Hubsan X4 Professional: https://goo.gl/LRRT83 ➜ Drone Parachute: http://amzn.to/2mqrP8p ➜ Watch extra RC movies!: https://goo.gl/rYwKjK The Hubsan X4 PRO, …


  1. And I subscribed you, please answer in my previous comment!!😦!!!

  2. Excusme😮! The camera is underwater????!

  3. Can i use some other action camera like sjcam ?

  4. for you my parachute opens only on the landing time I have a problem ?????

  5. for you my parachute opens only on the landing time I have a problem ?????

  6. it would be good if the action camera was optional, i already have one, don't need another one

  7. put the parachute on the phantom 4

  8. atleast they use a real charger with real balancing unlike DJI's crappy charger setup. sometimes simple is also just plain junk I'd rather have the charger on this drone personally. there is no excuse not to read how to use it when your messing with lipo batteries that can easily burn down your house. If your to lazy to read and understand then you should not be playing with dangerous things JMHO

  9. That’s weird! I’ve had my X4 for about two years and my battery door has never popped open. Not once!


  10. Essa câmera da pra usar em qualquer drone?

  11. Dude if that company’s drones crashed so much that they needed a parachute for it they need to redesign their drone

  12. That's because you don't fly with both the camera an parachute on!

  13. The drone goes over a mile away…

  14. Hobby grade is what this drone is all about, that is what makes it special, it's not a proprietary machine, you can choose your own batteries with no firmware attached like most proprietary batteries.
    If you like non hobby grade, get a phantom, mavic, or even better for the price, mi drone.
    The hubsan is what it is, hobby grade and some of us just love that about it.

    Don't stray from this hubsan, please!

  15. Also it looks like a more advanced user could replsce that AA pack with a rechargeable battery pack that could be charged with the included charger

  16. phantom 3 standard is mutch better!!

  17. Can I attach my own action camera to this drone?

  18. hi bro ..
    i really like your channel and all videos..i watch it everyday ….
    iam from india bro…

  19. What do you guys think about a parachute on a drone??

  20. make a video on Acton blink s, s2 or quatro

  21. Good video thank you, wooahh this drone should have been designed by a baby. It is just disgusting….

  22. Good review / info. you need more subs. good luck to ur road to 100k

  23. you caught a vid of a flying drone with a drone

  24. I know next to nothing about drones, but I can't imagine sinking $400 into that machine. You've got this labor-intensive battery system and you only get 25 minutes flight time max? Is that typical? Not to mention all hose disposable batteries for the remote. And what would you use that footage for? It's definitely not professional/commercial quality. The range doesn't seem great, either. No idea who'd use the phone attachment. You have no remote access to it so you're kinda filming in the dark, and landings are rough, even with the parachute, which, bafflingly, broke on first deployment. If you can buy a higher quality drone for the same price, why would you waste money on this guy? Useless add-ons? IMO, you should just save till you could afford the next tier of drones rather than spend so much on a product that's mediocre at best.

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