Now you can do these on any drone, its just about understanding the fundamentals and going out practicing them. So you might have seen this technique on lots of different hollywood blockbuster films. This parallax is seen all the time where the subject is in focus and then the background is spinning around really quickly and its a great move to be able to do and then dolly zooms not seen as much. But a lot of fun and im going to be teaching you both of those techniques today, so lets just show you what youre going to need to get going so in todays example, im going to be using the dji mavic 3 – and this has this huge lens On front of it here, this 5.1 k hasselblad lens now to get the very best footage you want to use some nd filters. This will then allow you to use the pro settings and then have your shutter speed at double your frame rate. Im going to be talking to you about that throughout the video, but this will allow you then, to get some motion blur and really natural looking image without nd filters. The shutter speed is simply going to be too high and it wont look as good, so im going to be using on the mavic 3. Finally, i have these nd filters by freewell, and these are absolutely fantastic. Ive been looking forward to these arriving, and these allow me then, to get an nd from nd4 all the way up to nd 2000.

. So lets now get into the video im going to be showing you the parallax, to start with on blackpool tower and show you just how good it is and then well move over to the dolly zooms lets go. So the first thing we need to do is change it over to pro mode now, im going to be filming in 5k, 25, so im going to bring that shutter speed all the way down now with its nd filter on to it one over 50th and im. Using an nd16 without this, the shutter speed will be really high. Iso. You want it set as low as possible, so iso 100 im going to move this now to 5.1 k 25. So these are my values: youre going to screenshot that go ahead and lets move on within this settings. Lets just click on the settings top right hand corner go to camera im going to be in coding format, h265, and then we want to look at the grid lines now. These are super important and the grid lines that you need to have on so make sure you have the one selected. Now you can use this one here, but i dont find for parallax its very good. So i have the rule of thirds grid line and also this here. This gives you like a nice little call of duty crosshair in the middle, and this is super important for parallaxs, although it might seem easier, dont use a telephoto camera because you cant use pro settings.

You can only use auto so for the time being, until we get pro access lets not use that fly cautiously. The aircraft warning system is awesome on here. Tells you how far away the aircraft is and also how high it is, what a great system i think all drones should have this going forward. Lets now concentrate on this tower and ill show you how to do this parallax, and this is why you need them grid lines on which spoke about. So i want blackpool tower now to be the focus, so this gridline here this crosshair, you want to try and keep that directly on the subject so because im flying around this, the blackpool tower the crosshair you want to try and keep it as close to that. As possible and keep it on it as youre rotating round now its going to take a few attempts to do this once youve got it actually on that subject, keep it locked on there all the time dont move your thumbs about, because then you will lose it. It needs to be really smooth. It takes a lot of practice. This once youve got it, though, keep your hands still, and you should get some really good. Parallax footage so thats the simple fundamentals, but youll notice were quite far away from this subject, so we can get closer to it because we dont have access to a two time zoom on the mavic 3, yet with the main lens.

But what you can do also is in your editor program like on final cut pro here. I can increase the scale so currently this is at 100, but i can then crop in and have a 200 scale which then allow the image and the video to look a lot closer than it actually is, and this is the exact same shot, but now corrupting It two times, but because we are using a 5.1 k, video image, the quality is still fantastic, but lets now get a little bit closer to the tower and then go the opposite direction. Using the same techniques. Parallaxes are certainly a lot of fun, but lets now look at dolly zooms so for this were going to use a telephoto camera now, because we dont have pro settings im going to lower the exposure value to 0.3, its not ideal, but its the best weve got Now the seven times zoom is optical, but theres such a jump from four times to seven times it isnt smooth. So i would only use 3.9 as the maximum range now theres two different types of dolly zoom, the first one were going to do. Is you actually going to be zoomed in all the way to start with and then youre going to zoom out to one time so were here now at 3.8 times, as we zoom out were going to fly towards the tower to get this shot? Music, pretty cool isnt. It so lets.

Try that again! So remember so you zoom all the way in so were now at 3.9 times were not flying the drone at all. Yet so were zoomed in now were going to fly towards the tower, but zoom out to one times so from 3.9 times. All the way out to one time, whilst flying towards the tower to get this illusion. Music, whilst were here, lets just take a break and well just take a photo as well of this tower, and just remind you if you are new around here like and subscribe, will be excellent im doing many more tutorials coming soon as well. Okay, the next dolly zoom so now were at one times, so were quite close to the tower now so now we want to actually fly backwards, as youre gon na fly backwards, youre going to zoom in so this is now the opposite, so once again be close To the object fly backwards and then zoom in up to 3.9 times for this illusion Music with some practice, you can get some incredible shots using these techniques, so i am going to be back to this location really soon im going to be doing some hyperlapse tutorials In this area, as well when its all nice and lit up in the evening, so i hope you enjoyed that guys. So quick video showing you how to do parallaxis and dolly zooms on the mavic 3., so just go out and practice them go and find a tall object like a tower or something and practice it.

The freewell filters brilliant uh. They really did help and lets not forget and lets take away from the fact that ive done all that footage, uh parallaxes, dolly zooms, nearly attacked by several seagulls in 30 mile an hour winds are able to bring it back to me and still have over 40 Odd percent battery life the battery life on this is absolutely incredible. Were gon na pick, this drone up ill look in the description below ill, also link.