I here im reviewing the pa 1008. Its probably got two minute battery life at the moment, because ive been using it for financial group chat, so like yeah. It wont last. This really wont be a long one, just a review. Okay, i do have to say its so ive got it on right now to sync it you, you have the controller off the mount you put the battery in that only comes with one thats, five minutes for 45 minute charge. They dont tell you that so, like i had to put me in quite a while to find it, and this is the controller you once it sinks it. You do up once youve turned the controller on and that on. You do up down the fight, but lets lets just get into the drone itself all right. So this is the drone got low back to life, so im starting off, but its quite hard to do used it quite a lot good, drawing the heroes because it closed the camera. This battery, just dangles off as you can see, which is back here, Music, its like a silvery blue, so you can tell its you cant, really tell on the front its got a white light to say forward and uh on the back its got like well, Music. There you go its gone. Oh this one here in the middle is start and auto, stop its really good, if like, if it goes too high, when you are outdoors, only use outdoors if it isnt windy at all, we tried earlier today it was horrible, so make sure to tell everyone if You do it in a park because this thing probably could rip someones eye out, maybe maybe, if, if the blades go into their face, because sometimes it goes out of control.

If, if the five minutes up goes about a controller because ive been using it like all day, so let me show you closer at the front its just like the back its a red light. Just so you can tell the difference still ill. Just tell that youve got you may have to use it. One flight go again. There we go. You can see the white here turn around because yeah yeah thats really hard for me to do because its, like reverse controls and im, not good with that im. Not good with that at all, because it looks the same you cant really tell by the motors, but the back motors are black by the way and the fronts are white. So i guess i could thats what happens if i fly it backwards and also, if it hits on it, uses this auto start automatically. It seems and like the battery, if youre a kid using this like im under the recommended age, but like its a recommended age, im quite good at flying, actually ive been using a while, but and if were epileptic, probably dont use this at all. Sorry, no. I cannot the camera straight. I keep looking at my face its really hard to take out the battery. Do not hold it by the wires dont. Do that its not safe hold on. Do you guys, uh, give me a minute right. So ive got the about 200. Its been about 10 20 seconds to stop there, and all you need to do is put it back in you can buy more.

I cant remember theres its a really long name for this battery, but its quite a long name and 10 quid for thats because its not connected then its flashing right. Now then, it should right because somethings up, then okay, so its not doing that were gon na test if its gon na be okay, its flashing, so oh, no, its gone back to a plane solid. We should be fine. Yes, we are fine and take off, but its actually a really good drone. We had this gold helicopter one i got for christmas. I only used it like last month for the first time. Oh, it was horrible. We tried it in the park and when you turned it on it, crashed like it went up and you couldnt control that at all this is much better. If you want another drone, its a pa 1008, i got it at costco. I dont know if they have an america in america, but i think they do its a good drone. This is the same room. I did. The the wii in the wii is actually right. There you cant see it its off screen, but i would say: oh really, good drone. If i hold nothing, it goes back, which is one downfall of it, and it goes back a bit dont hit me please. I think that changes. This is the speed button. Doesnt do anything and so does the trick button. The trick button doesnt seem to be doing anything to me.

Anyways Music, i like to personally stay behind it. Ive been like part of you, so you like, if you go left, actually those go left instead of like go the opposite direction so like i, you can actually turn it right. So then the forward means right. Thats me spinning it by the way, but this drones amazing, so i think all right, uh hi guys its like a couple seconds after you know ill just switch it real, quick yeah. It was only a couple seconds after the video gotten done. It was the end of the video anyway. The last 10 seconds were just me, spinning it and my stories went out and it died right after i came to camera anyway, i was like no because i thought i lost like five minutes of recording, because i knew i saw it on green, but, like ive, Got three minutes to record this that powers there, so this is just the outro im, sorry that it cut off. I couldnt do anything all i was doing was spin it. So it didnt really matter. You could see me spin it in the video. For a part time – and let me just take out the battery on camera on camera, so you got to deal with it flashing. You got a whole display how to say not not this big white mix, this mini white red, hold that this pull really is hard to do so, if i can just its actually really hard to do its hard to see, but you do not want to pull The wires or the battery itself, you pull this white belt.

You might have to get your parent to help or something because thats what ive been doing until right now actually and its really hard to do as you can tell so. Actually, i might end the video with someone actually still in because i cant get out ill. Just ask my parents for help. If you cant do the same, dont dont break it. If you keep pulling it really hard make sure its too gentle im just gon na leave it on in the background, so i can see it in the reflection, so i know its fine. I feel like it turned off for a minute uh, so thats it its a really good drone, one down full two downpours, actually, two downfalls so thats it thats it one battery for little kids, so the recommended aids, 14 plus, but obviously im not 14.. So yes, yes, im not 14! Yet so, like itll be a couple years, so i meant to tell its the recommended age, but its so good. You can fly it well, even at my age, its a beginner drone and its palm sized its not like those big drones to the side of my head, no, its just a palm size, a little one, 16 pound at costco, maybe in some other places, dont know, But yeah that will end my video because i have 40 seconds left the recording space uh see you guys in my next video hope.