great job and thank you for your work!!!

  8. Nice video can you review of micro drone 4.0

  9. captain drone you sent me a reply back to my 3 questions but my son deleted it please send again thanks

  10. Great to see the Anafi out. My front right motor died. I sent it all back to them at their request many weeks ago and they said they would ship a new one, but so far, just silence is all I've heard.

  11. Lots of great shots and angles. I bet if you catch that place with fog at dusk, you can add spooky music.

  12. I enjoyed the video. You are not only a great YouTube video host and reviewer, but an excellent videographer. Only a drone can get these kind of multi-faceted perspectives so easily.

  13. Hi!! Captain Drone was wondering if i should get the Jjrc f11 pro, bugs 5w, the zlrc sg906 beast or the jjrc x9 heron from a pretty new drone flyer. thanks! An btw aweeeesome footage

  14. Yeah, the Anafi in the hands of a real pro is what makes this video. Steve, you really show your talents with this video. I'll venture to say ANY quad in your hands would make for outstanding cinematography! The best!

  15. Beautiful flight and beautiful video. Love history and with the Anafi you captured the essence of the church. Thanks for sharing your great video adventures. Cheers my friend 😊👍✈️

  16. Great video, I like driving around too and look for a good safe place to take off and get some video's and photo's.

  17. Brilliant video skills and great music track choice to match, filmed with a great Drone …… 😍👍

  18. Great video as usual, I always look forward to them.

  19. fantastic, thank you so much!

  20. Very well filmed 😀.thanks.

  21. Awesome! Very impactful edit!

  22. Great shots and piloting ! Not used to seeing a video of you just flying around !! Well done !! 👍👍

  23. Cool video. What non drone device are you using to film this? Looks great.

  24. Excellent! Makes me seriously consider the Anafi!

  25. I'm now on my second Anafi. The first one had many flights before suffering a loss of control fly away and tumbling into a tree. Parrot service was brilliant and I was really happy with the first one before this happened. I literally received the new one today and the camera/gimbal look a little different to the original. I am yet to fly this one but looking forward to getting it back in the air. Great vid by the way.

  26. Beautiful. I like this kind of videos too. tyvm.

  27. Amazing footage !! Captain !

  28. hi , what video settings do you use on sunny days ? Your footage is great !

  29. Cheers from Mississauga, Ontario. I grew up near there. I have fond memories as a kid when they still used to have outdoor mass within the St. Raphael ruins. Make sure to have some Lancaster perch rolls and Cornwall pizza if you're still in the area. https://www.saintraphaelsruins.com/about/

  30. How on Earth can you ge a thumbs down on this video??? Stunning.

  31. Hey, Cap'n! This video was a beautiful gift. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day & happy flying!

  32. The music was perfect to the drone fotage! Thanks!

  33. Woow this video is something special, beautifully shown, a beautiful landscape with the ruins of the old church👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍🌄

  34. Captain I think the Anafi made his a nice video of this old church

  35. The church Bell would be cast Bronze, not Iron.

  36. Nice to a you get out and fly when it’s not a review

  37. Finally got my license heyooooo. 85%. My gosh they need to revise it. I've been here – near Kingston. Lovely area.

  38. how i wish i have drone like that.

  39. Very nice Captain Drone. Can you please review Hubsan Zino Drone?

  40. Music is extreme distracting in my opinion…

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